They're all shitcoins

Was looking at my portfolio today, it hit me. They're all shit coins. All of them are garbage. All of it. This entire space is a sewage pit. The tech Is here to stay and will do great things but nothing that exists today is worth two fucks.

I spent 10k to build a mining operation starting Nov 2017 and I've been mining with 24/7 uptime, eating the electric and holding everything. My total portfolio value is still under 4000$. I've got high risk/ long shot gambles but 3/4 of what I have is in btc, eth, xmr. Used to be 50/50 but every single high risk promising project went to essentially zero.

Anyone else feel like it's all garbage?

For the first time since I started I fully regretted ever getting involved today. I guess this is what capitulation feels like.

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Yes. Crypto was "the future" in 2017, now we're realizing it's just useless shit. Almost no one delivered anything. I remember the crazy predictions people two years ago: " in 2019 everyone will be intro crypto, Bitcoin will be worth a million dollars, etc." Kek.

you invest in shitcoins. i don't. I hold some alts with small uses like ETH, LTC, BNB and XMR but I hold mostly BTC and I recognized BTC's halving cycle is what moves price. That helped me sell near the top in 2018.

Crypto is fucking easy, you guys just thought it would become greater than the stock market in a few months. Or you thought you picked the next BTC.

The market's not dumb, you are

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crypto is illegal

see this is you guys problem, you set your expectations at unrealistic levels. That's why I sign on and BTC goes from $3,000 to $10,000 and everyone here is saying it's a bear market.
You guys are ungrateful and spoiled by BTC doing 1000%+ returns 4 times in it's life that you can't live with the 70% drawback.

This is still the greatest performing asset of a generation. None of my weed stocks went 3x this year.
Spoiled little bitches need to do their research and find better returns.

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Most of it is garbage, yes, or at least overvalued by a factor of more than 10. Bitcoin is the only obvious hold, not sure about ETH, it doesn't really need to be this high to do what it is supposed to.

But there are a few, really undervalued gems, projects with actual revenue that would be valued much higher on the stock market. I'll let you in on one example, you can dyor on the project, but basically it has 6M revenue in the pipeline and considerable levels of adoption already while still being at 5M marketcap. It has been winning industry awards and working with some high profile clients, and is paying out node holders for hosting decentralized websites steadily from client revenue. So clearly, its undervalued as its in one of the hottest upcoming branches right now (edge computing) but is ignored in the crypto scene widely, because everyone is hoping for the "next eth" that will do 100x over night. Newsflash, ain't gonna happen, 2017 was a one time event. Now its about finding undervalued and growing crypto startups with actual adoption. Or just invest in BTC for slow but steady gains (but don't expect a 10x in the next few years, if ever).

There might be a lot of truth in the above posts. I will admit I was naive. Seemed like real shit was being built. But there's been so many "gem" projects that are not backed by the resources necessary to produce the intended product... It's like a classroom full of fifth graders all trying to create their own video game. I'm desensitized after all of it goes to shit, regularily. The failure rate is astoundingly high. And btc is a first gen proof of concept, nothing more. It is so far from delivering what is needed that it's failure is imminent. It succeeded only in what is originally was supposed to be, which is a proof of concept.

I've also realized early on that I entered at the worst possible time. I would've been so much ahead of I just sold what I mined immediately. Maybe I'll feel differently in a couple years, after I've seen a real but market as everything I've experienced has been at large the decline from 2017/18.

BTC will always be king.
Everything else will always be riding its coat tails.

Cisco partnership, Ping An Insurance partnership, Dominoes Pizza partnership

Sell all your shitcoins and buy AGI

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Obviously, but it won't be the coin with the highest gains to be made. Someone who invests 10000 in BTC now won't be a millionaire from that, ever. There are many small cap cryptos out there which could turn out to be huge. But thats a could. 95% of startups fail in the traditional startup world, crypto failure rates are probably a lot higher. But there's still 100x or even 1000x out there, it just takes serious dedication+smarts to find them and hold them long enough.

Does everyone keep forgetting that brave/BAT are actually building something thats gaining a ton of actual momentum?

Brave is good, their token is erc-20 horseshit though.

Every token is shit. The only difference here is that this token actually has to be purchased by advertisers. Everything else is purchased so someone else can buy it for a higher price.

Maybe you're right, are these brave ads in the browser yet?

Which token are you talking about that does edge computing?

Everyone was delusional in 2017. The main problem was we used the price increase to evaluate the technology. Instead, we should have used technical knowledge to evaluate whether the price increase was fair.

I thought we would see as much development between 2017 and 2019 as we saw between 2014 and 2016. I used my knowledge of past development to make predictions about the future, which was a mistake. While we saw lots of breakthroughs in 2014-2016 (including ethereum, privacy coins, and DAGs), nothing interesting has happened since 2017, except maybe for Chainlink. There was Libra, which quickly raised legal concerns. Then there was the SEC cracking down on everything and making the whole space unviable. Crypto today is basically the same as 2017. No one has solved the scaleability issue and 2nd layer solutions are still in alpha. Back in 2017 thought we would have solved this issue by mid 2018, now it looks like it will take years. Maybe I was too naive, but I'm sure a lot of people thought the same.


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The ads are already available, and there have been a few major advertisers like intel and pizza hut. The ad system needs a lot of work but its progressing. Publisher ads and a self service dashboard are in the works, and im sure theres other stuff they are working on to make the product better.

Nice try rajneesh, very clever

unless you do years of research and have an actual plan or valuation models, you're guessing/gambling. Investors are educated guessers/gamblers. See the slight difference. It's more about timing than price and right now happens to be BTC's time but, investing small amounts in alts, long term is probably smart overall. A lot of here have seen the cycle play out and we know BTC will buy a lot more alts in 2020-21
i like that one but withdrawing rewards is a bitch and against their policy

maybe in your obscure country

Kek nice source

Totally unbiased