BSV holders will defend this

> Muh Craig Wright is Satoshi and publishes 10 papers everyday

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get some sleep greg

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It's almost like Turing complete script has a set definition that he's referencing, you straw grasping cuck


>1st sentence : Craig has a long history of plagiarism
Not scurred by tiny dicklet beta men writing FUD articles

Go to therapy schizo

you would be shocked how much of academic works got plagiarized...
but going through that post, it's not even a plagiarism...

He's not even Satoshi ... holy shit how deep has he dug himself

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And there it is, the paid BSV shill army, to Craigs defence. Like clockwork.

it's almost like you've never read a scientific paper and don't know how referencing works

its basically copy pasting another paper without understanding and failing to even copy the formulas correctly kek.

rewording is to avoid plagiarism, uneducated retard...
btw. why does gregory now posts as sam williams?

there is no turing complete script without conditional looping operator

> he thinks exchanging a few words from literally hundreds of copied sentences makes it not a plagiarism
> he thinks its ok to copy formulas without giving the source, and then even failing to copy them correctly
> He is a paranoid schizo thinking every sane man is Greg
The level of cope Craig posters have reached is off the charts

Dr. Craig Satoshi Wright's work has literally 20 references. You forgot those?
It's not plagiarism what is shown there, accept it Gregory

What the hell is this nonsense?

This is just math. You cant plagiarise math

They are obsessed with this guy

>creg stole pi!

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None of his references reference the paper he copied by 80%. This is a extremely clear example of plagiarism. How do you not understand this ?

i told you guys, Craig is criminally insane to the maximum. He uses every cheap trick in the book: Steal, Lie, Cheat.


Craig can not code.
He cannot do math.
He's not Satoshi.
There's no Tulip Trust.
He has no 1m BTC to dump.
He's a complete and fully corrupted fraud whose main 'skills' are to deceive, fake and lie,lie,lie.

Likely his whole Bitcoin story that he pushed for the last 10years is a completely fabricated lie.

If you invested into BSV believing this man: Get out while you can.

You where not the only one falling for him. He's very good at this. That project is going nowhere with someone involved that carries literally extreme debt and spreads toxicity. How do you want to build this into a 'global blockchain' when you completely lack integrity and trustworthiness? Pro Tip: You can't.

You gay bois always thinking about Craig.

Craig Wright, Doctor in scamology.

I will not add Dr Cringe Wrong on

He is definitely the worst lead to finding out who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Hilarious. This is Craig's flagship paper. His fan/femboys are always boasting about it. And now this?

Damn Greg.

But he's supposed to be the best blockchain expert in the world... So I'm told

ITT: People who don't understand what Einstein meant when he said he was standing on the shoulders of giants

??? now in a sentence that makes sense to anything previously please.

A fucking bitcoin guru could produce something more than a copypasta, especially when it's purported to be his signature work

it's not even a "copypasta", even gregory wrote it you mentally challenged retard

Yes, he rephrased some sentences. Yet this is his signature work, and he "knows more than anyone in the industry".

I'm sure Einstein meant word-for-word copy pasting another paper by 80% without referencing it and claiming it as his own work kek.

Craig is literally an annoying pidgeon shitting on the shoulder of giants.

Doesn't say Bitcoin anywhere fag, try harder.

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>using a definition without reference a source

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bsv is bigger than craig you fudding faggot.

it sort of sad people still think this bullshit coin will go anywhere

fuck off cunt
you nailed your colors to the mast of this fucking fraud long ago, this in the full knowledge he was exactly that, a cretinous fat bag of bullshit. Don't fucking start with the 'oh, we much more than that fraud wright y'know' now. Just fucking fade already

the guy who created off'ed himself already. more suicides certainly incoming.

imagine missing out on bitcoin a second time because you fell for the craig wright sideshow

the guy has two articles both about craig, links to gregs contrarian posts as well, so it's obviously greg
literally rent free


everyone that still holds BSV, dont forget:

once it crashes down to 20,- go sue Calvin. As Billionaire he has plenty of money. With all the shit surrounding Craig, you'll win that lawsuit and Calvin is forced to pay.

Solvable problems don't get into infinite loops. Non infinite loops need not be written as loops at all.

Was getting caught part of his plan?

Please stop talking about things beyond your level of comprehension

just imagine all these patents that Craig filled....they are likely the same level of technobabble copycat bullshit. or not even relevant. he invested all his time into building a facade instead of building a legit project & business. The whole IP behind nChain & BSV is probably in reality worth pennies. no real world usage, just to show off. what a joke of a company.

>commenting on things he didn't read
just fuck off greg you retard


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