I hope you bought your citadel ticket

Things are about to get ugly , the age of entropy is about to start , if you thought things were insane now , things are about to go crazy.

-Interest rates at near 0
-Europe economic slowdown
-China economic slowdown
-Japan South korea trade dispute
-India economic slowdown
-Boomers retiring in the west
-Pension funds broke
-Milenials broke
-Demographic collapse in western countries
-Africa population boom
-Car industry total collapse
-Milenials moving into city centers due to lack of cars
-Housing unpayable at centers
-Boomers won't sell houses due to shitty pensions
-Global housing bubble due to money printing
-Post bretton woods system about to die after negative interest go bellow 0
-Global debt bubble
-Solar Minimum 2020 causing lower agricultural output
-Incoming Recession
-Argentina defaulting on 60% of all worldwide IMF funds
-Attempts at gun confiscation in the US
-Negative interest rates
-Antibiotic resistant super plagues
-Cryptocurrencies as a way to escape negative interest rates
-India economic slowdown
-Mexico Economic slowdown
-EU economic slowdown
-China trade collapse
-Korea economic slowdown
-Turkey economic collapse
-Canada economic slowdonw

it's about to begin

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>inb4 they will print themselves out


They barely finished printing the 2008 crisis , in december 2017 when bitcoin price collapsed.

Relative to usd in circulation bitcoin barely collapsed.

The time to get your tickets for a bitcoin citadel is closing , soon richfags will take notice as negative interest rates appear and they will outbid each other to have 1 single btc.

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>China economic slow down

Stopped reading right there.

Go check the economic data of india , argentina , turkey , germany , italy , france , mexico , canada , pakistan.

There is a massive global slowdown happening that will make 1929 seem comfy.

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fuck off dude, i still remember all the doomposting faggots like you regularly spamming IT'S HAPPENING on Jow Forums all the way back when it was /news/

China is no longer "growing" , their imports and exports are stuck at 2014 level , their growth level seem to be fake as fuck, however they are still building infrastructure so they are probably better than the rest.

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I was never doomposting , this time it's fucking happening for real , i been noticing since march that things are going bad but now even governments are publishing the data.

It's bad i mean really fucking fucking bad , when india goes from growing at 9% rate to barely 4%(probably faked) , you know shit's going on , a country with billions of people does not slow down so fast unless something terrible is going on.

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Tick tock.

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China is falling the hardest. But when one falls they all fall because they are all interdependent.

Bronze age collapse: 1500 bc the mediteranean superpowers collapsed in a maelstorm of war, famine and economic collapse. This was because all nations were completely interrelated, interdependent and interwoven with trade. When one fell they all fell and barbarians mopped up what remained.

(Egypt, Hittites, Babylonians, Minoans)

Exactly they are starting to fall one after another , crypto will be the last thing standing i only pray we reach the moore law limit before shit hit's the fan.

That way we would never risk a miner monopoly over 3nm asics.

I can't even afford 0.1 BTC right now. I'm fucked either way.

Just in time.

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Dear god man get 0.1 BTC and lock them for your future.

Dont. BTC is not the future. Its already corrupted. Perhaps ETH2, or if the team fixes itself, Skycoin is also a good bet. Watch those two projects.

just like age of empire ey buddy?

What tha fuuuuu skycoin?? SKYCOIN!!???


skycoin lol, rank #315 now. Completely scammed out.

lmao didn't even notice this scam fell so hard.


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Just wait to see the bsv citadel.

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Its possible to succeed, if they fix themselves. Just watch how it goes... Else ETH2. Im watching both closely, already have ETH of course.

Citadels are raided first

How to make $1k really fast?? I have too many bills man

buy crypto with your cash, and pay bills with credit.

>Muh paper growth
China is a scam

Citadels will have defenses.

Work as if your life depends on it because it does.