Why did chainlink's volume nearly triple in a matter of hours..?

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Institutional investment

sibos? are you stupid?

there is no escape

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Please be true. Because it's all so tiresome

Shhhhh.... don't pay it any attention dude. It's just a scam coin, don't buy. Why don't you buy something better like... Harmony! Yes, that is a very good coin! It will make you rich! I have also heard BSV is going to the moon! It's the real Bitcoin after all! Sell all your Chainlink and buy these coins instead.

Also, did you know that the Chainlink team is among the least diverse of all the crypto space? How can a project go forward being so un-diverse? Massive sell signal. Don't tell me one of these racist Chainlink supporters, are you? Now please do not talk about that project anymore. Don't you know it's been dumping for a long while? Please ignore it. You could have far more gains with literally anything else.

i have less then 200$ to last me till next Thursday, should i spend 100 on cl?

Coinlets when will they learn

more desperate shilling from discord trannies, the price hasnt gone up though has it gay boy?

because of palm beach pajeet

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some discord tranny turned his volume bot on

This reads like a sales pitch

Teeka had some bullshit massively marketed "5 coins to 5 million" live shitshow where he was trying to sell some marketing package and after sitting through 2 hours of his faggotry he told people his number one pick was Link (implying that buy investing $500 that it would be worth a million dollars in a year. You can't even skip the video to get to the good parts he makes you suffer through the whole think to get this tiny breadcrumb that people on youtube are raging about. Anyway, he says that the supply of Bitcoin is cutting in half and he says this multiple times so it's obv that he is a retard who doesn't understand what halving actually means. Fuck him.


Doubt his followers did this

It was streamed live and supposedly had 27k people watching. I'm also positive a handful of Boomers with more money than brains did exactly what he said because that's what lemmings do.

Eh, easy as hell to get fake views. If they did then they will unironically make a lot of money lmao.

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3*70? 3*630? Or 3*700?

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criminals trying to exit scam through fake pumps
how new you are?

Wtf is that pic haha

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LINK is going under 25 cents within 2 weeks. We are entering VeChain territory. No adoption, high number of frustrated bagholders, increasingly meaningless “partnerships” with diminishing returns. Get out while you can. Cap this.

Capped. Will post in 2 weeks

Fuck you, i made this post last night.
Looks like its coming true.

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Sergey knows desperate linkers are buying pre sibos news, so he has to dump before everyone realizes he has no relationship with Swift at all.

>Wtf is that pic haha
You can't be that horny bruh

Kitty got some nice lips..

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because people dump it