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I’ve never wanted to see a group of investors fail more badly than linkers. You faggots are pathetic

Yeah. Because all the other groups are so cool. Thanks for the commentary. Cuck

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Get rekt you filthy nolinker. You are just buttmad because I am up 10x from my initial investment and I am still not selling.

I’m really not. Go ahead linker make gains. I still hate you faggots for being so annoying on this board

y tho?

He’s jealous because he didn’t buy in early and is too scared to buy in now

This isn't some r9k board you faggot everyone here wants to make money fuck off with your emotional attachment to a shrimp farming forum faggot

I hate cats as much as I hate linkies
not surprised to see a stinky rekty to share a cat pic

I’m going to fuck your daughter the day she turns 18. Ass to mouth, and I’ll text you pictures afterwards

Linkies are scum. The literal Jews of the crypto space.

t. salty about being priced out of a project we kept warning you about for nearly two years


no worries, the price will be back to 1.78 soon

Only visited Jow Forums today because I noticed my portfolio value is going up for the first time in ages.

What's happening?

Okay nade.

>the price will be back to 1.78 soon
Just think about how much Linkies kept "annoying" you when the price was 0.178

>implying he's been here that long
>implying he wouldnt have went all in long ago if he had lived through that

That's some hater shit. Can't just mind your own business or be happy for someone. The type of shitty person that tears others down because their life sucks. Think about that.

1.50 eow.

Being mad coz some1 he dosnt know a about bought asset that he dosnt care about.

When that someone is shitting up the board for two years straight with their retarded ass spam threads they sure as hell deserve to get financially ruined.

what broker app is that

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They already failed, remember that link was born months beire the bubble popped. Worst timing P&D ever lmao

looks like coinbase pro