Oh look at that, Bakkt only has 3 new investors. Thats right, after the institutional flood...

Oh look at that, Bakkt only has 3 new investors. Thats right, after the institutional flood, only 3 people are interested. There goes the bull delusions. Time for new lows that the bears knew which were coming. It was too obvious.

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M-maybe they are very rich investors and p-pump bitcoin to $100k

This is just proof bitcoin doesn't need Bakkt, the price hardly fluctuated at all. Go fuck yourself

it dumped $500 you fucking idiot and only "recovered" about $80. after it finishes consolidating we'll leg down another $500-$1000.

OH NO not $500?!? how new are you? That was just to shake out newfags - we'll be $15k by mid October and $50k EOY. Screenshot this.

Bitcoin's biggest organic pump was that to $250.
Lol at corekek brainlet neckbeards thinking that smart institutional investors will be left holding their useless bags.

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you bears need to get central bankers to stop lowering rates and inflating their curencies. BTC is at ATH in Venezuela and argentina already, what shithole falls next? I stopped shorting because these fucks keep buying

BTC has always been pumped by fiat printing policy of the banks, i could go on and on about low rates,fractional reserve, bankruptcies, and fraud that pump BTC by raising the supply of $.

>BTC has always been pumped by fiat printing policy of the banks
top kek
2013-2014 it was pumped by Willy Bot
2015-today it was pumped by Tether
Bears are retarded for shorting a fake-pumped asset but I also LOL @ delusional bagholders who think this ponzi's real value is more than 3 digits.

>2015-today it was pumped by Tether
how dumb would someone have to be to think tether pumps BTC? This is fud, the tether amplifies in down times to buy back tether below $1 and make a small profit.

You can tell you don't use cryptos. No one ever bought a tether token with a buck. They used BTC, how can BTC pump itself? Most USDT came from BTC, it actually drains more money and allows people to sell without the irs calling. It's used by traders, not holders. BTC holders hate tether, it's never helped us.

Damn you guys aren't even smart about this shit. Use more common sense

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Bitfinex management has already confirmed that
>USDT is not backed by usd
> USDT is being used to buy btc
And he still calls it FUD lmfao

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> USDT is being used to buy btc
>And he still calls it FUD lmfao
If more tether is being used to trade ouf BTC and into alts how is this helpful to BTC.
How is allowing whales to sell helping BTC? The major use case of tether is tax avoidance on selling BTC. It drains BTC you dumbfuck, how can you guys be so dense? Use reason and logic. All of this is available to the public. If bitfinex was doing shady shit besides covering for the frozen billion, they will find it. Tether pumps alts, not BTC and I hope it dies

>he doesnt know
Boy are you going to be in for a big surprise soon son

>Boy are you going to be in for a big surprise soon son
shut up boomer.
You idiots have been saying this shit since I started crypto in 2016.

No one cares about tether fud anymore, the market gave up because the fudsters overplayed there hand. Are we supposed to wait 5 years for a tether crash? or 10 years? How much longer until Tether destroys itself? It would be a bullish move for BTC

seriously, kys
everyone here is tired of years of nonsense without any proof or logic behind it.


> without any proof or logic behind it
1. Tether not backed by usd
>more specifically this part twitter.com/el33th4xor/status/1106149211303751680
2. Tether used to buy BTC
... literally a court statement by Tether themselves.

KYS lying fags, the proof is solid as a rock and I'm not gonna let you mislead newfags into buying your ponzi.

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Everything you say is true and it's still doesn't pump BTC. You guys act like Tether is printed and sold for $1 and converted into BTC. Thank god its fucking public blockchain you retard. Do you think we'll buy your bullshit when they were printing tether BTC gains went down not up. Look at BTC before tether, you idiot and compare the charts
dumbfuck, human greed will always beat your fear mongering.
BTC is the creation of the devil, designed to make poor nerds like me rich.
I have 6 figures in BTC from 10k invested so I'm biased by my success.
You guys got memed out of this investment vehicle of your lifetime right before wall street joined. It's not a coincidence, don't feel bad, I bet it's happening to a lot of people.

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>did 10x on a 10k investment
>guys i made it for life envy me!!!
Top fucking kek

If not not a brainlet and have 100k at your disposal, then yes, you have made it.

Ask my what my reits have done.
I invested in a marijuana REIT around $10 called IIPR, I went heavy because it was the only MJ REIT and non dividend stocks are for a lotto ticket.
100k in BTC should be enough to last a life, spend less, buy income earning assets, you dumbfuck.

some of us can handle our finances well and it shows

>we'll be $15k by mid October and $50k EOY
do you really believe it user?

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