$2.50 waiting room

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I’ll have an iced black coffee, no sugar no creamer please

Who are you and what are you doing in here? This room is not opened right now, please go back to the $2 waiting room.

Truly the price of a cuppa joe

10 Dollar waiting room

no news and a pump
you know what that means
sell now and buy back at 1.80
>50k Link Holder

What part of never fucking selling don’t you understand user?

i'll have whiskey my good sir

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$1.99 frens, bout to happen

I'll have the same what Sergey is having.

>no news


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yes no news or did i missed something?
im not fucking selling but all swinglinkers will sell and buy back at 1.80 and i will also feel it deeply inside of me that i should have swinged this time ;)

should I sell now and buy back in later or wait? HELP

I needs moaaaar monies for the linksssss.

I'll wait, thanks

Swing, and you might hang from a tree. Never risk your Linkies or you’ll basically give them away for free

you mean $2500?

dont listen to the anons,

i started with 250 links on nov 2017

my current stack is 10k,

i hope to make back a couple more wish me luck guys

pic related my trades, play it safe. have fun

i am a neet all i do is this

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What do you do when the taxman comes and wants to tax every trade?

use decentralized exchanges and a ledger.
cant be tracked.

from 250 to 10k selling fucking 250 at a time? lmao


Going under 25 cents within 2 weeks. Entering VeChain territory. No adoption, high number of frustrated bagholders. Get out while you can. Cap this.

The $2.50 waiting room has full cream organic milk.

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa I need $2.50 to break even and exit this scam once and for all

Can I get a gin and tonic, and a seltzer on the side?

Lol I need $8 to break even cuz I got REQt in 2018

It's clearly on coinbase pro

You will break even very very soon.

X60 again PLS


checking in my good sirs

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