Crypto has stolen my money

Crypto has stolen my money

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Imagine stealing her virginity

Stop posting this fucking little bitch Im tired of seeing her face all over this board

she's obviously been abused since birth

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... in her tight anal opening

She's deficient. Of protein and hormones. 16 looking like 6.

I will only accept a child that is birthed naturally, and brest fed.

If a boy, then uncut.

Also buy erd.

>girl opens her mouth
>a hoard of dudes want to rape her in the ass
and i thought the patriarchy and rape culture was a cringy made up feminazi bullshit, but this knee jerk reaction i see in every thread about here makes me think maybe there is an underlying source in the human psyche.

I keked

hordes of incels from reddit*

She shouldn't have opened her mouth in the first place!

>she will never experience the crucial formative experience of letting a 14 year old peer drink from her cute teenage milklets

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Imagine when she's 29,hit her wall at 23 bc stress, drugs, and constant molestations,and constant attacks from the Co2 she sees.

She's gna be a complete miserable wreck her whole life bc she wasted it worrying about useless things.
If we're lucky shell just kill herself soon

me too im tired of seeing it and not being able to fuck it

oh my god shut up faggot

That file name is 100% accurate.
>Hmm that went well, let's go ALL in

found the roastie
she unironically looks like she was that close of having down syndrome. she's autistic too

She's obviously crazy, look at the shape of her head.


you need to go back roastie

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Surely not without first being raped in the ass?

this desu

Ah the old post ritual abuse facial twitches. Whatever they do must have a lasting


NWO puppet.

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Jesus Fucking Holy Christ.
I cant imagine how many parents are raising and feeding their kids like her parents ...Look at those facial reaction and her finger bones .... Her body is literally begging for Healthy Average Nutrition and not those vegan bullshit...

Get ready to see kids like her a million times in the next decades. Fuck dude i could easily lift her and do a 69 with her even with my fatass ...
Imagine her tight p.....that would be the only good thing on her...

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