Why do the rich live on seasides if climate change will end the world?

Why do the rich live on seasides if climate change will end the world?

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they have multiple homes and they can afford to leave

Because it's all fake. There are natural climate cycles, that are being abused for monetary and political gains. First there was "global cooling", funded by big oil, then there was "global warming", funded by carbon tax and renewable venture industries, now there is "climate change", funded by literally anyone who's anything, because the aim is to monetize and industrialise nature itself.
Notice how "climate change" is ambiguous - warmer summers? climate change! colder winters? climate change! hurricanes and earthquakes? climate change!

The goal is to tax and bank the plebs' existence itself and put a futures market on top of it. The pleb will have to pay extra to transport himself, will have to pay extra to eat meat, will have to pay astronomical sums to own land and will in the end pay extra for breathing. That's every banker's and government's wet dream - the plebs are always paying and if they stop paying they are forced into debt slavery.

Enjoying the best weather, best air and best view as long as it lasts. They can afford to move.

This. It's all a scam. Yes, dumping millions of tons of human waste into a river makes the river shitty, but that's more about local environment than climate change. I'm all for keeping the environment clean, but this fucking climate change 24/7 show is a big fucking scam.

this is because of boomers like you that our world is coming to and end. you ruined the life of billions of young people

What do you call this expression?

This desu

life and humanity can only prosper if you take less than you give (relative to inflation etc). unfortunately, boomers have decided to take everything, and give nothing.

Brain wash idiot eyes

I'm a zoomer. Enjoy your air taxes, faggot. I'll move to Russia or some other country that doesn't give shit about the climate hoax and has low taxes and drive my air polluting lambo all day every day while you are wagecucking in your ecocommunist western shithole.

>life and humanity can only prosper if you take less than you give (relative to inflation etc).
Actually, you are brainlet and that's exactly when the societies collapse, which is exactly what is happening right now.
Google "Malthusian trap".

how dare you?

>Implying taxation must always affect the lower class first and foremost
You are the worst kind of useful idiot.

Retarded zoomer wanna be boomer, go form your own opinions about stuff before spouting more regurgitated bullshit on here

Taxation does always affect the lower class first and foremost. Because if it would happen otherwise, the people with money would just replace the politicians who have gone off the reservation.
The people with money control the politics and law, always did and will always do, but I don't expect you to be proficient in history.

I have formed my own opinion. Any taxation is theft and every centralized structure is corrupt. If you think otherwise you don't belong on this board and much less on Jow Forums, so go back to plebbit or whatever liberal shithole you come from.

It's made up. Seriously, just think about all the other stuff the State lies about but requires us to believe. Why would AGW be any different? Its only being pushed now to promote third world immigration so that boomers can have their property values go up again. It's another boomer scam.

You clearly haven't visited a country that doesn't run deficits every year, doesn't have decreasing life expectancy rates, and have never read about Pompeii and their Fiat currency.
Please, do some research before spouting off Koch brothers talking points which disproportionately benefit them rather than yourself, or even the majority of the working world.

>Notice how "climate change" is ambiguous - warmer summers? climate change! colder winters? climate change! hurricanes and earthquakes? climate change!

thermodynamics : a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system's disorder, that is a property of the system's state, and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature of the system
broadly : the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system

c'mon dude this is high school science

entropy btw

In all cases you mentioned, the poor still paid proportionally more taxes than the rich.
There is no rising entropy. The whole thing follows the climate cycles. In fact we now have normalized after the little ice age of 15th-19th century and are about to be back to Roman temperatures. Now you know why they wore tunics and sandals.

It's high school physics, but you clearly don't understand it.
The foundation of the concern is now we receiving more energy from the sun than we are emenating back into space.
The reason for referring to it as climate change is because even if some parts of the world are warming, we quite realistically have no idea of what other repercussions might occur. It's a known unknown.

> implying it doesn't
Lmaoing at your life

Yeah, next time you might want to see how progressive income taxes work.
Poland's enacting one where something like the bottom 35% don't pay anything, and if you start a family, you actually get checks in the mail.

i love this tweet from the WEF.

a lot of the people at the UN or the world economic forum are fucking insane control freaks for whatever reason. its like a cult. a lot of silicon valley people are like this too and a lot of people in the EU parliament as well.

i'll tell my friend who ive known for 10 years about shit like this "yeah a lot of people who actually have power in this world are trying to build a dystopian future and erode western values, you can just look at exactly what they say or what they write about publicly." and he doesnt fully believe me. but if someone tells him that Takeshi 69 tried to put an assassination call on Drake or X rapper wants to shoot Y rapper he'll report it to me like "yooo did you hear about this. takeshi 69 is snitching on people in jail apparently wow."

>live in cold country
>temperature rises
>land I own becomes worth a fortune
>phtalates in the water turn zoomer men into sissies
>and women into feminine nubile goddesses all lusting for my 7 inch cock
feels pretty good

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I'm a zoomer you retard. I'm all for taxing corporations who fuck up the landscape to extract natural resources. I'm all for banning oil rigs in a beatiful nature place like Island's landscapes, nice seas etc. But this fucking bs taxes on citizens is an absolute scam. Meat tax, car tax , tax tax tax. Next thing you know, whites have to pay taxes for having kids.

only utilitarians give a shit about climate change and utilitarians are legit retards

Paying people to have children is a great way to get a lot more poor people.

Most of the homes are on stilts that raise to match the rising sea levels. What, you thought they spent it all on yachts?

Good thing then that the Earth is not a closed thermodynamic system. Holy shit you're retarded.

You have to go back (to high school)

Income tax doesn't mean shit, because most rich hide their income through the offshores anyway. It's semi-legal and piss easy to do.

Most taxes are collected through taxes on goods and services, and there's where the poor are fucked big time. Gasoline tax, car tax, property tax, VAT, service tax etc.

If you believe this then print up a gun and make sure these hyper wealthy have some sort of repercussions. If enough billionaires wind up dead then, finally an actual trickle down benefit. It would be like a that tax cut to the rich went to the less rich and got spent.

Typical teenager, grow up

The rich don't fall for normie/poorfag memes

If you are so keen on that climate shit, fund it from your own pocket. You are trying to force me to be able to afford less to fund your delusions. Get fucked, commie.


Typical zoomer to resort to ad hominems