Is this a massive bullflag or are we going to dump?

Is this a massive bullflag or are we going to dump?

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you will have your answer on the 19th of october 2019

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Probably the former. There's a stupid level of support at 9000 that's been getting hit for three months now. Eventually it's shooting up.

buy the breakout
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It's a pennant

Guys wtf is about to happen? My money actually just arrived on coinbase, should i FOMO in Bitcoin or is it about to dump hard?

draw the bottom line from the candle bodies not the wicks. Desc triangle. We're prolly gonna dump to 8k and then continue up.

Thats that, get the fuck outta here.

Everyone everywhere has that fucking stupid "descending triangle" charted.

> 95% of traders are unsuccessful, let's do what everyone else is doing!

Everyone and their fucking sisters decided to become bearish, not at 13,9k, 13k test or 12k test, but right at the pivot, classic.

It's not a decending triangle, we are making higher lows and lower highs, making it a corrective phase.

Aslong as we hold this 4H range it's expected that we break out of the counter trendline, making new highs.

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asuka prophecy or some shit


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Most traders become bearish when the market is going down and bullish when the market is going up. The idiots here are no different

Bitcoin (the Cuckstream variant) is basically finished and will never see new ATH, crypto market moves on to smart contracts and other application stuff. Constellation, Theta Network, Chainlink and actually useful stuff like that will be important, not some currency crap (we have Euro/USD/GBP etc.) for that.

could there be a more based post. ive been saying this for weeks and all i get is "HURR COPEtm"

strong meme lines
enjoy your bags

I'm hedged, so would actually make more money if the market dumped, but thanks anyways.

yes yes
everyone is making 100,000$ per week here
either it dumps or pumps you still make cash


fakeout to 12k followed by dump to 4k

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