Invested 300$ in chainlink 2 days again

>invested 300$ in chainlink 2 days again
>already made ten dollars.
>As much as I would have made in a year in a savings account

wtf is it this easy to make money?!

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Jow Forums is 99% cryptocurrency threads for a reason, this is where the money is at.

This is a sell signal


i make that in like 3 hours


contract software engineer in london, £550 a day. shame sterling is garbage atm but ill just have to hodl

wow that's really awesome dude

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Yo I'm contracting in finance at the moment, £240/day. I have to manage people though and think I'd be much better suited to SE. Planning to get a junior dev job at a good company when my current contract finishes in 6 months, and building experience there before moving into the contract world again. How long do you think before I can start contracting, realistically? I'd take £250-300/day so nothing crazy

This is the simple truth I think many have been forgetting.

Lmao you're like a child to me I make that in 8 minutes

>mfw some people make 20$ and find it easy
>mfw presale investor did a x15 and im unhappy and think its not enough

what are you doing atm? £240 is super low for a bank/trader, even for a junior position iirc

It's PPI and in the North, babbys first contract basically, but I'm good at it and like the freedom. Started learning JavaScript and it's fairly easy. From here I'm considering dropping 6k on a SE bootcamp in Manchester that has really good ratings and hiring partners.

So you got 150$ now? I would be unhappy too.

Until all the transactions are done and you finally have the cash, you haven't made anything.

Lol. Crypto is easy and an addition, very few people have made any money on it consistently in recent times.

>be a brainlet
>strapped for cash to invest into a skill/business because I am a neet
>buy a Jow Forums pass for the first time and have to learn how to trade/buy cryptocurrency to do it
>buy a couple other cryptos because they look promising
>get $80 of chainlink by pure guess work
>come to Jow Forums
>chainlink will moon

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everybody cares about how much you make faggot

doubt lol

ah i see. desu i would avoid bootcamps; have never met anyone from them (though finance is pretty skewed to only hiring high end uni people and the occasional lucker like me). though i wouldnt go to uni either considering how expensive it is, best thing to do is network and have some open source projects

if you do want to head into finance, python and C++ are your guys

>invested $300
Kek. Hopefully you are like 16 yo and not a broke ass boomer. I got $40k in LINK and I'm only 19.

Thanks friendo. Do you think it's realistic to expect to get contract offers within 3 years? That's what I'm targeting. Finish 5 years of PPI, learn JS/Python/C++, get a comfy job close to home with normal working hours for 3 years, graduate into contracting. If I can do it quicker, great.