How to short

You know she'll be a world-class top politician idolized by the left right?

Since we are going to inevitably see her face for the next 70 years,

how do I profit off autismo?

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Get into green energy and reforestation.
Anything that will help to remove carbon from the atmosphere - which will be infinitely valuable when a price on carbon is implemented.

>world class

she's got that fetal alchohol face and autism, so I would unironically love to see this happen

Nah man, the left just uses people like this and throws them out after Harvey Weintstein or whoever is done boning them.

She'll have her 15 minutes and then be discarded for the next new craze, never to be considered again by her former zealots and treated like dirt by society.

>and treated like dirt by society.
I'd say it's deserved but really the problem isn't retarded kids, it's their handlers

No one gives a shit about this WWII Soviet rape baby or the 3rd world country she is from. Stop posting this garbage.

Yea they deserve less abusive retard wranglers.

>inevitably see her face for the next 70 years
the only place I've ever seen her face is on this board. stop posting this shit and problem solved.

Turn off the tv maybe

>He things normal people have a chance at eco-bux

Do you even know how posterchilds works? They are used while they are young, then dumped to the side of the street as soon as the elite notices that the public doesn't give two shits anymore.
She doesn't even have an education because she dumped school to go around preaching this shit, so when the elite dumps her she'll be your average leftist welfare mongoloid.

literally who

autism is overdiagnosed,
probably she's just horrible and fake, and that's it

Anybody remember that kid who was everywhere for while pushing gun control? David...something or other? Yeah, me neither.

that greta kid is a left wing champion and an antifa allstar. their 'champions' look like harmless retards but they are certainly not. don't forget the left is in full control of the media which continues to ram down bullshit down everyone sane's throat. this stupid cunt will be glorified for decades to come.

Short the left

You profit off leftists in general by laughing at them. It’s the only way.

she has AS and FAS, she is one of us

the left will annihilate itself to the point of literal mass suicides and their children being born sterile and infertile
the right will mint and trade their own currencies whose values are supported by the laws of nature, and thrive in a golden era of free market capitalism that will hark back to the late 1800s

We need to get based Soph more
public attention

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I fucking hate that she is autistic
Gives us (I'm diagnosed) a bad name

how is she so fugly? her face makes me feel physically ill. its really not hard to be hot when youre 16.

In contrast to her:

deepfake greta porn when
>tfw fuck her in the ass
>"this is all wrong I should be in school"
>tfw diamonds

She has FAS. Mommy like to have a beer or ten when pregnant.