Why has the quality of this board dropped so significantly?

I've been lurking for years, I recently looked back through the archive at 2016, my god the quality of debate was so much better. Real debate about projects like ETH, hardly any 'stupid' FUD. It's embarrassing, is it a generational thing? I'm 27, am I too mature for this board now?

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You've got entire threads just of fat sergey, lmao it's nuts man.

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I shit where I eat.

I'm gay and I hold chainlink, is that what you want people to say, incel?

No doubt man, I'm just trying to understand why the quality is lower than it was.

no. just pic related

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reminder that LINK is NOTHING like ETH.

1. ETH had a testnet with thousands of users and finished mainnet 1 year after ICO, and only raised 16mil. Chainlink had a testnet and mainnet with ZERO users after 2 years and 32mil. It has gained ZERO adoption (the partnerships aren't using it). The level of developer adoption and excitement for ETH vs LINK is absolutely incomparable, LINK has none.

2. The Ethereum tech was actually innovative. It was the first successful attempt at a smart contract platform. It was decentralized and working one year after ICO. Chainlink only has centralized oracles (Sergey is lying about decentralization) which are not new or innovative. Their "innovative" solution to sybil resistant consensus is KYC.

3. The Ethereum foundation only had 1% of the Ethereum supply after ICO. The Chainlink team has 65%. Also when Ethereum was $1, it had a market cap of less than $100,000,000. It was actually a low market cap gem. Chainlink's real marketcap (if you count the 650,000,000 tokens in Sergey's wallet, ready to sell) is currently $2,000,000,000, which makes it an incredibly overpriced top 10 coin, not a low market cap gem like Ethereum was at the time.

4. Chainlink has already had mainstream exposure. It's made the front page of crypto subreddits countless times, was covered in forbes and every news outlet imaginable. Yet, even after all this attention, it has failed to get any developer adoption. It is fair to say that every single dev in the space knows about Chainlink, and decides not to use it. There are many projects running oracles in production, none of them choose to use Chainlink.

>I'm just trying to understand why the quality is lower than it was
This is a crypto board. Crypto excitement is at a local low. Definitely the lowest level of hype in the 2 years I've been involved. Shitcoins are exiting left and right.

Old fags have had chainlink worked out since ico, hence the "you had two years" meme
All the good research has been done, we know what it is, now we go slowly mad as we wait for the inevitable
While we wait, we talk shit, have some laughs, and dab on new fags with stupid fud
Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing
1000 bigmacs EOY

>F A T

Ah man this shit again

Is it though? I mean don't get me wrong, I'm all in, but it's hard to believe this is the calm before the storm. Regardless I'm ride or die to 0 or $500.

I remember watching my ETH go fucking crazy price wise, if it happens with Link i don't know what I'll do to be honest.

I've tried to start quality threads over the past few years and no one takes interest. I trade forex mostly and even posting screen shots of my open trades so others could copy and (gasp) truly learn and make money but I get shouted down as 'fake' or 'its a demo account, don't believe the forexfag cuz no one wins that boomer game' type shit...so i said fuck it and don't share my trades or even start threads anymore, just check in once in a while to see current mood and I'll check in probably a few days unless some happenings occur...yes quality has gone down hill.

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Eat shit, faggot

>it's hard to believe this is the calm before the storm.
Um, I don't know about the storm, but this is definitely the calm. Engagement is super low across every forum, not just biz.
Maybe dev activity is up, idk, but shitposting is way down.

ETH will always live in Links shadow

It's tough man, so many third worlders here trying to get rich off of 0.001 cent coins and kids with $100 to their name. I'll still be back, I'll set a reminder for ETH at $400 and link at $10 and come back then I think. user on here was right, interest is low so big dogs aren't here for now. I like engaging with at least +100 IQ anons but not too many here recently

Nothing left to discuss. There are no projects worth of discussion other than link and it was done years ago. Just laggard brainlets dripping in now who are too stupid to discuss what they hold anway.

LINK is going under 25 cents within 2 weeks. We are entering VeChain territory. No adoption, high number of frustrated bagholders, increasingly meaningless “partnerships” with diminishing returns. Get out while you can.

Link will always be a gnat on Ethereum’s dick

No. It’s because the debate was more real back then. Now it’s just fake fudders trying to buy more bags since we all know it has institutional backing

>delet this

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People were thinking they discovered ground breaking tech which turned out to be a ponzi pnd. Nothing to discuss anymore, only bagholding shills left

The serious smart people left. Everyone here is from Jow Forums and Jow Forums.



It became really bad after the pump to 60c a year ago, then unbrowsable since mainnet and coinbase pumps.
Nearly no old marines post any more, it's actually so strange seeing link threads now where the fud is actually unironic or it is newfag linkies trying to be funny. Even pro-linkers are a pain to read. it's hard to explain but it's like these newfags are AI who read some posts and try to mimic it.
Last year almst every link thread had gold in it, nowadays it is a wasteland. But I'm still addicted.
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It became right politic, so it was subject to destruction in the same manner as other boards

The funniest thing about Chainlink is that most of the holders haven't even read the whitepaper, and everyone knows this, so it's super easy for whales to just say
>this white paper is incredible! you're missing out if you don't buy this
>DYOR tee-hee
Yeah, well I did read the whole thing, and if you actually put the time in to read the damn thing, you'll realize that the what they're trying to do is impossible, and they know it.
Basically it boils down to this two man team came up with a philosophical question, attempted to answer it with a fancy white paper, and are selling it to the unwashed masses to make a profit.

i dont think its new posters. I think can see through the buillshit now. I myself am having some doubts. Its not because of the project, its how forcd it is in my face, its making me second guess it

Nothing is impossible in the clown world.

You might have to risk a bit if you want to make it. If it goes to the shit hole at least you tried