My Goals:
Gather Captioners, Cappers, practitioners of our tiny specialty, whatever they are called.
Go all weekend (or as much as our schedules allow.)
I and others create a shit-ton of captions

Post your panel and your rules, samples, whatever—anywhere in the thread whenever you show up.

Dive in or post a sample for someone. Be clear about what you do and what you don't.

Bring your hottest girls, your attractive, of-age pics. No more of the sad draggy-ass shit that’s been in every cap thread for the last five years. Pay attention to what the writers will and will-not do, and be detailed with your requests!

NO one is ENTITLED to get their request done.

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while suntanning at a secluded part of the beach, she wakes up to you jerking yourself off to her. She looks disgusted while you cum all over her face and tits. You take a quick picture then run away.

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Sherilyn is doing laundry at a laundromat and while you do yours next to her you force yourself on her

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visiting your friend Darby after a while since college and she treats you and your friends to her body

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A sample of my writing and one type of formatting.

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More writing and a different form

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embarrassingly taking her bikini off sneakily to flash her tits and stroke your cock

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"What the fuck! Gross! Ptahh...it's on my....actually That tastes pretty good. Hey! Come back! I overreacted! Hey! Oh, good, Come Back! Maybe I can get some good cock in me after all.

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I'm too fried to do any more. I'll rejoin you all in the later morning.

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No detailed requests. WTF do you want?

I want to see her begging for cum while cheating her bf

My sister's perverted friend (left) "forces" me to make out with my sister (right) and grope her tits in front of her. Then we all fuck.

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Taylor (girl on left) has boob envy

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Aunt Monica during yoga together

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If someone can write text suggestions I can keep capping them

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something about her being reluctant about fucking outside in public

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Cheating on her boyfriend with his friends.

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Wanting to fuck you at a fancy ball.

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Redhead manager/realtor attempt to cheat on her boyfriend by making out her blonde secretary

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Party gown chicks fingering themselve while form a pyramid during graduation party

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Hot Business ladies rubbing each other asses during their lunch break

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Two neighbor eating ass of wife while her father and their friends went bowling

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me running into my classmate Katha, finding out how she is making money on the side. She offers me her service for free when I promise not to tell anyone

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My big crush is marrying my high school bully. They force me to watch, and the bridesmaid makes me jerk off to it while humiliating me.

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Leah has been thinking about sucking the biggest cock she can find.. She's an innocent looking church girl. after watch so much porn, and seeing girls suck and deepthroat some huge black cocks, she wants one of her own to make super sloppy. Huge cock turns her on more than anything.

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Lost a bet and has to pay back

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looking for a job to pay the college

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She seduces me to cheat on my girlfriend with her

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Her friends are trying to help her rebound

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She is my stepsis and bets she will make me hard. She rubs her pussy against me and gets all wet. She then tells me she wants to suck me dry and she sucks until I cum

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Shes my stepmom and she has caught me masturbating. She seduces me and starts getting naked in front of me asking me if I like her and then punishes me cruelly and edges me until I cum all on her. After this she keeps jerking me off to hurt my penis. She moans a lot and is really mean

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This milf. I want to humiliate, cover her face in cum and make her my own slut and cumrag.

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Anyone good captioners want to trade making captions for one another email me
vinnycap12345 at gmail


any more pics of her? i tried reverse image searching and got nothing.

I write on whatever subject in whatever style you want.

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Can you do this:
or this:
and I'll do one for you?


'All right, you won so this is your prize! Whatever you want in whichever costume you want....um what's all that? Hey! You didn't say you were going to handcuff me...Ooof! To bed already? Don't you want me to role-play? SLAP! SLAP! Ow! Okay, okay, I'll pull up my skirt. Its hard to do with my hands bound.. but...I-I can do it!" Will you take my....Oh, are you really going to keep those panties? Of course I'm wet. I like it rough...gag me, what! Mmmmmffffff!"

"I got us the tickets. Do you even care what the event is about? I didn't think so. I will be made up like a movie star and wearing that slinky, black dress you like so much and not a single bit of underwear. You will be in that tuxedo of yours, and we can dance with you holding me close and touching me, and once we find out what the place is like, we'll find a corner and you can pull up my long dress and have me right there, in the midst of all those handsomely dressed people. You might have to hold your hand over my mouth to keep me from crying out. Or, maybe you don't....See you at 8."

something for this little slut?

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"This is what I have on. You like? Good, get over here. Why? Because I need your cum Aren't you sweet. I know I could get anyone to fuck me in this dress, but it's you I want. Oh never-mind that girl of yours. It's a woman talkiing to you. A woman who needs your cum. I'll beg for it, too. Please, please, please come over here and fill all my holes with your sweet semen. Please, you know I'll do whatever you want to get it. I did say all of my holes. Is that young girl still denying you? I won't deny you anything. Come to me and cum in me."

She's a friend who caught me sucking a guy's cock and is threatening to tell everyone unless I let her humiliate me.

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"Okay, I"m sorry I said no, and I"m sorry I said I was leaving, and I'm sorry I said I had a date,and I'm sorry he chose Appleby's, and I"m sorry he's the most horrid, boring person I have ever met. . I'm not saying that we don't have stuff to talk about. But I found an exit and I willl walk over to the mall and be waiting and if you pickk me up. We wil not spend the night talking. I will give you the most erotic night you could ever imagine. No limits. Nothing off the table,and no heavy talking.. Yeah? Okay. Cue the James Bond theme. I'll be there."

younger sister is anxious and unsure about what her older sister got her for her milestone birthday:
losing her virginity in every hole with a giant dog in heat, with cream fillings to prove it.

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"Hey, stud! Looking for a good---user! Shit! Yes, yes, let me cover up here. It's Katha. Shh.....don't yell my real name out. I go by Petra out here. Shit, shit shit. I never even thought about what Id do if anyone I knew saw me doing this. Oh, user,please, you can't tell anybody. I...would you like, I mean I could give you a freebie if you keep it quiet! Maybe? Okay...um..(unbuttons jacket) maybe you could even fuck me instead of Petra. Did you ever want to. Yeah, we could play that out. How's that maybe now? Mmmm touch me some more. I like it, really. Why still maybe? What'? Oh, come on! Anytime forever? You recorded this? And you'll post it where everyone else can see it! No, I don't have a pimp. And I don't want one. Grrrr...fine, fine, but you know what. You never get to fuck Katha, You only get Petra."

Could someone make something with this:

After a party with his boyfriend they come back to their house and found out that his father in law was there so after some more drinks they end it up dped her for the rest of the night

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Something about a selfie to show her boyfriend that she is cheating on him while he works.

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Thank you!

Very NIce Stuff!

I'll keep writing so that new cappers have stuff to practice with and because it's what I like to do, but I'll let the original requesters decide if they like the script before I put it together. Great thread so far!

I'm the guy who requested the stepmom. Yes I like it! Add it sir

That link references a shitload of other links. I can't tell where it's coming from. That link references a shitload of other links. I can't tell where it's coming from. I didn't do a stepmom script.Link the script you like and I will find the original image.

And I don't know how I write anything that makes sense in this box.


And this

Right, so I don't do mom and sister stuff. So I did not write those. And you got this

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What are you waiting for/

Gf jerks me off everytime I leave the house so that she doesn't worry about me getting distracted by urges while I'm out

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She seduces me every time my girlfriend isn't looking our way at a party. When she gets a chance she finally takes me aside and fucks me.

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Something about what a huge slut the girl on the right is and how much she fucks around.

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So, I saw this girl from my work who friended me posted some party pictures, so I took a look. Then I see her do some selfie with "Alison." I don't think that was her real name, at least that's what it was that night. It was around May and just after finals for about a quarter of the U, and there was much celebrating. In this bar, the center of it, was this little short-haired blonde girl. She was buying and she was being bought more drinks than I thought her body could hold. I looked at the game for a bit and when I turned back, she was on her knees giving BJ's to the guys who'd been buying for her. That was only the beginning, and the bouncer was giving them static, so they moved it outside. I followed. I sort of wanted to cum in or on her, but I also enjoyed watching her. Anyway, there were benches in a small park behind the bar, and she ended up on one of them and so quietly it was spooky, She was stripped and had cocks in both ends. They took some sort of bet about her ass, before this big guy lubed up and did her. After that she had all her holes filled at once for the next hour. Then the original guys kind of moved off, and I had a terrible erection. I walked over and took my cock out. She said, "You gonna stick it in me?" and I shook my head and started wanking. She used a hand to help and soon I showered her face with cum. A new crowd gathered from the sports teams. Last thing I saw, the big black guys were lifting the little blonde up with their cocks, and slapping her around. I'm glad she survived the night, but jeez, what a slut.

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Cappers, do you ever do captions just for you?

I do.

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me too :) u wanna trade making for each other?
email me (below)

Maid service

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Nah, too much could go wrong. I have two levels of this kind of thing. The ones I post publicly, are the only one's I share.

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Here's one I publicly post that I made just for me.

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Weeel this is not as busy as I had hoped, so I'll just throw some fresh down.

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doesn't know her bikini top is a little see through

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"So, how did I do on my sugar daddy application? Did Daddy get enough sugar? If daddy want's more, he can have it. He can have whatever he wants. You did! Squeee. I'm so happy I pleased you. And I"m ready to do any roleplay you want. And just between you and me, I'll go as young as you want, daddy. I'll wear whatever you get me. Mmmm....go out naked except for an overcoat and fuck in the park at night? I like that idea! That would be so fun! Oh, daddy, let me clean our cum off your cock with my mouth, and if i get it hard, can we play more?"

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Femdom pls

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"Jeez, hon loosen up. That's a cute guy there. Letting him see your tits before he bangs you is a compliment. You've been through a shitty time with user. You deserve some fun, and HE can deliver it. Go on! Really? I'll go with you if you like, but I am not just going to watch. A threesome to show everyone you are over that asshat? Look this guy gently playing with your nipples is nodding. He's got a truck. Let's go!"

"I've always wanted a subboi of my own. Now you are it! I saw you sucking that guy off at that last party. Want the whole school to know? Then get right down on your knees and kiss my feet. You are mine now. I'll expect to get my pussy worshipped daily, and I have all sorts of tools, whips, vibrators and dildos you will enjoy. Is there anything you don't understand, worm? Call me "Mistress' when you ask.

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prom blowbang please

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I will only cap the original unfaked pic or one that shows her body and face.

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