Help me seduce mature woman

Alright boys, I was helping a family friend with some tech stuff cuz she is old and doesnt know jack. I had some time to look around and found her sex toys and a partial nude pic on her old ass computer. She is single and has about 1 8inch dildo(pic), 1 rabbit, 1 gspot simulator, 3 butt plugs(surprised me) blind fold and a few more vibrators. Now this has got me worked up and want to fuck her. She knows I have a girlfriend, what do ? im early 20s and she is i think early 50s and never married

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there is no approach that can't be taken badly
just leave your zip undone and let her be the one that says something provocative

While i was going through her stuff, she was downstairs and I thought about "getting caught" but pussed out later. Maybe nexttime I go over I might try something like that

pretend you saw nothing and move on. young pussy is better

Already getting young pussy, want to see how this mature woman is experienced and freaky in bed. She also has a big ass to die for..

pics user pics

I have to bump his comment

2 of the butt plugs, I think the red one is vibrating with remote.

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Shitty angle, had to take these pics in a hurry.
Her bras and she had a couple skimpy thongs

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pics of the milf?

She looks like a PAWG version of Rebecca Huntley similar hair and face

when will you see her again cause I would love to hear the end of the story

No idea, I do see her fridays outside in social crowds but thats it. I might get a 1 on 1 next month? If she decides to get more electronics or her computer doesn’t work :/ pray for me anons

Put the blindfold on and let her find you. It's kind of innocent, but lets her know you've seen the butt plugs.

I think she would know that her bra and panty drawer is a little messy and if she checks the toys she might assume it was me. I kinda do wish she does so she might bring it up when I see her next. I had her phone also, I checked photos but found nothing, after I got home I remembered that I didn't check the deleted photos...

are you fucking stupid?
The same way you seduce any girl.
have fun with them, make them laugh, go out with them if possible. If they find you sexually attractive they will naturally flirt with you and come to you and you dont need to do shit

she isnt a college girl i can just hit up randomly without getting suspicious

Send her a link to this page and comment on the fact this is completely anonymous

and where's that "partial nude pic" ?

Rofl might as well turn myself in

Of course you will turn yourself in.
Do not forget that women are wired a different way. They like funny things and to be the center of attention. I'm sure that she will be delighted to be at the apex of the controversy

Hmm I do have her email and can use pics from her Instagram to tribute her and send here anonymously. Anyone have any similar experience?

No way.
The idea is that you fancy her; so you just have to keep her informed of this fact
Tampering with her Instagram picture is not in line with this basic strategy; this will back fire

if you send your stuff anonymously she will not establish a direct relation with you unless she discover it is you so that you will lose all your credit as a creep , coward .. you name it (no (offense from me)

Yeah guy guys are right... She did text me to inquire about some tech stuff that looses wifi and might have a shot at visiting her to fix stuff

nice pls keep us advised on what is happening

For sure man, im also thinking about telling her about google photos and show her how it works.. saying like these pictures are saved online and you can access them anywhere, meanwhile scrolling down to some pics i took while me and my ex were fooling around i have her tied up and shit... just stop at the right place and stop for a split second, enough for her to see and move on quickly. i know im thinking with my dick so please show me der way

Dramatic improvement. Nice. Now you have at least 80 % chance to reach your goal. Have fun and behave like the gentleman we believe you are.

Make sure it doesn't work again. Maybe make something up about updates or that one Intel exploit that everyone freaked out over. If you're a computer dude you can make something up

Thanks user, I have to practice my scroll game to land perfectly now... She also thinks im a super sweetheart and a gentleman. You guys deserve the pic of her full drawer :) I still dont know what the tub in the corner is, could be lube?

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>XL Condoms
You're shit outta luck OP

Lol I think its for the dildo she has, side note I use magnum normals I think I can fit just fine :)




So OP succeeded in having his thread up and running more than 24 hours. By itself, this is a very great achievement and with the help of /r and of a good knowledge of the use ot the hardware found in the drawer, this can be a fair hint he will have the luck to reach his assigned target tomorrow. Pleased to bump here

hide behind door. hold one butt plug in eat hand. when she opens door, insert both into her ear holes and pin her against the wall. roofie her head with the door knob too

not op here but god you killed me XD


Lmao no chance hombre, OP here... No plans made as of yet for me to go over and fix her up... I will update you guys if anything happens, good or bad. Thanks anons

> ping pong paddle

this woman a freak thooooo