Favorite fakes?

favorites made for you, or good ones you saved,

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One I've made

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Sharing some I've saved lately.

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This really doesn't belong in this thread

can anyone help fix this one up more?

Why not?

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A quien le gusta?

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One of my favs

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That is good

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this one was awesome

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this one was perfect

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On this thread that's what you say nice to, lol

A lot more work went in to that picture than a simple faceswap

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This is fake?

Here’s one

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Ye 4 hours with a black marker colouring around the far tit


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Would love to see what you can do


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Original ?

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That's incredible.

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Damn, would fuck

Best fake I've ever had made. Perfect

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nice to see nero5 needs attention like a small child too

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love this one.

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one of my favorites

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Bump for cumshops

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terrible shop and probably underage

Lol not underage

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ayy my girl. this is awesome btw

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The different coloured face and the blending of the hair, classic 10/10