X-Ray Requests Thread

Want something X-Rayed, or want to know if it can be X-Rayed? Post it here. I'll respond ASAP ;)

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Top and bottom possible?

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Absolutely, I'll get right to it.

Thank you

can you try this one please?

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Try the girl on the left please OP!

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Sorry, the dress is too dark!

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hell ya!

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is the girl on the right possible to do?

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Too dark, or too much bra holding the tits. The rest of you, yeah I think I can :P

Already done you fuck

Shit quality and dark color (you relly dont know right??)

Another dark shit

Also ugly quality and dark color

i think i see cameltoe

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Just make it brighter to see it

Already done before, but here's my go at it. Sorry if it isn't as good as the previous.

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Already over-done :P

Bad quality, can't do.

Are you here to do xrays or are you here to tell people you don't want to do xrays?

It's definitely there, but shit quality man. Sorry!

Xrays need good quality images, genius. You can complain about it, but if you give me a shitty image, you're not gonna get any results ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

can you get anything?

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Yes, I think so.

Pls fake X-ray these giant Milf tits

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thank you!

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Please and thank you :)

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Best you'll get.

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left girl plz

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Dress too dark, not sure if I could.

I don't do fakerays :(

Dress is too dark.

Pls try her I know she’s got a bra but the tits are so huge you must be able to see more of the shape or bust etc
Pls do this Milf as best you can

top kek

There's only so much an image can show at that quality. There is a bra, and a shirt over it. A bra, or a shirt is one thing. Not both. And that is a thick bra, at that.

Bra is thick, and the pattern is impossible to work around.

I don't think some of you get what the OP says when he means that the image is low quality, or the clothes are too dark. Quality is everything in an X-ray. Sometimes a fakeray is the only thing possible, and OP already said he(?) doesn't do fakerays.

Is this possible?

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His reasoning for not doing this one is, "too overdone" lol wtf... theres a great example of visible pokies, no bra, thin light shirt.

I could do the one on the right.

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No, my reasoning is that there is an entire thread already for her.

Nope. Bad lighting on the exposed tit.

Can you try this please?

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Could do the bottom. Isn't enough definition on the top, and the one on the right has bad lighting.

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Best attempt. That smudge on the glass made it hard.

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Tried again, best I could do

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Can you give this a shot please?

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Qould love to see if this ones possible!! If not maby a fake ray?

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Since someone bitched about it:

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Here you go.

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Sorry dude, bad quality, and I can't see her torso definition.

Thank you very much!


Wrong thread to request that in

Is this possible?

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Not requested, but done on my own for a friend. Some chick from Hooters in Milford, CT.

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Maybe not, that shirt is pretty thick. Looks like her nipples are pierced too.

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Her please!

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Can someone try this one please?

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Is it possible with this one?

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can anyone try to x-ray this?

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Can someone x-ray the girl on the left?

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2 images incoming:

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Thanks man!

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On the right, is there too much material?

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Thanks in advance!

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What's your x-ray technique?

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this one seems do-able

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maybe fakeray?

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Several of those last submissions are undoable. There are 2 I can definitely do.

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Plz op!! Thanks

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is this doable OP? :) :)

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Can you do it?

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Is this possible

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Thank you!