Post side pics of your girls and I shop them into SDT

post side pics of your girls and I shop them into SDT.
Let me know what clothes you want them wearing

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be here for next hour or 2

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Please! ;)

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Bra & jeans

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Try her?

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this one please

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I know it's low resolution but can you attempt it?

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Would this work?

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Please OP?

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Red bikini skinny body with medium tits

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Please user?

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Can you shop her no clothes please

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Cool man! Can you send the edited template back? To see where you cut the faceline.

Can be DP in bra?

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Would this work?

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Tnaks !!! Gooood!!!

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Hope any of these work

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Topless with short skirt

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With large breasts

More? Blowjob and Fucked? :)

her head is half missing. wont work

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What do you use to record these videos and then make them webms OP?

i use icecream video recorder

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this one please

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Can it record sound too? Or it just a screen recorder?


it can but makes files larger and also cant post audio webms


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Yes i know that thanks OP

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really thanks user

Please op can you do it?


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She made the first post nice! Wanna try this one of her? Maybe torn open flannel shirt and pants around knees? You can do the original hair if you prefer

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Do her?

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please OP

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Also could try this again zoomed out more and with one size smaller tits?

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Thank you OP!!!! Could you try this one too? Or do some more pls!! Thank you!

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Have her with her tits out too if possible

first short hair ive ever done

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Please op

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aaaand im done... thanks for playing
if i didnt get to yours better luck next time!

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Are you going to drop the pngs?


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Thanks OP now is my time to play with these girls :^)

Gah! So close! Thanks for making her the thread cover tho!

What do you use to make these?

Post he one for this?

Pls do her topless with hotpants

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Any chance doing her?

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Will you make a thread?

Girl in back please! Whatever you want as long as tits are out

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Didn’t see that you were done, but I’ll drop this just incase :)

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This one too

Please op? anything you can do with it

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or this

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