Doing fakes. Post fit petite slim ladies and a donor pick

doing fakes. Post fit petite slim ladies and a donor pick

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or if you have something better in mind

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good shit. Wanna throw in a hardcore scene? Anything you want. :)

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Don't have donor :(
but give it a try please

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Not op but here ya go

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dope, thanks bro

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these are just awful

This is moderately ok not great tho


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you do realize i did ONE, im not OP, and mine was better than OPs? if not, you're a retard

please op

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Donor picc

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or this one!

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Please do her

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On this donor

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Or this donor

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Nice job

Thanks man! It looks amazing!

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One one of these donors or if you have something with a similar body type it would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Please do her

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get creative ;) cock shop woould be nice

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Can you fake this one?

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>get creative ;)
what u mean with this? saying op is not being creative with shops done before?


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donor pls

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>5. You second-guess everything

what did he REALLY mean by this???

her pls

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