anyone want a swap? 1/person. if you dont leave a donor ill pick something for ya. nothing too dark. nothing too grainy. great headshots plzzzz. let's doo it.

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maybe something with a big black cock or an ass like in your pic

Attached: 12312300.jpg (1920x1080, 910K)

bj or asian fuck faces type donor swap pleazze

Attached: Cgsn5v9WgAE9miA.jpg (900x1200, 110K)

Attached: jessica-bangkok-asian-fuck-faces-02-5321470-530053192.jpg (1280x1920, 519K)

Perhaps getting fucked by a bbc

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Attached: fk08.jpg (2000x3000, 1.44M)

Can you do anything with her? Preferably her getting fucked or pissed on. Whatever you can find

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Attached: 20170426_1906591.jpg (1440x2560, 410K)

Not op btw

great work thank you so much

and another

Attached: 12654508_130660240650240_1829303033658420351_n.jpg (539x539, 30K)

One last one

Attached: 20130811_174935.jpg (960x1280, 97K)

plzz if u can

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LOL thread already got jacked before i could do any so shit have at it i dont know why i fuckin bother.

Please op

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lots of black cock?

Attached: 19420842_1508639552530041_3641748494605470098_n.jpg (444x964, 106K)

Maybe gangbang or blowing a bbc, also petite with small tits please. Thanks

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Asian facefuck

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please please please op

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No donor, but I went to prom with this chick but she up and left soon after. Haven't seen her since. (I'm 18 in this picture, she is 19, chill.) Thanks. If it's possible, no dude's faces, and not blacked.

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not him but very impressed. another one with my pic?

with a donor pic of a bbc from cuckoldsessions or dogfart

she's a tiny slim girl with a big ass

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put her in a bukkake situation and drench her entire body in lots of cum

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Attached: fk12.jpg (600x900, 193K)

thanks tho can you match her skin color?

[email protected]
would love to do more of her, this is probably one of my fav fakes ive done.

Can you do her?

Not sure if this is any better, my monitor is fucked and im partially colorblind. It looks fine to me and i usually use color sampler and color codes to make sure.

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No, pic is to low quality.

anyone care to fix this one up

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way better amazing job thanks again

chceck your inbox

Can you do her?

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My crush (left) in interracial?


Attached: 132282_3971988832354_1068483965_o.jpg (1536x2048, 261K)

will this work? interracial or gangbang if so

Attached: d.jpg (960x638, 60K)

or this

Attached: fe.jpg (540x960, 65K)

This one would be perfect

Forgot pic

Attached: f.jpg (393x960, 77K)

Here's another one

Attached: fk13.jpg (768x512, 271K)

can it be done op?

Im working on it. also no op, op has'int done a single fake this thread. idk where he went.

thanks man you're the bomb

Attached: fk14.jpg (768x1024, 700K)

Im out. [email protected] if you want any more done

Fuck man thank you! It's amazing! Just out of curiosity are you working on any of her other pics?

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Nice bbc shop man! Can you do one of mine?

Is the user who did this shop still here?

Attached: I tried anon.png (1350x900, 940K)

Will you do one of mine please? you are a master bbc shopper

ill try give it to me.

That dude isn't me

one of these please or would you prefer a different pic of her?

sorry my bad I fucked up that reply
give me the pic an d a donor please

can you find a pic where the face is not covered by hair maybe? also better lighting would be helpful, if you can't ill try with these I'm trying to get better at photoshop so ill take some requests until I'm ready for bed.

also I made this for an user but I don't know if he got it, so Ill post it here in case he's lurking.

Attached: for anon.png (600x914, 546K)

maybe this one?

Attached: asd.jpg (199x302, 23K)

Attached: 20180126_143318.png (1004x1298, 1.46M)

or this?

Attached: kj.jpg (646x638, 85K)

Attached: 2018_01_27_13_08_59.png (818x1237, 1.41M)

ill try this one, might be a bit I'll be checking on the thread.

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did you have a doner in mind or i'll pic something.

Attached: ANIME IS REAL.png (1200x1200, 1.93M)


you can pick, bbc preferred. This probably wont work but maybe you can use it as inspiration

Attached: piper.jpg (1200x800, 203K)

moar plzz

Attached: ClrKKtrC.jpg (960x1199, 182K)

here ya go user.

Attached: ANON copy.png (1200x800, 917K)

Attached: f1522570306152.jpg (1200x800, 219K)

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Please do user

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