Doing cumsshops

I will come back in 30 min, and i will choose some of the best piictures to do cumshops.

Just hot girls guys, and you can post donor also if you want.
I ll come back in 30 minutes to see what you got for me.

Pic related

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Do her?

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Cover her

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help a nigga out

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Cover them

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Shop her

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Im back, low quality sorry

Give me some hotties guys,

Is it better?

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Yes, but if is not hq i cant try, because i do a mess


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Quick one. Enjoy

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thank u

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Fuck it

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if they have filters or so i can not do them sorry, give me more hot girs come on


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Familiar face

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Please try her

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Shop please sir

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OMG She is so sexy. moar of her¿?

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Do my sis

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Low quality sorry


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Might be too edited

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Tried. Enjoy

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Please do gaby if it works for you

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Yes. Too much sorry

could i get a cumshop pls?

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Post a hot girl and I do, this one I dont like sorry

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Hot girls please, hot faces

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do you like her?

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Yes but pic is difficult because of the filter and colour

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Hot but low quality

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what about her?

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Moar pics ogf her?

U like her?

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Not best pic but I think the angle could be usable

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This slut good enough?

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Here you go

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She is so hot, but quality sucks man

Same aswell


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bump for

Anything would do

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How about her?

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Possibly better picture for it

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MOar of her, close face?

Too much edition, not real tone of skin

Only thing I have left, other phone had selfies though

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I could work on that pretty face, some moar posts?This ones are so far from camera.

Might be useful

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Her please!

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Think I found the one.

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still around OP? you working on any?


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Thank you! Here’s one last one, no need to shop it. The archive for her is on tumblr under the name “kitten-tv”

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How about her?

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