Gonna be around at my desk for much of today - so thought i'd offer to do some fake rays

gonna be around at my desk for much of today - so thought i'd offer to do some fake rays.

Preference will be given to:
- high quality pics (no low res or pixelated pics)
- loose clothing is best, so fake's look more realistic
- don't post pics that get posted a lot on here

If you get skipped, good chance that your pic has been rejected for one or more of the above reasons.

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You’d make my whole day

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Do what you can. Thanks

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Do this

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Full nude

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Might be tough because the hair. If it is just ignore

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probably not what you were hoping for - but shopping out the flowers would be more work than i'm looking to do.

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thank youuu

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Not op, but these are not really HQ

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Will this work?

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Thanks OP u the man

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this possible?

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This would be amazing

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Thanks in advance

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crappy image
crappy image

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Plz give her a go

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1/2 pls op

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pls. any one of them will do

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is it possible?

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lousy image quality, tight clothes

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Thanks a bunch, came out better than I thought it would. If time is available could you try another

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First one turned out awesome. Could you do another for me thanks.

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Cool, thanks anyway

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Awesome, thanks OP

honestly a crap image, but did the top for you anyway.

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please and thank you

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is this possible?

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too washed out

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thanks !

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Thank you! Showing Ass for appreciation

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Try the girl on the right please?

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Sry man. Thanks though

how loose fitting should the clothes be for the best result?

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Thank you!

Please do her

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Can you do the girl on the left please?

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left girl plz

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anything possible here?

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could you fake ray her?

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thank you in advance. left one prefered

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Pierced nips would be preferred

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This should be perfect

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please OP

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angle is too much of a pain

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please, I'd love you forever if you do the chick to the right

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thanks alot

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this bride please

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please be nasty

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are black chicks welcome?

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low res - washed out.
low res
loose blouses are typically good, something that provides margin for error -and look like they might not be wearing a bra etc. tight fitting is tough - because nipples

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Thank you sir

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do this one please

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thanks alot

lousy image - but here you go

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bathing suits typically not worth it
see her requested too much on /r
see her requested too much on /r
too washed out, not worth it

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bump for her


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you can do it?

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thanks alot