Caption Writing

Write a caption for this or any other gif in the thread and I'll add the words to the gif

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Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere
Rockin' everywhere
Rockin' everywhere
I found you Ms. New Booty
Get it together and bring it back to me
Hit the playas club for about month or 2
Put his hand on it then see what he do
Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight

That may be too much to fit :p

"Your girlfriend probably should have known a little more about basketball before she bet it all on Michigan"

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If I upload a gif and a caption can you put the caption on the gif?


"mmm they're cocks are so big babe, I love the way their cum tastes. Thanks for the best birthday present ever :)"

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*their not they're

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Rose loves when hubby's friends stop by to give her a hard workout.

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Rose loves riding her neighbor's big cock while hubby is at work.

post more gifs

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That is for


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Pls respond

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Bumping for caption writers

got any where her look sours for a bit?

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What's the matter you rude cunt? Trying not to cum like my son's dick wasn't made to perfectly stretch your pussy? Well, if you weren't such a bitch, maybe I would tell him to stop trying to breed you like one.

After more colossally bad sports picks, from the pre season to super bowl, your girlfriend had to give up on something major

A child free marriage

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Yeah, I made that one the other night ;)

Of course I'm glad you tired the kids out. Now they will stay asleep, and leave some "us" time

Now my "santa" have some fresh milk before I move to warm baked nookie.

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Daphne Rosen needs to be the sub in a lezdom impregnation porn vid.

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nothing made you feel like a better brother than seeing your sisters spend time together

especially when that bonding time involved your cock


nice trips...

Your girlfriend always knew you had an impregnation fetish and thing for black girls

She gave you the best anniversary present you could ask for

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"What's wrong white boy, don't think it's real?"

"Why don't you spank my ass and bend me over the hood to see?"


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Daphne's domatrix knew just what kind of thing to do next with there pornstar sub

A squirting strapon, insane.dirty talk , and a gallon of mystery cum later, the screaming sub had brought the highest viewership on a live cam in net history.

And Daphne didn't even know she was really bred on cam until next session with the blindfolded pregnancy test.

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Sis, you're doing it again. Listen I know that you are still in full tit envy mode...

But seriously, these things don't make me better with babies. Get a good sitter, and maybe I'll consider a threesome


Pouty girl getting impregnated is amazing

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If you are the user that I think you are, have you created a site where all of these are posted/saved yet?

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I don't think I'm that user either


I loved making captions for the Daphne Rosen fan that used to post here semi regularly, and I hope he kept the stuff that was made.

Oh huh.

Actually I might've been that Daphne Rosen fan if it was only for a few weeks, but I don't think I kept any captions

There is something magical about girls...

And the hypnotic nature of them watching their huge knockers jiggle.

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Yup. That was it.

. I was kinda hoping you had a blog or something with them all.

I want that video set. Nice caption

Nah, sorry.

I have some random captions with Daphne in them saved, but I don't think I have any of those specific ones left

Whippedass. I think Daphne did two videos there, one as a sub, one as a domme.

I don't have an entire gifset made, just a few from the scene

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Post the ones you have. It could be a fun trip.down memory lane

I would suggest saving these ones too, if you don't want to lose them.

Also I do stuff on reddit exxxchange so most of them would be from there and probably not from here

I'll take a look there when I get a chance.

Give me a few more, I can dew a few before bed

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I gotta step out for a bit

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Oh actually, it looks like I have a few captions from Roseguy from back then

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It is always simple: find a slut couger, choke her a bit, let her juggs jiggle ,fuck her brains out regularly for a while.
Then when you ask her what she's gonna be making over the next few years for you, the answer is always the same:

Affair babies

"A surprise? I'm so excited"

The sorority dorm mom did not forget that night for a long time... especially since the video sold well

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Daphne and her friend are starting to notice that maybe something was off with the singles club her niece recommended.

It wasn't the mini skirt rule with huge asses. it wasn't checking your panties at the first door, or being told to make out with each other to get in.

It was carrying a hard copy folder of forms with them to give to the inner door man, not electronic ones.

Sometimes teacher conferences were boring

Other times you got to pound a library teacher to make sure they gave your kids enough help, and give her a sticky donation to seal the deal

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your wife was so excited for her anniversary present, especially after you had her strip down

little did she know you invited some guys playing basketball off the street to treat her

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I gotta.crash. see you hopefully tomorrow.op

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the last person you expected to see when you hired an escort was your own sister...

but as soon as she saw you she rolled her eyes, not surprised, and closed the door to start the fun...

your wife and her sister were best friends growing up and shared everything with each other

as your sister-in-law kissed your wife to say thanks, you realized the sharing extended to you too