My Goals:
Gather Captioners, Cappers, practitioners of our tiny specialty, whatever they are called.
Go all weekend (or as much as our schedules allow.)
I and others create a shit-ton of captions

Post your panel and your rules, samples, whatever—anywhere in the thread whenever you show up.

Dive in or post a sample for someone. Be clear about what you do and what you don't.

Bring your hottest girls, your attractive, of-age pics. No more of the sad draggy-ass shit that’s been in every cap thread for the last five years. Pay attention to what the writers will and will-not do, and be detailed with your requests!

NO one is ENTITLED to get their request done.

If it's good, I steal it, edition

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I think I'll start with some stuff from last week, I took care of.

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And some samples in various styles.

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Have fun caping this one

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caption this one?

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Detailed requests, plox

fucking a black guy in front of her bf; letting him cum inside her

Her talking about how she’s cheating with you because her boyfriend has a tiny dick and no skill in bed

Talked my about how much she loves being a glory hole slut

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caption about how she wants to try double penetration

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"You getting an eyeful? Are you enjoying seeing your girlfriend getting reamed out by a big black cock? Is it making you hard watching him having his way with me. Is that what turns you on? You'll really like this, because I just told him to cum inside me. Hows that make you feel?"

nice could you put the text on the pic

"You have a cheating fetish, so I'm cheating! Of course I picked someone with a bigger cock than you and some skill. You know your teeny pee-pee has never been enough for me, and you don't have a clue about what other things you could do to satisfy. This stud does, so watch and enjoy your pussy-whipped cheating fetish! I'm having fun for change!"

I will, later. I have two modes and I'm in writing mode now, then I have to get ready for work.

"Something about having myself filled at both ends, has always appealed to me. I even tried it by myself. I put my vibrator in my pussy, and then tried to deep throat my dildo. I came so hard! And remember that time when you gagged me and played with my ass and pussy--I think I'd like to take a cock in each some time. So, ask your buddy, okay. Just see if he wants to help us with this. You choose the end you want and let him have what you don't. It won't make you gay, and it's not cheating. Oh, I'll keep fucking myself with the dildo while I blow you. I know you like that. Ask him, okay?"

'There is nothing better than that full feeling I have coming back from the glory hole. I have sucked and sucked and sucked and am full of cum, covered with cum and my hair is plastered with is. I am 'Cum"plete. Anyone who sees me knows I'm a cock-sucking whore and I've spent the evening serving my masters;men, and their glorious cocks."

"You want me to put on this Supergirl costume and make out with you? Won't everyone see us? Oh, it has a cape. I guess that will cover us."

video taped for an sex orgy

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Dirty-minded folks!

>last time I went off and left the thread, it fucking died before I got back. Not having that. The weekend starts now!

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Something about how great your cock is compared to her boyfriend’s little dick and how fucking you in the car is so hot

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if you could caption this about how i could not please her so she had to find someone with a bigger dick to please her?

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Stay alive

Indian sluts, get me so hard

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Caption this handjob fake?

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Shy mom milking

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a caption of her inviting you to come fuck her

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Also, can be forced or normal

Get ready to be storied!

"How come everybody is asking for my ID and not buying my video?"

>sorry, user, I know Japan and like that, but I'm not comfortable with someone who even looks so young doing what you suggest.

"I asked about the dress, but mainly probably wanted you to comment on my ass, but I did not expect all this shit about cleaning my room!"

>Like I want to write ten million things about the same fucking subject that matters so little in real life....ah, ce la vie

"I love fucking you, user. I love your cock and they way it feels inside me, the way it tastes and particularly when it tastes of us together. You are so much bigger than my boyfriend too, and I need that. I even like that we fuck in your car. I'm way flexible from cheer, dance, and all that, and I need to keep practicing to keep that way. Wresting with you is good for that. We could do the whole Kama Sutra in your back seat. So...pick me up. Vroom, Vroom, you know what I need."

"You could not please me, user. And I am a passionate woman who will not deny herself pleasure. Yes, I have taken a lover. one with a simply massive tool to fill me in ways you never could. But, I will not put the horns on you,so I tell you."

I know there was another post and I'm glad it got deleted. Maybe it could be used somewhere else.

"I'm really touched that you made this handjob fake of me, but I wished you hadn't used such an old picture. I'm so much hotter now! But are you interested in something more...in depth? Something like the depths of my soft, yielding mouth or maybe the depths of my wet and ready cunt? Or, if you are really good, the tight but accessible depths of my ass? I mean, I could give you a handjob too, but with so many other better options..."

This one is turning into a long one featuring my mind-controlling protagonist. I do have a favor to ask: Two names. They don't have to be the girl's real names, just two likely names I can use so they aren't "the one with glasses" and 'the other one" in the caption.

"You couldn't get one? How can every store be out of breast pumps? I'm dying here, I'm so full Honey, you have to do it. Start on the left. It hurts so much more. Mmmf..yeah, don't suck so hard. Gentle-like. How's it taste? Kind of sweet, no? Okay, okay, do the right now. Good, good, you've got it. Let's just hope our son has the same kind of talent. Don't worry, I'll get my husband to do it later."

"Soooo, how do you like this pic? Show you my tits? That's not such a bad idea, but I want to do it in person. I am serious. I want you to come over and spend the afternoon fucking me. You can tie me up, fuck all three of my holes....I'll put on whatever you want. How else can I sweeten this? Wouldn't you like to see and touch what's under these? Good. How do you want me dressed when you arrive. Interesting. I'll see you soon, then."

Offering her body to get gangbanged in public and loving feeling cocks rubbing and slapping against her little feet during it please!

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Can I get one of her cheating on her husband with her best friend. Her friend has a lot bigger cock and cums inside her, probably getting her pregnant and her husband has to raise her friends kid

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Cucking her bf with a guy with a much bigger dick

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You've had this request done with this picture too many times already, by me, my other names and others. Prepare to be ignored.

Gets drunk and fucks her cousin. She makes him fuck her ass so she doesn't get knocked up. First time anal and turns out she loves it.

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NOT OP’s Writing Rules

- Give me something to work with. If you just say "anything" I will ignore or do worse.
- If I think the chick looks too young, or I'm not attracted to her, I won't do it.
- You can request a first-person narrative (I'll write as if it’s the chick speaking) or third person. Or you can just let me decide.
- I don't do much incest, but I do like daddy/little play. And I prefer Femsub, though I do dip into femdom footplay, but my dommes are never too heavy and always DTF.
- I’ll do Cheating if it is not cuck-related and more about the opportunity with some forbidden fruit.
- Cuck IS out totally unless you do it right, i.e. The whole town knows, but the husband doesn’t. Anything else is just cheating.
-I really don’t feel like I can write any more about gangrapes or bbc and rape sucks as a first person thing, since it’s just gasps, crying and shit.
If requests get repetitive, I will probably ignore them.(like after the fifth ‘gangrape/bukkake’ in a row. )

If I don’t do one of the requests , it might be that they look too young, too ugly, or the image just didn’t speak to me immediately. That doesn’t mean it won’t be talking later.

NOT OP’s Capping Rules.

If it’s written, I will do photoshop with it unless I think the girl is too young. None of my preferences apply to any other writer and I’ll cap any other writer’s stuff, though I will most likely have to edit it.

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Femdom footplay caption?

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Sure, on the morrow. I need sleep.
And Photoshop is being screwy. I need to clear disk space
So there's time. If you don't want what I wrote used, let me know. Or if you want something that wasn't meant for you, used, tell me that.

Keep the requests coming, and keep it BUMPED (but gently)

We still need. I really can only do so much. I need allies. I need help.

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Oh, and hopefully, I can write more during my break tomorrow because that's what I did today. I mean besides the morning, which is when I usually....shit...I need sleep.

Business cilent flirt her boss/coworker

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Secretary showing off her huge ass while no one around during work hours

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Employee girlfriend gets punished from boss for not deliver the paper or steal a coffee

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Bossy secretary impress and ready to spank ass of boss daughter/niece

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something BCC related please!

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Anything related to cheating, her name is aisha

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Not enough money to pay rent hast to pay land lord with her body.

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Rough sex

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For the last time, I am not sharing your Daddy with you! He's mine, alll mine! And fuck you have a nice ass!. Stay bent over! . I want to snack on you for a bit . Mmmmmmmmm..."

they make a bet if they can outplay the owner they get free guitars, if they lose they get fucked in the ass

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"I really appreciate this sir. I will do exactly what you say since I can't pay the rent. I will let you put cameras in my bedrooom and bathroom, and I will come here every night I am not working and be your personal slave. And I know you're going to fuck my ass right now. Go ahead. I'm yours."

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thank you!

Any caption about she is waiting in bed

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Thanks, could you add something about a footjob?

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>For the last time, I am not sharing your Daddy with you! He's mine, alll mine! And fuck you have a nice ass!. Stay bent over! . I want to snack on you for a bit . Mmmmmmmmm..."

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First person femsub Titjob

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"Wouldn't you like to bend me over right here? My husband doesn't understand my needs. I want to be pinned down and fucked hard. I want to be slapped into submission, my tits mauled, my thighs pushed open roughly, savagely dominating me,OhMmmm,,,I'm so wet now. I need a man to take me as conquest and own all my holes. Right here, right now! Tear my clothes off and use me! Oooh Fuck that feels good! Deeper baby! My husband isn't as big as you and if feels soooooo good! Oh, I've wanted this for so long. I think about being your slut, constantly. Call me a slut! Call me your slut!"

Her cheating on me with that guy

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I thought you'd write it next to the photo, thanks anyways!

I'm going back and forth, and some I had written from last night, so I just had to paste.

"I hope you don't mind that I let myself in. I thought this would let us get quickly to the point. You see I know you've been peeking in my windows next door and have been watching me. No, don't get upset. I'm here to tell you that I like it. Why do you think I keep my shades open. It makes me real horny to think of some man getting exited about my body. So....would you like to touch me...touch me all you want."

“See my cleavage? Look at that space between my succulent tatas. Do you know that I can make that place feel as good to your cock as my pussy or my mouth? You want me to give you a titjob don’t you. Hmmmmm…I bet you do! I’ll take off my top while you unzip and get out your cock. You’re not gonna want to miss this. I take this lube and massage my tits for you, getting them all lubed up to receive you. You like to see me play with myself, don’t you? Then I’ll move up and put your cock between them. Fell how silky smooth it is. Then I’ll take my tits in my hands and move them up and down on that hard cock. All the time looking into your eyes, showing you how much I desire you. After a while, when I get more excited, I’ll lean forward and push my chest into you. I’ll rise up and down, stroking you and brushing my nipples against you which makes me cream! I’ll probably give your cock a kiss now and then, since I love it so much. Then, you’ll spray my face and chest with your cum and I’ll know I’ve given you my best. Then you can make me wear it as a badge for the rest of the day or you can watch me lick your cum up. You want a titjob now? Let’s get started.”

"You keep missing that bridge! I'm gonna get fucked in ass because you lose fingering?!

"Oh, it's going to be me, the way you got the chord wrong in the first song?! And who made the bet in the first place? You!

"He's just really good. Let's hope he gives a good assfucking too. Let's get up, drop our pants and bend over!"

"Yep, time to pay the piper. I know this is what you wanted, and I don't really mind"

Fuck me, as you wish. Shove my soaking wet panties in my mouth, then cover my mouth and nose so I can’t breathe. Let the taste of how turned on I am from this linger in my mouth until you give in and let me breathe. Pull me around by my hair, keep me on my knees at all times. Shove my face to the ground and make me keep it there. Make me spread my ass and display myself to you. Write something I don’t know on it and make me guess. For every time I guess wrong, you add something else as punishment. You still have those chains, and a riding crop, right?

Pull me by my nipples, clip things on them, slap them, write on them, hang things on them. Tease me that they’re hard and begging for more, even when I feel I can’t take anymore.

Post-Hypnotic suggestion is not what I did to the channel 4 weather girl, but the result was the same. After using her the night before I had left a little urge in her mind, and while she was giving the forecast, she was rocking a dildo in and out of her dripping pussy.

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She has a good subby look to her.

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"This is the guy, the one, your replacement, my master. See, he has put a temporary collar on me while he works up mine in his leather shop. But I belong to him body and soul. I may come home to you now and then but I will always be his."

Y'know, I have no idea if most of you like these or should I redo them?

thanks mate

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My aunt please

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“I gotta be honest about this. I’ve never cum so hard in my life! I don’t know if it was the incest thing or the fact that you practically raped me, but the whole thing was amazing! I want to do it again! You come back to the room with me right now! My sister sure did something right when she had you.”