Who requested these?

I've made a shop for you

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Did this one but the other thread got archived!

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Hope you find it here instead! She's really hot

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I can take others requests as well if you want

Can you check out the link above? Nice work by the way.

Thanks man

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Can you try this one?

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My brother's gf if you can

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Thanks bruv

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Amazing, can you post original?

Can you try my college crush?

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Can you try this one? posted this on another thread but no attempts

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Mexican model Fiona, 19 yo and an if star.

Fake Ray if possible, thanks.

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Wow mono u r good, can you do this one plz?

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Here man!

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Here's the original! And thanks for the kind words!

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I will only do the girls I find interesting and pics that are easy to work with. So make sure you have good quality pics!

dude... did you attend photoshop university?

haha no just use ps on my spare time. Happy fapping!

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Could you try this one?

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Damn you do some good work user.

Any chance you can do a fakeray of this girl? I go to City college with her.

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Got any pic of her with better quality?


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These any better?

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Plz op

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her bikini is a bit weird to work with sry. Love her ass, fucking perfect

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Nudeshop or xray please?

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Omg I'm in love... Sadly though I'm starting to get tired and it shows on my shops lol, but she's fucking amazing! Got more of her??

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i'm the guy who requested this one; thank you Mono! great job!


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Okay nice that you found the thread! No prob man, she's a real beauty.

you liked it?

if u still have time could you do this please?

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Are you able to work with this?

yeah i'm glad i was able to find it, it just happened to be at the top of the catalog when i decided to pass through Jow Forums for a second haha

better version

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srry no. Won't have any more time and that pic is also a bit too blurry to work with, nice girl though

If I find her here on /r some other day I might do more for you. She's got a smokin' hot body and nice face. Wouldn't min banging that!


No more pics of this girl? Would really love to see more of her

love it! Any of the above interest you?