Face swap thread

Donor included

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That’s so good! Thank you user! If I provide one more can you please do another?

sure, shoot

Donor coming

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Okay, give me a sec

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So I was going to ask you to do one of the same girl but figured i’d Give this a try. I had someone make me this one earlier but it didn’t come out so great, I’m hoping you can give it a shot.

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This one was not as easy

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Holy shit that is amazing, Wow!

What I got

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With this

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A slightly better version on the picture

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I'm hitting the hay
[email protected] if you want to email me remaining requests

I’ll definitely be reaching out to you, thanks!

Donor on the way

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dude please do like a tutorial or something, i mean just record yourself doing one and post it on youtube or whatever

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