Be honest

Would you let him reside in the white ethnostate?

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hes white

All aspies will be welcome as honorary whites.

No, he's degenerate.

Snoop Dogg officially declared him white, so yes

I wouldn’t want to live in a nation that wouldn’t welcome the best artists and creators from around the world


As long as he keeps banging his own race it’s fine with me

no but he can visit


I’d make him the leader.

>race mixes
Lol no. Maybe he should stick to his own rather than making babies with an Armenian.

Yes. The "White Ethnostate + Kanye".

He's married to a a literal Caucasian.

be honest with yourself - would he want to?
they've been here long enough they've earned their own ethnostate
in mississippi

He would be too busy leading the black ethnostate

I'd let stacy in the ehtnostate

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Nope no way not happening.



Be honest people who believe in ethnostates are autistic.

no citizenship but can live there

what we need is a system that excludes non whites as much as possible. this is to encourage neo-colonialism where non white countries will beg us to govern them either with our own or vassal states where we choose the based leader.

Nope, allow him to run a black ethnostate in the Deep South.

its the wakanda of white people

The ethnostate will have a non residential economic zone (not even hotels). He may shop and perform there.

Anybody who says yes is a plebbit refugee

Why would a bigger who supported a Zionist be allowed in?

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Let’s call this black etnostate “New Wakanda”

No but based solely on the fact that he’s annoying as fuck


You glow

Stacy Dash maybe.

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he'd be rapin white women

Your point?
Because I'm sure I'm 100% correct

I would like America to have ethnostates for Islanders, Alaskan Natives, Whites, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, and Amerindians.
Their names are as follows:
Greater Hawaii
Federated Identitarian States
Federated States of New Wakanda
Falangist Republic of Puerto Rico
Federated Nations of Turtle Island

you could probably get elected running on a "ill rebuild wakanda" platform

Do you think Kanye is playing 4D chess? Check this out, I think it's bullshit.

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> Black man
> Allowed to reside in white ethnostate
OP, in addition to being a faggot, needs to refer to a dictionary.

Officially honorary white now that the black community has disowned him for telling them what they don't want to hear.

Yes I sure would.
In the post modern zoo.

You cannot judge someone for being Reddit tier while repping a memeflag you retarded hypocrite.

No. He's welcome to live peacefully among his own kind and try to help them to better themselves. But no exceptions can be allowed, or eventually we'll just end up back in the same multicultural hell that we have today

opinion discarded

We have room to bleach a very small portion of standout conservative blacks. We’ll throw them white girls and assimilate them.

I’d rather hang out with Kanye than some decadent social-signaling white guy with the purest “Aryan” genes.

Yes, but even the most redpilled blacks are going to want the best for blacks. That is just human nature. I would most certainly hang out with Kanye, but he’s not getting into the ethnostate.

Alaska Natives are a mistake. They should be allowed to devolve to their natural state while the intelligent races get the natural resources. This is more compassionate than their contrived existence.

As an ambassador. With a close eye on him.

That’s not true. We have room for a few. He represents such a tiny percentage of blacks.

I’m fine with an 85% white country which kept a few based blacks and mestizos who bucked the trend for their race. The overwhelming majority of minorities would be expelled of course on account of their politics.

Also, he only has slightly above average nigger intelligence. He's just capitalizing on how the normie right worships blacks that utter conservative talking points.

If they had the resources, they would get rich and it would benefit the entire union of ethnostates.


Dividing us by Race, Sex, Religion is STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PROTOCOLS

Nationalism is BASED
Closed Borders is BASED
Ethnostate is kikery. Literally ISRAEL is the only place doing this shit.

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Of course. He is literally /ourguy/

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>Shitposting against ethnostate.
Flag checks out

Why the fuck does Black Panther have an 7.8 imdb rating? It's easily the worst Marvel movie. Is it because people are forced to think everything black is supreme? Also fuck their whole globalisation propaganda, I'm sick and tired of this shit. No movies without degeneracy anymore.

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Unfortunately the standards will just get lower and lower for what we count as meritorious. So, no.

Indians lost the war and already have their own dependent sovereign ethno states. They can stay in their reservations we already made for them or use force to take their old land back. The sioux, Apache, etc. didn't allow the nations they conquered to have their own ethnostate, why should we?

That’s exactly what happend in old America. We had no immigration, then we set up Ellis Island with extreme quotas, then we relaxed those quotas, then 65 happened, then illegals came without regulation, and then 56% happened.

They would eventually outbreed us, and once again, whites would become a minority in the nation that they created. No exceptions, no matter how "based" they may appear.

She's very pretty.

10/10 would make quadroon babies with.

Yes but any robberies or murders would be blamed on him

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I live in Alaska. Everything you said is wrong. Giving anything to these people is just like Head Start. Billions a year and no lasting benefits. If you ban alcohol they drink scope. Ban scope and they make home brew from sugar, water and yeast. If they are homeless and cannot get by they steal things to huff.

At best you get high functioning alcoholic rapists.

Just keep everyone who voted for Trump. It would mean an overwhelmingly white country with a few standout blacks and Hispanics, and we’d be getting rid of all the white shitlibs in the process. Sounds fair to me.

Kanye already bleached himself with Miss Kardashian. I have no problem with a few Slashes, Stacy Dashes, and Vin Diesels around as long as they share my politics.

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please don't insult yeezus you stupid faggot

Because we are not conquering niggers, we are Aryans, it is our manifest destiny to lead all nations to the sun of national socialism. The era of conquest shall come to an end once we throw off our (((shackles))).

I'm a NatSoc and used to hate Kanye
But I just remembered he was the one who sang the song Heartless which bring back a shitload of memories from middle school.
And also I saw his TMZ interview when he was arguing with a fucking nigger from across the cubicles.
When he went up and offered him a hug, I was like, oh shit he is one of us ...
Can it be possible to be fucking transracial lads?
Can you be born in the wrong race?
I mean, yes I do want to live amonst my people, but what will happen to people like Kanye?
Maybe we can build a high tier small ethnostate within Africa for his kind of black people.

Honestly? If he successfully convinces 30-50% of the black population to be individualists who make as much of an effort to abandon tribalism as whites, I'll officially stop supporting an ethnostate or any so called racist ideas, full stop.

My worldview largely hinges on the fact that racial minorities in western countries votenl in iron clad blocs regardless of their own personal beliefs. I still, officially, don't think this is possible to buck this trend but I've actually heard a few blacks IRL talking about how much sense Kanye is making over the last week or so, so he honestly may be onto something here.

Libertarianism is my biggest goal. I came to the conclusion that only whites had the capacity to appreciate and support it, but I'm more than happy to be proven wrong.

What part of ethnostate do you not understand? Well let him stay in Europe.

guys we being raided by leafs.

prepare the rakes men!!!

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According to Reuters polling he's doubled black support for Trump in a single week.

22% of black men, and something like 17% of black people overall.

Well, we kinda tried that with Liberia. Just make give Kanye the deep south, call him chief of New Wakanda, and call it a day. Also send all the niggers there.

>Libertarianism is my biggest goal.

So you want us to continue doing the things that are killing us..

After seeing Jow Forums vehemently defend Kanye when he supported Trump, I realized we're not actual racists, but just against people who support Marxist ideology

He has to drop the Armenian thot and call Caitlyn a dude in a dress than maybe

Capitalism has created the problems we face. Nationalism or degeneracy.
Socialism or barbarism.
National Socialism or death.

>kim kardashian
Hfs lmfao

It's not so noticeable since they're all nogs, but Liberia quickly got enriched by the natives a la Rhodesia. The remaining Americans are a very small minority.

Still looks like a filthy nigger to me

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Ye can live wherever he wants

Kane West is white

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Can he get Maxine waters voted out or impeached? Then yes.

Jenner is a Republican and gender feminists absolutely loathe the fellow. The extended family is degenerate as fuck but they could redpill a ton of normies at the drop of a hat if they wanted to.

you still want white genocide fucking kike

o shit

yep, purely for all the butt hurt he is causing the establishment kike masters.

And my cat Adolph McKike Killer agrees!

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all of the niggers will get sent to Africa
blacks like him that have a lot of white blood, and lightskinned mixed blacks will be given an ethnostate.

Still has to call Bruce a dude he can do it in a friendly manner if he wants but I expect lots of “my man” “pops” and what’s up my brother

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Blacks in the U.S. have no connection to Africa, it would be like sending all whites back to Europe.

He looks southern af

Came here to post this. Aspies are white deep inside.

Kanye was born to upper middle class/lower upper class parents

he's pretty much a white kid who experienced the black dream. He's a weirdo because his life is an identity crisis. He just can't seem to fit in anywhere and when he does he alienates those around him, honestly him marrying into the Kardashians is as perfect as it gets for him, they're halfsies but they're a bunch of spoiled rich kids.

of course because I'm not a racist, and he is based

exactly. this.

we need to move beyond skin color too

No, all races prefer their own kind. It's science.

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This is All CONNECTED!!!
>the great awakening

Kanye is being hidden and ignored!!!
>I get it!!! Why give a shit?!

Well let me tell you and present you with an UNMONOTIZED raw data stream!!!!
>a true selfless patriot
the Mad Mardigan of the Infowarriors... Bellagio Sampler is guiding us by the hand through these dark times and Mass Happening events...
shows kanye's intentions
And Bellagio really gives a play by play Redpill by redpill Quick Rundown (((54 minutes)))

I highly reccomend these pills

You wont be disappointed and if you Are KYS it was free Redpills and THE ONLY INFOWARRIOR WHO DOESNT SHEKKEL BEG or profit!!!

>I Prophet


She's Armenian. What do you think he meant by "literal Caucasian"?

He coupd be the leader of the white ethnostate.

As long as he values the 14 words he can be part of an experimental Armenian breeding program.

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the ethnostate is such a blackpilled loser thought
This is OUR country there is ZERO reason anybody should give up our land just because shitskins are ruining it
The first step is to improve yourself and your life, and then eventually we can improve our communities and our country. I am not ceding land our forefathers fought to give us just to give it to those who hate us and would seek only to invade our "ethnostate" and destroy us

the risk of a race war is too much if they live close to us

>kekistani flag
>civic nationalism
checks out