Get a CS degree

>Get a CS degree
>Make 350k
It's not so hard Millennials

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I know this is bait, but LOL if you're expecting to make anywhere near 350k outside Silicon Valley with a CS degree.

computers are a meme. no future whatsoever

>not starting at $400k working at Google
Fucking pleb

petroleum engineering

>3 cylinder engine
>gague on crankshaft

All of my wut

do they really make that much? jusr with cs degree right out of college?

No, but you can get to 400k within 5 years

>get a math degree
>100k starting wage
>after 2 years 500k
it's actually easy

there could be some wierd fluid flow through a cavity in the shaft :?)

>Get a CS degree
>Find out there are 2.5 million poos with a CS degree also looking for work in the US

It is a meme. They make like 160k their first year and ~300k mid career. Keep in mind the majority of this income is in stock options and in one of the most expensive cities in the country. Also, about half of it will go to taxes and a shack in Silicon Valley costs $1,000,000

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>Paying taxes
Why work when you can get free money?

This, having -only- a CS degree is a meme in any first world country and I am friends with a lot of MS majors who can't do fuckall with their degree because every rasheed, rarjeet and pajette has one too.
The way to excel in CS is to have the degree and continue working on certifications that you can use to flex above everyone else. One good one to show you're not a brainlet is an A+ cert, maybe add .NET in there as well because not a lot of people have any experience in that subject.

>One good one to show you're not a brainlet is an A+ cert, maybe add .NET

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CS isn't my major so take it with a grain of salt.

>One good one to show you're not a brainlet is an A+ cert, maybe add .NET in there as well because not a lot of people have any experience in that subject.

Nigger if you think A+ gets you anything other than an on-call help desk spot you're fucking retarded. Sec+ is bare minimum and employers are expecting an AWS or Cloud Development experience if you want anything decent in terms of salary.

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>get a degree in data analysis
>stuck on my feet for 8 hours building computers
>friend get 76k a year without a degree

I want out.

>friend get 76k a year without a degree
Is your friend a prostitute, per chance?

Used to want to be a software engineer like my dad but he said it was glorified sweatshop work. Can anyone confirm?

You have to compete with third world labor

No, he's a man.

CS is going to die out in a few years, take Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering if you want to be safe.
It's an even worse meme degree than the ones from liberal arts.

>t. Raj trying to thin his competition

You can still take it in the ass if youre a man
What does he do?

He is right though, tons of poos are getting a CS degree

He's like a marketing representative or something.

If you re a top MIT graduate maybe.

Fuck off to jew lovers

Euw marketing...gross
Either way, good for him. Marketing is a cut-throat business and its SJW/jew infested. If youre a white man youre the equivalent of radioactive fallout

>Implying Jow Forums is anything other than crypto
Mate, go there yourself and see

He's Indian (not H1B though, been here for a few generaitons), so he's not as toxic. But yeah it just sucks. If I knew I was going to be stuck doing some of the worst jobs out there for minimal pay I would have just skipped college, at least then I could live the NEETlife for a few years. Or I would have, I dunno, talked to my professor or some shit.

If every single millennial in America got a computer science degree what would happen? Would they all make over $350k a year? Every single one of them? We don't need manual labor jobs? We don't need teachers, architects, etc.? Everyone should get a CS degree?

I don't know what this system is called but it's not sustainable

why are zoomers so gullible holy shit

Oh yeah, if he is indian he qualifies for the diversity quota so its ok

Yeah i feel you bro
I got a degree in finance/economics (not sure how it translates) but if i was given the option a few years back id have gone for engineering, math and statistics are profitable too so

It aint too late though my friend, you can always progress from your degree if youre willing to work for it
Data analysis is a wide field, right?

It is but it's all "3+ years experience, don't call us, we'll call you."

it's no use trying to convince them, they're all lazy retards who think everything should just be given to them without any hard work

M should be menstruating.

Then you need to get the experience

Sorry friend, i know it sucks major dong but you have to overcome somehow because there is no option to it.
Start your own company?

Dont know what an independent data analyst can make but it could give you exposure and experience you can put on your CV

I'm 32 and I have to take about 6 or so more classes till I am done. It seriously hasn't taught me shit I feel just as retarded as I was before

I just wish I could get experience in my field, but really all they're looking for is how much you're willing to brown-nose and tolerate some shit job.

>Don't get or get a CS degree
>Learn programming
>Have public repository/ projects
>Do a nice job
Job offers come at you.

CS degree is a meme most of the time.. it's mandatory for code monkeys. If you are a good programmer and if someone needs your skills to for the job you will get hired. If the project is big, you will need some guys with CS degree, just ask them to send their resume with the other hundreds.. and pay them 15$/h :)

You still don't get it?

So how about a trainee programme?
Got any friends who works with qualified work who can mentor you?

Im just spitballing ideas here and i know very little about your field but i do know that what it generally comes down to when youre looking/applying for a job is how much the interviewer likes you (granted ofc you got the degree and can preform the work)

Are there any special interest groups where you can network?

>Get a mathmatics degree
>Pass 2 shit easy exams
>make 100k to start

I might apply for some internships with Charles Schwab, since my brother recommended me, and it's clear they aren't considering me for the actual jobs.

Oh no I get it but I am just telling you

Stop talking about the path of the code monkey.
Talk about product owners and team leaders/ PM, that's how you get money without having to work for the top tech companies.

And if it's money that you want just outsource local projects to pajeets. Don't tell me you can't find a few that are decent code monkeys because it's just not true.

What does your brother do?


He's a broker of sorts for Schwab in Texas. Apparently the referral program allows me to be referred even to locations here in Arizona.

That is the big secret, user.

Doctors, engineers, computer fags, they are all just the same retards you see working at Wal Mart, but with a piece of paper. A certificate of employability.

Sure maybe they learned a few tricks, but they are still mongs just like the rest of us.

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Alright, looked into it and it seems to be a good place but like i said. idunno what your degree is about and the american job market

Expand your horizon my friend, there are plenty of ways to go and sometimes we must do less favorable things just to get ahead.

I know youve prolly thought about it but maybe specialize in a field of analysis?

If your friend is in marketing then maybe he can put in a good word for you in the sales analysis department of some firm? They have clients too so theres that to consider

How old are you user?

23, and not getting any younger.

Holy shit user, thats no fucking age.

I know life might seem bleak right now and you have a long way to go but have hope. Do your best and strive to improve, not just on paper but build social skills.

I think thats the most important thing most STEM people forget, you need social skills to progress in life and to feel happy.
I wish you the best of luck user

>look just get a shit degree and make 32 gorillion dollars right out of coallaage


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I already have good social skills for an autist, the problem is that I don't like getting obviously fucked with. And when I have a family history of heart disease and the average age of death is 76, 23 is basically 1/3rd dead.

We all get fucked with user, constantly. Thats life, its a struggle you have to deal with and i wish id have known that when i was 23.

Dont think about your life that way, its detrimental. Mental attitude impacts you more than you think.
Youve just become an adult, there is alot more you have to do and still can do
the US needs its young men to provide change, now more than ever

i love when 19 yr olds get on Jow Forums and give career advice. fresh out the guidance counselor's office with wisdom to share on how to become a quick, easily millionaire.

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No, average total comp for entry level software engineering is about $180k

This company is a joke though. It’s literally all women and Asians running everything and it’s impossible to get anything done.

The people here are in general not great engineers

Source: work at google

Logically it could only be a dial gauge measuring the runout on the crank end.

In reality it'll be a representation of a rev counter.

What I can't get over is the crank web imbalance that's been drawn.

You can in Seattle

Infact a lot of companies have the same or close to same TC for Bay Area and Seattle now. Seattle is the best place to be in tech for pay/cost of living ratio

It’s a waste to even get a degree. I’m a 6’4 chef at Wendy’s with a 9 inch dick and I make 140k a year

>>Get a CS degree

coding is a meme bugman job

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How does 1/pi even equal that?

>Doctors, engineers, computer fags, they are all just the same retards you see working at Wal Mart, but with a piece of paper. A certificate of employability.

THIS, especially doctors


Hahahahahahaha imagine being this retarted

Maybe, but coding significantly opens up your options for working at home and being your own boss.

ai and the computer itself will replace you in like 5 years, have fun with no job.

Use the correct image

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180k is a number so large I don't know what I'd do with the money. It's unreal to me. I got out of the military making $32,000 / year and I felt like I was rich. I'm half way through my CS degree now. If I can manage to get a job for $60,000 I feel like I'll have 'made it'. I did fail a discrete math class and I got a little scared. So far everything is pretty straight forward, and the people in my classes have been friendly and nice people. I'm so happy about this career change. CompSci seems great.

I'm making that in Austin on my 2nd job (started in the bay area tbf)

>>Get a CS degree
College is a fucking Jewish scam. I dropped out after my first year and got an internship where I worked 20 hours a week and got paid for it. Now I have a full-time salaried position and am making $120k/year
Fuck universities, and fuck their scams

>Seattle is the best place to be in tech for pay/cost of living ratio
Which isn't saying much... I know for a fact Microsoft starts at ~100k. Add in your 50% tax rate and the fact that anywhere that is not a shithole in Seattle costs a million+.

Actuarial exams are not easy

Washington State doesn't have income tax. I live in Redmond and less than 25% of my wages are taken away due to taxes

120 is chump change

Nostalgia ahead

Doesn't the M stand for medical? In which case tons of women work as doctors and nurses

I've taken 4 in the past year and a half, they've all been pretty easy as far as I'm concerned

Maybe with a PhD lol

get a math degree and be an actuary seeing 120k after just 2 exams.

Math PhD master race here.
Have fun chasing your shekels goyim

no its mathematics

Maybe if you're a retard

Too bad they only let you into stem programs if you're a woman. I don't even blame Google for hiring poos.

Meh, its not as simple as that but yeah actuary is a very lucrative career. I just got a 6 month internship starting in January that pays $30/hr with full benefits. Hopefully, it turns into a permanent position.

He's right though.

You’re a nigger if you’re not working through a Cisco track towards CCIE level cert.

All this shit relies on electricity and someday the lights will go out.

You have to be retarded to not get into a decent stem program regardless of race

CPAfag here. Easily most based and redpilled profession with miminal impact from women and minorities like (((STEM)))

Nobody said anything about race nigger.

For a 19-year old with

>Imagine actually believing this

See if the average retard from Walmart knows dick about basic physiology, process control, circuits, or even how to work a fuckign excel spreadsheet.

>implying CS degree = making money

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>get math degree
>work for 30k/year as a substitute teacher in elementary school

Software Development is good for young people... But as you grow older it sucks more and more :

> Technology changes rapidly and your experience becomes irrelevant over time
> if you are 50+ yrs old -- Good luck finding a job.
> You are constantly challenged by and have to compete with young energetic programmers who know new tech much better then you are.

this guy gets it

if everyone studied stem. stem degrees would become worthless.