Are you a proud Finn?

Are you a proud Finn?

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Has the Finnish language been designed to be hostile to all outsiders?

If you've never slept in a Korsu you're pretty much useless.


Suck your foreskin jew.


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why even ask

>Are you a proud Finn?
No, I am not.

Self-hating Finn.
Many such cases. Very autism.

Dum Binland.

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Resbect muh bersonal sbace.

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I'm not even Finn to begin with. I may have some Finnic roots but seriously? Fuck Finns. I know Finns too well to know they're disgusting people. There's a shitton of Finns in Saint-Petersburg.

Finns don't even trust each other.

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Saint Petersburg was built by finns faggot

it is our rightful land, get out

america is rightful finnish clay

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>Saint Petersburg was built by finns faggot
Oh that sweet Finnic autism. The whole world was built by Finns.
>when you don't have your own history, you begin to appropriate someone else's.

Peter the great? Finnish
Alexander I? Finnish
Ivan the terrible? Finnish

the reason Nikolai II wanted to erase Finland is because he knew the true history of his empire and wanted to erase the evidence

>Finnish Maoist
Don't click open this video, you're giving views to a 21 year old bipolar faggot who turned from a nationalist to a fucking commie during his military service and has claimed that he's "educated socialist his entire life" right after deleting all of his anti-communist and nationalist songs from Finland, Japan, China etc

Fuck that dude

>Peter the great? Finnish
>Alexander I? Finnish
>Ivan the terrible? Finnish
>Nikolai II wanted to erase Finland
Is this what your nationalist facebook publics are teaching you? I mean I know how fucked up you are, but Jesus how that's run deep.

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Russian vodkagoblins aren't educated enough to know we lived there for thousands of years and Russians are very new arrivals

Literally every important person in history was finnish


all were finnish or controlled by the "suurit-pojat"

the jews are a finnish invention that exist only to mislead the masses, preventing people from finding out who truly runs the world

All land west of the Urals, north of Moscow and east of Stockholm is rightfully finnish

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How did your empire didnt survive the hyperwar then?
Check mate pekka


Come on now

Fuck yeah I am

Need of Suojeluskunta starts to be critical :DDD

This desu. The only somewhat livable city in Russia is Finnish.

finns birthed the european race

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>Finlands hero
>A Swede
Come on Pekka.

The toilet is still clogged. What are you waiting for, Mateusz?

Comfy as fuck.

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Yes I am a proud fin in my country where I am which is finland

Mannerheim had 50% German bloodlines. I think it would be pretty cuck for Swedes to say German sperm makes Swedes so they probably want to avoid association with him.

How can there be Finns in Petersburg when the situation with muggings and scams got so bad all the travel agencies decided fuck this place.

Not finn and finns are inferior to my people

You're saying this to someone who actually lives in Poland? Lel
Don't be mad Pekka, I know the truth can be somewhat painful.

Keep sending Estonian pussy our way

Your mother is whore.

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You are proving my point. He was half German and half Swede and no Finn yet he is literally the only one you can be somewhat proud of in your little pseudo-nation.

Rurik was a Finn, but weren't his descendants Russians after being there for hundreds of years?

I allowed you to take Friday off so you could have have an extended weekend in your homeland, it's not like you live there. You'd better remember to show up right on time at 8 am on Monday.

I'm your father.

What are you talking about? He was a career collaborator with the Russians in a time when Finns hated Russification and later on refused to win WW2
We Finns don't like him nor did he do anything at all in his entire lifetime except suck Russian cock

Nice mental gymnastics Pekka. Now go back and pretend that your country actually has some relevance. Lel


Full stop

Lol look under whos my pc desk , your mother fucking kid. Sucking my big Estonian cock

Tell that to the million of Finns who worships his balls.

Remember, 8 am sharp. Otherwise your sister has to compensate for the loss of work time.

Checks out

>a 21 year old bipolar faggot who turned from a nationalist to a fucking commie during his military service
Got any extra information on that?

Most people don't know anything about history

Ye fucking your mother checking out

Last time I was in Finland it was full of Somalis.
What happened?

What the fuck are you talking about? "suurit-pojat" isn't even a word. Guess you're just a nigger who even can't speak finnish posing as a finn.

And yes, the people are good and I'm proud to be a Finn.

The government and media are corrupt as fuck these days though. Should be hanged for treason.

youre controlled by big sons

it's not about trust. It is about personal space.

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He made a post in June 2017 that his service begins soon and he won't be able to post as often as before
Between late-summer and late-autumn he deleted his old videos and began posting communist videos

I just two and two together

Hahahahaha what the actual fuck

Is it always like that?

they are anti social

Well, then youre weak and lost your land.

Pretty retarded if you ask me, but let them be

You were owned by TURKS for 500 years

Estonians are too but not too hard they are rlly autist man trust me .

It's unfortunate that (((they))) are trying to kill this wonderful culture. I live in Helsinki and often some random brainwashed women try to smalltalk me when we're standing alone on a bus/tram stop, sometimes even asking highly personal stuff, like contact info. That kind of behaviour should be a criminal offence.

? what are they talking

contact info because they want your dick

based fuck finns

Well some parts of its long history and language makes me proud. And most of Finnish people are the best there is. But am I proud of Finland’s current state? Not at all. I don’t like how Finland (cucked politicians) is always bending its knee to westerners (like it is now). People are too damn slow and stuck in their own little bubbles.

300 something finn bro lol, but atleast we hide in mountaints and now have 0 turkish blood unlike you from your occupations lol.

you hide in mountains because of the genocide little scared rats

I understand personal space thing but from those pictures it just looks retarded

Even if it was just hiding better that then getting raped retard. Although we fought like you never was and probably never will.

its been almost 20 years since the war. it rlly scared you if youre still hiding ahaha

I am a proud Finn and I wait for the day the traitors in the government find their rightful places atop stakes along with their pet minorities.

Vaikea sanoa. Suomessa on paljon hyvää ja pahaa.

Sounds horrible. At least I'm fortunate enough to not live in that shithole.

Back to cuck shed svensson.

>are themselves an asiatic race

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What are you talking about dumb gypsy? Finland-Swedes are 4.5% of the population and they are only half Swedish so Finland has 2.25% Swedish DNA from 500 years

>he doesn't know about the suuret-pojat

Truly if not for us finns would all be dissolved in the mass of indoeuropean peopls
They should be thanksful we restored their language, their culture, their statehood from swedish racial sciences, gave them independance of the level not a lot of actual separate countries had at the time, this is not to say 1000+ years ago our early slavic settlers intermingled with stone-age hunter-gatherer finnish tribes but instead of genociding them as natives in murka gave them culture like banya which they now call sauna, agriculture, log houses and other middle-age tech unheard of before in the russian forests
Yet instead they now have the most disdain for us while the people who threatened them the most and who though of them as niggers(swedes) they worship and learn their language at schools despite having nothing in return for this
Truly this world does not deserve our benevolence, nuking people seems to make the best friends of them

Is it true that Finns spend all their time alone in their homes cranking out memes? Are most Finns autismo?

on the inside, we all are

Hahahahaha check gypsy population in bosnia. I wasnt talking about swedish occupations you mongol idiot.


Finland stronk.


>not knowing finnish

Finns are pretty based ngl but I would stay away because they're not Finno-Ugric.

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Are you a Finnish Jew or something? I'm really interested in knowing what the pic says

I have theory..

Social interaction
Amygdala volume correlates positively with both the size (the number of contacts a person has) and the complexity (the number of different groups to which a person belongs) of social networks.[60][61] Individuals with larger amygdalae had larger and more complex social networks. They were also better able to make accurate social judgments about other persons' faces.[62] The amygdala's role in the analysis of social situations stems specifically from its ability to identify and process changes in facial features. It does not, however, process the direction of the gaze of the person being perceived.[63][64]

>The amygdala is also thought to be a determinant of the level of a person's emotional intelligence. It is particularly hypothesized that larger amygdala allow for greater emotional intelligence, enabling greater societal integration and cooperation with others.[65] The amygdala processes reactions to violations concerning personal space. These reactions are absent in persons in whom the amygdala is damaged bilaterally.[66] Furthermore, the amygdala is found to be activated in fMRI when people observe that others are physically close to them, such as when a person being scanned knows that an experimenter is standing immediately next to the scanner, versus standing at a distance.[66]

>This explains our Autism, we run most things through Neocortex.
>You know those meme's about Finns staying at least mile from others? That is because our Amygdala's are so damaged by isolation.
>That's why we seem so cold & awkward people even tho it does not feel like that for us.

And this is bound to our culture, our culture is making us autistic, isolated & damaging our Amygdala!

And no wonder we are so drawn to this place Forums

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Ei vitussa. Täynnä ryssiä.

I've heard that over socialisation cases the amygdala to become larger. Here is something I found online;
>Threat causes the hippocampus to signal the amygdala, which activates the HPA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal) axis initiating the stress response.
Leftists are driven into a state of constant anxiety by the media (literally shaking right now), and are perpetually in a state of stress and worry.