How do I leave the toxic thought of incels, r9k, racism, anti-islam, the redpill etc?

How do I leave the toxic thought of incels, r9k, racism, anti-islam, the redpill etc?

Ive been apart of all these hate subreddits and websites for so long. Ive been on Jow Forums since I was around 13, I started browsing r/theredpill when I was 17-18 and I’ve also been hooked on racist subreddits like r/coontown for years.

I just want to let all the hate go, I just feel like its eating me up inside and ive become such a bitter and twisted person.

I dont browse these sites anymore except for Jow Forums where I try to stick to more open minded boards such as Jow Forums, /fa/, /ck/, etc. and avoid r9k and pol like the plague. The problem is I feel like its not enough and that this terrible way of thinking is part of the way I think. For example today I saw a kind of unnatractive white guy holding hands with an asian girl and I just thought to myself “what a stupid slut probably one of those whores who fucks a different white guy every month to feel alive” I just hate that I had that thought but I couldnt stop it. I feel like a lot of the stuff you read on these so called “redpilled” sites makes sense, or at least in your mind you can rationalize it to make sense and after you “take the redpill” it becomes impossible to forget the information you learned even if its hateful, twisted, and probably untrue. Its like once your older sibling tells you Santa isnt real you can never go back to believing that he is.

I just want to let it all go and try and become a happier and more normal person but how can I change the way I think?

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Dude I'm so glad to hear you say this. Happy for you! You will release it, I believe in you man!

Don't forget, you're here forever.

How, though? Understand that we all have these "ticks" in our minds where we think "lies" towards other people. But acting upon that tick and not is what seperates. Over time you will find that your misgivings were infact misgivings and the ticks will get more and more silent.

>Ive been on Jow Forums since I was around 13
You're doomed, my nigger...

>anti Islam
>a bad thing

Yeah they werent lying. I still love this website and it feels like a second home to me. Ive met people on here who are for the most part normal and balanced which makes me wonder where ive gone wrong

Thanks user

I'm a female who browsed those boards for years, since probably 13 or so. It warped my view of the world sincerely.
Stopping browsing is the first step, so you're on the right track. The next is correct destructive and mean thought patterns. I remember phrases, when I think mean racist or sexist things like "practice compassion." The dhali lama (maybe spelled wrong) has some fantastic quotes out about compassion. Look at your fellow human and realize that there is so much to them that you can't see. Even the real, fill fledged whore. The literal prostitute who sells her body for heroin. Practice compassion. She is probably so fucking sad, and so broken, and just trying to not kill herself. She was probably abused growing up, whether repeatedly, or just a few times, sexually. Practice. Compassion. Feel angry at the slow and loud black man walking in front of you? Maybe he's exhausted and was taught that loud = masculine, and that's what he knows, especially when feeling threatened.
The next? Serious soul searching. Maybe your mom didn't verbally abuse you, or anything like that. But maybe instead she lashed out when she caught you masturbating. Mumbled "disgusting". Or maybe she paid you zero attention. Or maybe fellow classmates were fucking horrible to you. Basically practice compassion to yourself, and figure out why you feel this way.

It’s not enough to stop going on those sites. Actually challenge your way of thinking. Learn what other viewpoints have to say. Read arguments against redpill stuff.

This brings up a big issue for me, I cant tell what is real and what is something wrong that my twisted mind has convinced me is true. i want to be able to look at something objectively and make a conclusion. Obviously everyone has their own bias and worldview that forms their opinion but I feel like mine is very messed up. I think Islam is dangerous in my mind and that other people more well-adjusted than me can draw the same conclusions

>Probably untrue

Yet your real life keep prove you than, aside the cringy behavor of the aderents, there is some truth in the ideas you want to repel

If your mind know something is true, you will not be able to reject it. I would suggest to accomodate to a solution in the mid point: keep a lighter version of the redpill, the minimum your mind can live with, and reject everything else. Return to the bluepill is almost impossible

Resist, bro. Resist! You've been living with some fucking dark energies for a long time and it's not gonne be so easy to dispel those demons of yours but with TIME, which is a great tool and gift btw, you will be able to.

>ive become such a bitter and twisted person
I'm just glad you posted the fedora pic for me. Casual racism and sexism is not "twisted" you fucking 12 year old baby boy. Nobody fucking cares that the most carefree part of your life was on cringe college. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it, loser.

I did that and I just became a Nazbol

So do it again dummy

I’m not a casual racist I genuinely feel disgust when seeing a black person and seeing a black man with a white girl fills me with rage. You clearly have no idea how bad people here can be so why dont you take your generic dad advice over to reddit

Thanks ill try this

Unlike you I'm not a blind soft as putty retard who lets clowns on the internet influence my every thought. You need to log the fuck out of life you brainslurped dipshit. Hurr durr I get mad when I see a nigger. Your 'rage' must be some real pussy white boy shit considering you haven't shot up a school yet, which other people on this VERY website have. You're such a bad boy, user. Must've gone out of style considering you're a permavirg.

It takes time and practice.

Oooh, what an edgy villain you are ;)

Now you know how you look

>le college is bas meme
>le build a bridge meme
>muh real man pussy shit
You’re cringy as hell and not interested in helping the slightest so why are you even on this board

Thanks user, you made me feel a little better tonight since at least I’m not hateful enough to type shit like this out to strangers on the internet :)

Why, to be an edgelord of course. Once he is the lord of all the edges, he can finally move on to bigger things in life, like... biting cacti and hissing at the sun.

Absolutely SHOOKen.
Case closed, my work is done here.

Points to what people have said. Drops the mic. Creative genious, truly. (secretly he just ran out of ways to say fuck you)

I found Jow Forums around age 13 too. I was lucky; I did have blindspots, but I usually saw through the wasted energy people put into hate, anger, perversion of just plain deception and manipulation. I was used to toxic environments already, so it was easy to say "hey, there's neat stuff here, buried waist-deep in bullshit! Good thing I know how to handle bullshit so well."

Not wanting to be think like those shitheads is a good first step. You're right that it's hard to unlearn. You already let it become a part of your thought processes. They're intrusive thoughts, they come without you willing it, and won't go just because you want them to.

So you need to think against those thoughts. Prove them wrong if you can. That helps. But just thinking to yourself that the truth is something different works to. It takes time, but if you make yourself repeatedly and deliberately disagree with those toxic thoughts, and think something else that you can believe in, that helps a lot.
You're basically giving yourself a targeted alternative to all the bullshit you learned from r9k/etc., and making sure every time you think like that, the better alternative comes up too. Actively remind yourself the bad one is wrong, and give yourself reasons to believe the alternative.

This might not help you user, but here it goes.
Well, I also found out about Jow Forums in a very young age, poisoned my mind and ended up as a shut-in foreveralone incel with literally no social interaction outside Jow Forums.
I always thought all the incel and Jow Forums crap were exaggerations. Funposting is fun, but exaggerations about women, minorities etc etc.
I started turning my life around recently, losing weight, starting college, getting my license, etc.
And all these shitty, toxic things I thought were exaggerations? Almost all true.
I always thought 'Jow Forums is exaggerating/', 'Jow Forums is spouting BS,' but when I got out there, I saw that Jow Forums was fucking right and Jow Forums isn't that unjustified after all.

Thats the most outrageous BS I've read in some time. Either you are lying or the most gullible person alive.

How about starting to think for yourself instead of taking everything written by web trolls as gospel?

How am i gulible if i thought most of Jow Forums and Jow Forums shit was bs before i saw for myself?

As I said, you can be lying. Second, your perception does not mean truth in any sense. You could be a raving lunatic for all I know and see the world in a severely skewed way. What you see as truth and what is truth ARE in fact two different things.

What's so good about Islam? Do I need to remind you that in Islamic countries homosexuals are hanged? That Muslims have never apologised for 9/11 and they actually think Americans deserved it? Look for a Muslim that actually spoke against Islamic terrorism... they never really do. All they do is say "we are not terrorists" but they never actually speak against terrorists.
Islam is also extremely mysoginistic. In some Islamic regimes women are not allowed to study the same as men do, so that they can more easily be oppressed.
If you believe Islam is a good thing you are probably going to remain stuck in the "incel" and "r9k" mentality and thinking about women as objects you have to own.

I hope you idiots are just larping and haven't actually got "indoctrinated" by something some random troll wrote somewhere. In any case it's not the website's fault if the userbase is not intelligent enough to think for its own.

This. Islam is cancer.

1/10 made me sage

Go outside and realize 99% of the shit posted on this site is blatant lies

>when you're so weak minded that you get brainwashed even when you openly state you're not falling for brainwashing

Name some things that are posted on this site that are lies and post some proof that they are not lies.
Many things that trigger you retards are actually true. Yes I do go outside, meet people and have friends.

I think people who fall for this shit are weak minded honestly. I’ve been coming on Jow Forums since I was 14, I’m 29 now. I knew it was full of autistic retards then and I still know it. I come here to laugh at how deranged some people are, never once crossed my mind to start thinking like them. Why would you want to? They’re all so miserable.

Nice fallacy. If a miserable person tells you 2+2=4 I guess it's time to start denying math too.

Whatever helps you cope. Loser.

I can tell you are insecure.

But are they miserable because 2+2=4?

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Read about projection, then read about political solidarity.

Well, I'm certainly miserable. I just go to Jow Forums to confirm my biases.

>be hikkineet for 6 years
>go to college finally
>all the girls are literally orbiting Chad
>the fat lonely kid in the corner looking hatefully at the others
>girls in class talking only about 'Chad is mine, im telling you!' stfu bitch im trying to listen to the lecture
>literally impossible to fit in with any group because they're all tight knit already, even though it's been a month
>normies only talk about sportball, nothing else, ever
At least most people actively make fun of SJWisms and actually roasted a lecturer when she tried to present something as racist.
But other than that, Jow Forums was pretty fucking spot on desu.

That's true about SJWs, Idk why Jow Forums pretends normies are SJW when in reality normies have that "why should I care mentality" and actually hate SJWs. Normies are more traditionally homophobic and sometimes racist.

I'm confident you're trolling or seriously mentally ill.
I'm aware of the issues of racial conflict and stats on interracial violence. I left Jow Forums for TRS long ago and continue to accumulate "redpills". It has no effect on my interactions with black people at work, church or recreation.
a religion about world conquest, but more importantly practiced by shitty people as an excuse to prey upon others

so THIS is the power of the alt right? bwahahahajajajajajahhahahahahahah

This is such BS. I'm 28 years old in uni and I was able to fit in just fine. Sure, I don't go to frat parties because I feel out of place there, but I'm living it up in the local bar scene. There are some good points to redpill shit, but that story is delusion, rose-colored glasses, whatever the fuck you call it.

Identifying the issue is the first and best step to solving it. Go for a walk, listen to music you like, and chat with older people they have stuff to say. Eventually you will learn that r9k extremism is childish and eventually you'll get a gf.

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Duh, that's because you are a normie.

Ok. Bye, enjoy your lies.

Genuinely cringe thread no matter the intent.

>Name some things that are posted on this site that are lies and post some proof that they are not lies.
Why should I even bother? Its clear from your post you're not interested in seeking the truth, you're just interested in proving me wrong.
I'm not asking you retards to give up your ideals and join a cult, it's literally as easy as going outside and seeing how people interact in real life

You leave it by leaving your room
Seriously. I've been here since I was 13 or 14 as well, Jow Forums mainly. I still believe in that stuff, since it is factual and you can't not believe facts.
The thoughts of incels and Jow Forums are wrong, but the underlying cause is correct. They just blame women instead of realizing that men control the world and always have. Some women (not all, or even many) act like whores because it's what they think men want. If malethots stopped and the culture shifted back to being more conservative, women would follow -- because they are natural followers.
I have this same issue, but it's actually a blessing. You, I, and others like us are constantly challenging our worldviews. Use that to your advantage. Sometimes I go on Jow Forums and argue for things I actually believe in, and then in my head I'll argue against them. Other times I'll argue against my own beliefs on Jow Forums for sport.
This isn't an issue or a negative unless you make it one.

Also, you're probably just socially awkward. I want to live in a white America, sure, and I understand that blacks generally have lower IQs, yes. But I still treat blacks like humans and don't chimp out (ironic) around them. Same with women.
Turn your anger into self betterment.

Glad to see you trying to move closer to the light, OP. As other anons have sugested, actually engage in other peoples arguments. Look up youtubers like contrapoints, Shaun, Three Arrows, and Destiny. Don't take their word as gospel either, I don't fully agree with any of them, but expose yourself to what actual evidence looks like. Not meme graphs with no sources, actual studies made by neutral parties and not Christian think tanks.
Also, when the intrusive thoughts come in, actually force yourself to think what evidence do you have to justify all of those asumptions. You will find that more often than not you are just proyecting fictional stories you heard on Jow Forums on random people, as if they were characters.

Good luck OP.

Name a flaw with the Nazi's economic or political policies.

They made the jews into victims. Now they are even more powerfull.

I think i read somewhere that eastern religions think of kindness as necessary as water. Kindness is like water and bhuddism is like tea. You don’t need tea to live but definitely water. Gratz on being a kind person, this world needs more of that and less assholes with pain in their heartts and mind for sure.

You made it out the Jow Forums maze! Congratulations!

Now put your energy on things that bring you happiness.

islam is a backwards religion which's followers abuse the freedom of the western world to spread their retarded ideas

there is a decent person here?

Wow, good to see.

You were just biased by all the propaganda you read, so you were more likely to interpret all of your social interactions in those terms.
You were probably socially inept and misreading social interactions too, as is often the case with people that pedal this kind of shit. And it's useless trying to argue with you, because you will never acept that maybe you jumped to conclusions. Like it's imposible to convince an incel how ridicoulous it is to think that women don't want to date him because of the size of his wrists.

>What's so good about Islam?
Very little is good about Islam, like with most religions, but your comment is so retarded I needed to respond to it. Islam is shit, but you are a retard.

>Do I need to remind you that in Islamic countries homosexuals are hanged?
Like it happens in any country that has christianity in their goverment too. We are better because of secularism, not because christianity is so against killing gays.

>That Muslims have never apologised for 9/11 and they actually think Americans deserved it?
Are you retarded? How on earth would an entire religions apologise? When was the last time christians apologized for anything made in their religions name?

>Look for a Muslim that actually spoke against Islamic terrorism... they never really do. All they do is say "we are not terrorists" but they never actually speak against terrorists.
Completly false, I've seen entire mosques speak agains terrorism and stand in solidarity of the victims, saying that there are individual muslims that condem terrorism goes without saying. Have you ever looked it up? Or are just taking a right wing nutjob at their word for it?

>Islam is also extremely mysoginistic
Just like Christianity

>. In some Islamic regimes women are not allowed to study the same as men do, so that they can more easily be oppressed.
Just like Christianity did less than a 100 years ago.

OP’s just a naturally kind person, so much so that he instinctively knows that incel/pol talk is something that doesn’t fit his person. Such a person is very valuable in a way that can’t be measured in worldy currency.

What I do is I find another outlet for my stress and anger. I try to workout or maybe practice guitar and it helps a lot. I used to be very into r9k and pol but I had a reality check when I was looking at myself in the mirror at 21. Got my shit together and haven't been on those boards since.

I'm jealous. I finally stopped being a shut-in neet and went back to college, but it's making me feel even worse and much more hatefull.
How did you find the willpower to hit the gym?

Regardless of if they did it or not, blaming a nation's failings on a specific ethnic group is retarded. Only autistic racists think ethnic groups are so homogeneous in belief and organization that they can intentionally sabotage nations.

>Regardless of if they did it or not,
Regardless of if they committed genocide or not is what I meant to say

Still waiting for that flaw. Take out the holocaust and there is nothing.

I'm not sure how you stop hating women and other races without hating Islam. That "does" sound like quite the problem.

Hope you find a solution, op. Maybe you should try endless whataboutisms and apologetics for an iron age war monger that masqueraded as a prophet.

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I was on Jow Forums since about 13-14 too. I'm 24 now and I truly pity people who hold those beliefs.

I think it all comes down to entitlement and generalisations. Don't act like or be fooled into thinking that the world owes you anything. Be grateful for what you have, and work for what you want. How other people carry themselves does not concern you.

And generalisations. Any time that you believe in stereotypes of any kind, you're allowing yourself to be biased before you even meet a person. Let go of that and learn about the nuances of each person you meet. Everyone is different regardless of their background.

Other than that just focus on being a decent person and look after your mental health. If you truly feel like you can't let go of these negative thoughts on your own, seek professional help.

You're shitposting, we get it

its succes hinged entirely on a massive unprecedented military industrial complex and a perpetual state of war to keep going even though attempting as much proved to the world that this was an impossible feat that left the population of Europe literally decimated and the continent destroyed

This is why underage retards get banned. Stay the fuck off Jow Forums if you're a stupid underage kid. You don't belong here.

I started Jow Forums when I was 12 and it became an hours-a-day thing, stopped using it maybe around 18 but occasionally revisited it here and there (long spaces between unplanned visits) over the years (almost 23 now). Funny that we talk about Jow Forums like it's a drug... and it kind of is.

Any way, probably good to just leave it. The reason I stopped was because, like you, I realized there's a crapload of toxicity. Even on the "good" boards.

If you want to change inside, it's helpful to change the "outside" as well. Where you go, who you hang with, what you look at, what you listen to... these all have effects and so you should really weed out the stuff that feed the bad qualities within yourself. Starve the bad stuff, feed the good stuff.

Over the past 5 years I spent about one total at a Buddhist monastery (not as a monk) and so I would say that living in some sort of wholesome communal setting would be super beneficial. I think the monastery (Abhayagiri in California) is the epitome of the ideal community without the creepy-cult or blindly-faithful qualities people tend to associate with religious communities and so I would recommend visiting, but I'm biased. Point is that while I was there I got to meet with people that I could look up to and learn from.

Without a doubt it changed the way I think, and in fact I learned how to not think and just feel things and see things instead. Naturally as you age your thinking changes, but your thinking can go all over the place (think right-wing to left-wing); the monastery made my thinking just stop and settle down right in the center (i.e. with meditation). I remember there was a point where my mind became less inclined to label things and more inclined to just take it all in and let things speak for themselves, and it was incredibly refreshing. That really helps when it comes to relationships.

Pic related, me on left.

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>reddit this
>subreddit that
maybe you should go and ask your pals on reddit?

>endless whataboutisms and apologetics for an iron age war monger that masqueraded as a prophet.
Are you talking about the Dalái Lama?