My wife and I have admittedly had very vanilla sex throughout our 3 year marriage...

My wife and I have admittedly had very vanilla sex throughout our 3 year marriage. We had our first kid a year ago and it seriously slowed down our sex life. However, a little under a month ago she approached me about “trying new things”. She has been hanging out with a group of moms in our neighborhood and one of them told her that she and her husband tried pegging and it completely transformed their marriage. My wife told me that she wanted to try pegging as well to “spice things up”. At first I thought it was a joke, but soon realized she actually wanted to peg me. I had never done assplay before and had always lived by the philosophy that the anus is solely an exit, but my wife made it clear that this was important to her so after a few days I obliged.

That next weekend, she pegged me and everything was surprisingly enjoyable. Additionally, the week following the pegging was one of the best weeks we’ve had together since the birth of our child. We were back to our old sex life, doing things like having sex before work and even waking each other up with head. However, that next weekend she told me she wanted to peg me again. I was slightly confused as to why this last week of sex wasn’t cutting it for her, but I agreed.

This is when things took an extreme turn. During this second pegging while my wife was inside of me, she grabbed my hair, craned my neck to the right, and pressed our foreheads together. I had never seen her take control like this and thought it was very hot until she looked me in the eye and whispered “I want your shit”. I pulled my face away and asked her to repeat and she said “I want you to shit on me”. I pushed her off of me and asked her if she was joking and she started crying. I felt like a dick because she thought I was shaming her. In a way, I was because I thought the request was far too extreme. I ended up leaving for the night and stayed with one of my close friends, but didn’t tell him what happened.


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>she pegged me
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After that incident, my wife and I hardly talked all week unless it related to our son. At the end of the week, I asked my wife to talk about what happened. She told me again that she wanted me to shit on her and that it meant a lot to her. I thought it was sickening, but she claimed this was her deepest, darkest kink. I couldn’t understand how and why my shit excited her, but she insisted that she has always wanted this.

We fought about this for about a week and after watching some scat porn and reading articles by people who also shared this kink, I tried to put myself in my wife’s shoes. I told her that I will shit on her if that is what will turn her on. She was so happy and even though I was still completely nauseated by this desire, I wanted to satisfy her.

That brings us to tonight. We were having sex for the first time this week when I (regrettably) confessed to her that I had to take a shit. She perked up with a smile, sensed my discomfort, and began stroking my hair and whispering encouraging things to me. I still really didn’t want to go through with it, but since I had promised her I pulled out and we ran to the bathroom.

She got into the bathtub and I hung my ass over the side of the tub. I started pushing, but unsurprisingly found it very difficult to successfully shit on my wife. I turned my head around to see my wife staring up and smiling at me waiting for me to finish. With enough time, I was finally able to get a turd to start coming out. I could hear my wife breathing heavier beneath me as my asshole started opening. However, before the turd was able to drop on her chest, I felt a sensation around my asshole.

I turned around and saw my wife - the love of my life, the mother of my son - attempting to catch my turd in her mouth as it fell out of my asshole. I was horrified that she would try to do this, and tried to pull the shit back into my body so she couldn’t receive it in her mouth.


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As I clenched my buttcheeks together to try to stop the shit from reaching my wife, the clenching cut off a very small piece of my shit and I heard it land somewhere beneath me. I was too scared and disgusted to look at my wife to see what she had done with it, so I ran to the other bathroom to clean myself. As I was sitting in the other bathroom thinking about how I will ever be able to look my wife in the eye again, I heard footsteps approaching. My wife lightly knocked on the door. I didn’t respond and was on the verge of throwing up the more I thought about what just happened. She walked away and then I got a text from her thanking me for fulfilling her wish and asking me to come to bed.

I’ve been sitting in the living room typing this for the last half hour scared to face my wife. We have plans to take our son to the zoo with another family tomorrow, but I don’t think I can look at her after what she did to me. I feel deceived and violated by the woman I love and trust. During our initial conversations about this, there was never a question that my shit would go anywhere other than her chest. She knew how uncomfortable I was with this in the first place, yet she still tried to push the boundary that we had established.

I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has experienced a similar violation of trust from a loved one. I’m turning to this board for advice because for obvious reasons, I cannot tell anyone that knows my wife and I. I know that some of you may find this humorous, but please serious comments only - this is something that could lead to the end of our marriage.


>I know that some of you may find this humorous, but please serious comments only

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Isn’t this stolen from a reddit post, where it already got a lot of replies days ago?

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Hay man so here is the thing. It is not okay if you are not comfortable with something in sex and your wife needs to understand that. He reaction to you saying no originally is a red flag as far as I am concerned. You should talk it out of course but if you are not comfortable it is not okay.

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Somebody post a link, i want to see what happened. Also, I'm extremely jealous if this is true.

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OP, this post made me smile.
Not being unsympathetic to your situation but the way you wrote it made it funny.
Sex is about respect. Try to make it so you can respect her and she you. sexual desires need to be satisfied and if not they can lead to tension. Talk to her about what's going in your sex life, what you like, what she likes, and the frequency you guys would be okay with it.
The first step to making this productive is humoring her, the next is communicating/disillusioning her. Maybe only as her birthday gift you do this? Idk do what makes you feel good ultimately. If this doesn't then tell her that.

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You know, sometimes we get off on weird shit.
Usually I'm pretty dominant in bed but one time while fucking my ex I was in full blown ecstasy and also drunk, and I told her to slap my face.
She did it but we never had sex again after that.

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Some philosopher said you can never know where going-too-far is until you go there.

Something - maybe the other wives - made your wife realize how vanilla her sex life has been, and she took the chance of suggesting a little kink. That worked so well that she got a little over-enthusiastic and opened herself up to all her wildest fantasies. And in the process went too far.

Now you both know where too-far is, and you can have a calm and non-judgmental conversation about it. "Honey, I'm happy we're opening up our sex life, but that last one was too far for me. By all means let's experiment more, but let's agree two things from the start: Either of us gets an absolute veto in advance or after, and if we do go too far we will write it off as a mistake and not hold it against each other."

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She’s getting you ready for the inevitable cucking that she is going to perform on you. I mean, she already doesn’t respect you, you let her fuck you in the ass. But who knows, maybe the bull she has in mind doesn’t mind playing both ways, maybe you’ll enjoy it as well.
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Most of this was pretty hot. I'm not at all into scat, but i could see myself shitting on someone if that's what they really wanted...I'd never understand it though. All for the pegging and occasional dominance though.

Well, that escalated quickly

contrary to your fantasy, soccer moms aren't discussing pegging while waiting on the kids