My girlfriend promised me not to smoke. A couple of months later I find out she smokes...

My girlfriend promised me not to smoke. A couple of months later I find out she smokes, because of her friends' influence, I believe. She says she smokes "because she wants to" and she will quit "when wants to."
I can tell her parents, yet I don't want her to hate me for it. I asked her close friend not to give her any cigs. She replied saying that "You should love your girlfriend for good and bad things if you really love her."
What the fuck do I do?

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It's dumb but it doesnt necessarily affect your health.

Is it bad breath that you dont like? Maybe have her try vaping

Don't tell her parents you fucking retard

Unfortunately no matter how stupid is her excuse, it's not something you have power on. The best thing is to learn to let go.

This is easier said than done. My bf's mom died of cancer because of cig and he is smoking a lot. Yet, I know all too well nothing good comes from pressuring him. He simply knows that I disaprove.

You can however agree on forbiding her to smoke inside a room you sit in, or before kissing, and she should probably understand that.

Let her smoke

Dump her.

Let her smoke if she wants to. She's not your fucking property

beat her friends up and rape to assert dominance

Get her an e-cig, make her drop the nicotine (you can use them with only flavoured liquid).
Other than that, you should dump her. Both for breaking the promise, and for being a health risk. She doesn't respect you, you don't need to respect her.
t. got cancer from passive smoking

>it doesnt necessarily affect your health.
come again?

This Its food for thought

Fuck off with your second hand smoke propaganda, it's all bs.

I know its all about controlling your piece of ass with you men but even if you beat her, she's gonna do what she wants if you aren't around. If you want a girl that doesn't smoke you picked the wrong girl.

>cigarette butt of a person denying the existence of second hand smoke

ITT: your brain on tobacco

>ashtray breath
just dump her

Fuck off, there is no reasonable science to back that shit up. Sure if you enclose a box with smoke and put a rat in their, if course it will die. Just like if you filled the box with car exhaust. So, again fuck off with that shit.

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Tell her she should stop, but she should start quitting during new year and whenever she wants to get a smoke you'll drink some finesingle malt whiskey and a thick sigar and smoke that shit in her face. Tell her she's a smoke dumpster.

You don't sit in a room fool of car exhaust either, you dumb dumb.

>I can tell her parents
Holy shit OP, don't be such a fucking sperg.
If she smoking triggers you so much then just break up, there is nothing more pathetic than someone trying to use friends and family to pressure a partner to change their behaviour.

Ah duh. A sealed room with no external air supply you faggot. I think you should try it.

There is no defense for smoking. Period.

what if you enjoy it

>there is no reasonable science to back that shit up.
It's okay to have doubts regarding science when there is only one paper. But this shit has been peer reviewed time and time again.

encourage her to smoke more until she starts hacking up shit then get her a juul and she'll probably make the switch pretty fast, or if she's more reasonable skip the 1st part for the second

Propaganda bs. You believe everything your told, eh ?

That's not a viable defense due to its negative impact on the user, those around the user, additional medical resources that will need to be spent on the user, and the effects of smoking on society at large. You would have to be a truly vile wicked person to smoke

Unfortunately, most people quit an addiction for themselves, if you quit for others than your chances of relapsing increase. The best you can do is remind her of the health consequences, offer your support and tell her you want her to live longer, not die in severe pain etc. I wouldn't recommend pressuring someone or alienating them to quit, it almost always has the opposite affect. You are not in the wrong if you later decide to leave her; personally I find smoking disgusting and is an absolute deal breaker.

t. Ex smoker for 1 1/3 year.

I hate your face, so you know. People like you are the worse. I give zero fucks if you like it or don't. I have the right to do as I want with my body and the right to tell you, who wants to run my life, to kindly fuck off and go fight the war on women or some shit.

>if you quit for others than your chances
Goddammit I messed.

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Dump her

Smokers are all sluts

What if you enjoy shooting yourself in the brain

OK, I'll bait. Propaganda to what end ? And paid by who ? And aimed to whom ?

I'll bite*

t. Literal 12 year old
Daily reminder that we live in a society.

But most smokers are aware of the health problems and they don't care.
It is not immediate and they like the feeling of death when they smoke.
It is like convincing a fat person to loose weight.
Every fat person knows how much it sucks to be fat and the health problems are visible to them every day through everything they do.
But loosing weight is such an abstract thing for them, they don't just do it.

Tell her she smells like shit and her teeth are brown and her skin is more wrinkled. Girls care about these things. But honestly get over her when you can I'm sure you're underage but she sounds immature.

People have the right to do bad things. Or perhaps more accurately, people don't have the right to force you to not do something unless it reaches a certain threshold of badness. But that doesn't mean you should do bad things, just that you can. It's like saying "I have the right to not tip my waiter." Yes, you have that right, but you *should* tip him nonetheless. You don't have to donate to charity, but you should.

Smoking is a dealbreaker for me in a relationship. That's established by me in the very beginning, before we're official, so they have an opportunity to back down.

What I'm saying, OP, is you can't change her. If it's an issue, drop her.

Fuck tipping.
Employers who hire service with the idea of the main source of their income being tips are the worst scum. Pay the damn taxes, faggot.

>punishing employees who depend on tips for their employer being a capitalist

secondhand smoke is only a problem if you breathe it
i imagine that she doesnt smoke inside

OP, it’s really quite simple. Have an adult conversation with her and try explaining why you find smoking unattractive. The health issues, the smell, the yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, etc. Tell her that you know it’s her decision but that this is really a deal breaker for you and see how she responds. A relationship is a two way street, and if you can’t appeal to your SO in an honest conversation and get past the rhetoric of her shitty feminist friend, then perhaps it’s best to move on. You don’t own her, but if she doesn’t care at all what you think or want, you probably shouldn’t date that person.