How to have sex?

Male, I've had sex a few times but don't really know what I'm doing. I basically just lie on top of her and thrust my pelvis. Is that it? I'm worried grills will see me as some awkward loser who sucks at sex but idk what else to do...

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Shove it as deep as you can and keep thrusting forward like you want to reach the deepest depths of her womb. This makes her orgasm. Don't go in and out with your dick, that will only make you come quickly and it's not as pleasant for her.

Hijacking your thread. Having sex with a girl tomorrow and it's my first time. Am I supposed to do it under a duvet like in American movies?

k. So when I thrust, I should only pull back a little bit and then just keep jamming it as deep as it goes?

Yeah but don't be violent about it. The point is stroking the inside of the vagina or something. It should come natural.

I've always done it on top, they do it like that in the movies because Americans don't like porn.
how fast do I go? Like how much time between thrusts?

>how fast do I go?
Unless she's a dead fish you will have an idea of the rhythm and she'll keep up with you. When she's coming she'll want faster ofc.
You won't need a metronome

Lol, I don't think most guys know what they are doing when having sex, just do whatever you want and please the girl. Sex is all about having fun with the girl's body and making her cum.

Is trying to emulate male pornstars going to be a bad idea?

They last so long but I'm not sure if it's technique or practice.

>When she's coming she'll want faster ofc.
I'm not gonna call you a liar, but my experience has been that it's best to keep doing exactly what you're doing when she's about to cum.

It's because their dick is numb. You don't actually believe that pornstars(male or female) actually derive pleasure from porn do you? Excluding of course the most perverse degenerate ones or the guys for like 5 seconds when they actually cum.

It's drugs, multiple takes, practice, and careful filmmaking. Don't emulate them at all. Porn is meant to look good to the viewer, learning from it is like trying to learn how to handle a gun from watching Chuck Norris movies.

Terrible idea, what they do is designed for the camera, not pleasure. They come multiple times and the recovery time is cut from scene to scene.

I always started banging harder and faster once they started orgasming and I always got them screaming

Different strokes I guess. Let me ask you this though, when they're on top do they speed up or keep a consistent rythem?

When she's on top you hold onto her hips and get a sense of her rhythm and follow up accordingly. She should be the one leading

Watch Manuel Ferrara. Also, eat pussy.

I do eat pussy but IME women like to be dominated in bed and simply eating pussy doesn't mean as much as women say it does.

That's like saying guys don't like their dicks sucked. I guess there is a small minority that don't like it due to hangups.

I was making a point that girls usually need a consistent rhythm.

It’s no good unless you make her feel good. That simple. Because a woman who is having an orgasm is the ultimate. Her scent, the sounds, the way she looks in your eyes when she’s cumming. So, she has to be relaxed. If she’s tense, uncomfortable, no good. Not drunk though. Drunk bitches are anaestitised and can’t feel shit. So run your fingertips lightly over her body, last place bring her pussy. And when you get there just graze her pussy with your fingertips, the lips and then last, very softly, her clit. You’ll feel it become swollen as you go. Or. Lay her on her stomach. Massage her neck shoulders back. Slow. No rush . While she’s nude. Maybe just slide tip of your duck in her while you’re massaging. Then start kissing her lightly up and down her spine, sometimes just letting her feel your breath on her spine. Go lower, down to her ass, lightly biting, tongue just barely caressing her asshole. Her ass will rise up, because she wants you to tongue her pussy. Gradually increase pressure on her asshole . You will know if you’re doing it right. Just read her sounds. Eventually move to the clit. All girls different. Read her reactions. But start gently. When you go to fuck don’t ram it in. Just the tip for a few strokes then without warning go deep. Tease her for a while. If she’s on top make a game of holding her off even though she wants to slide down. See who can hold off the longest. All girls different. Read them. Some girls like rough. Others gentle. Pay attention and get her off. You’ll be happy and so will she

Oh, and some girls live ass play. Just lightly use tongue/fingers on her asshole, gradually increasing pressure, often while tonguing her clit. Or her using vibe/ fingers on her clit. You’ll know when she’s cumming, from sounds and her asshole clenching uncontrollably. Plus, this is best way to get her to beg to be fucked in ass, if this is something w you want her to agree to. Believe me, if she’s into getting fucked in the ass, it’s almost impossible to hold off when she cums because of contractions from orgasm

As a girl, my advice is: ask her what she likes. Positions, kissing, some of us like to be bite a little bit, etc. It’s about enjoying so the best you can do is communicate.

I always love talking to girls about what they like/don’t like. It’s a turn on just to hear them talk about it, and yeah, that is great advice, coming from someone who would know. Amazing how some girls are reluctant to talk about it, like it’s bad. So many people are repressed, thinking this is bad that’s bad. So yes, communicating is everything. One of the best I was ever with, at first she thought it was supposed to be over really fast. I took time with her and let her realize we had all night and no rush, just relax. Eventually she learned it was okay to feel good and she was in top two of women I’ve been with. It’s a shame that people are so repressed sexually. It’s so much more fun when you’re not and talking about it is a big part plus just picking up on things as you’re doing it. Paying attention to her. And it’s not just when you’re doing it. It’s how you treat her all day long. If you treat her like shit or ignore her/ berate her all day don’t expect fireworks when/if you fuck

I need someone like you in my life :’)