How do you know if a girl has feelings for you?

What are some signs of interest that a girl is attracted to you?

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When you ask her out on a date and she says yes.

I have been with girls that accept going to a date with me that doesn't had feelings for me

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Hard to tell. Even if you can put your dick in them you don't know for sure.

How does she react when you flirt with her?

I’m a chick, and I can’t even tell you. Maybe if she tries to interact with you a lot? I dunno, we’re hard to decipher desu.

This is a bad example

>How does she react when you flirt with her?
She obviously like the attention, even mens like the attention, isn't a good sign

Tell me about somebody you like.

Tell me about the person that came to your mind when i said that phrase, how you react when you are around that person

She does what the anime grill in your OP image does, while looking at you.

You can always tell when you're not a fucking wallflower.
See how she acts when you take the room. See how she reacts when she fights back.
You can always tell

They won't tell you. Only on rare occasions will a grill try to give you a hint.

They will always expect you to ask and put yourself in the line. Lazy cunts.

I can see you didn't watch the show

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I've seen it, I just don't remember that part.

A girl in college give me countless of signs

Touches, flips, twirls, strokes or fusses with her hair, or brushes it across her forehead or behind her ear(s).
-Prolonged eye contact or a sideways glance.
-Looks down when eye contact is made (even better if she also smiles).
-Looks at you, looks away, quickly looks back, looks away again, etc.
-Widened, glistening eyes and slightly raised eyebrows.
-Dilated pupils.
-Lowered eyelids.
-Her eyes move from your eyes to your lips, or lower to your chest, and back up.
-You catch her staring at you.
-Smiles at you.
-Touches you in any way (places her hand on your arm, chest, thigh, grabs your hand, etc).
-“Accidentally” touches/bumps into you.
-Playfully punches or hits you.
-Asks personal questions about you (i.e. your name, where you live).
-Asks if you have a girlfriend, or mentions your girlfriend (even if you don’t have one).
-Laughs enthusiastically and/or loudly at your jokes, even if they are not that funny (i.e. “I’m funny, but I’m not THAT funny”).
-Compliments you or says she likes something about you.
-Re-initiates conversations when there is silence.
-Initiates any kind of conversation.
-Moves into your vicinity.
-Finds any excuse to talk to you or be near you.
-Leans into you in conversation.
-Rests her head on her hand(s) (“framing her face”).
-Body (i.e. feet and shoulders) directly faces you (even if her face is not).
-Sits with her legs crossed, with knee/foot pointing directly at you (even if her face is not).
-Blows smoke at you/in your direction.
-Repeatedly crosses and uncrosses her legs.
-Dangles shoe from foot while sitting.
-Absence of crossed arms.
-Crossed legs when standing up.
-Licks her lips.
-Bites her lower lip.
-Applies chapstick or lipstick.

-Chews on a pen, finger, or any other object.
-“Sucks in” her lips.
-Fidgets with a piece of clothing or item.
-Strokes bottle, stem of wine glass or other cylindrical object.
-Rubs/strokes/touches herself anywhere.
-Adjusts/straightens clothing to look better or “perfect.”
-Moves clothes to show you skin (i.e. lifts her skirt or lets her sleeve fall over her shoulder).
-Crosses her legs so you have a good view of her thigh (i.e. the thigh is "on display," facing you)
-Thrusts out tits or ass, or “perks up.”
-Exposes underside of wrists.
-Exposes her palms.
-Tilts head to the side, exposing neck.
-Lowers her head and looks up at you.
-Stumbles on her words or talks quickly, or alternatively lost for words.
-“Trips up” or “stumbles” in a nervous or caught-off-guard way, sometimes even slightly as a body movement “hiccup.” Her eyes may also “hiccup.”
-Says your name in conversation.
-Mimics your talking style (pronunciation, exclamation, inflection, etc.) and repeats words or phrases that you’ve said.
-Mirrors your body language.
-Buys or gives you something.
-Tells you that you’re attractive/hot/cute/handsome.
-Tells you that you’re a player, or accuses you of having many girlfriends or hookups.
-Gives you her number.
-Gives you shit.

I invete her to go out and she say No. Who the hell understand that?


>She obviously like the attention, even mens like the attention, isn't a good sign
what i mean is if she ignores you if you flirt with her, that's obviously a bad sign

the only way to know is to ask her out

It seems like he did.

She give at least 20 signs in that pasta and she say NO, that she isn't interested in me

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>Re-initiates conversations when there is silence
what do you guys usually talk about?

sorry for missing that. does she flirt with other guys? maybe she just likes male attention

These are all very valid signs if interest. I wouldn't know since I've never experienced those, but they seen valid.
Perhaps she wants you to pursue her? Keep asking her and get on your hands and knees.

Personally, I don't care enough to pursue any women because of outright laziness and insecurity/trust issues.

>Perhaps she wants you to pursue her?
but op already asked her out. either she just wants male attention or is playing hard to get


There are none

Why be insecure? You found out that she doesn't like you, that means you're now free to stop thinking about it and move on.

I know this is like the hardest thing to get over when you're younger and when you've got oneitis but trust me there are PLENTY of girls who are rough approximations of the one that rejected you.

>Does she flirt with other guys?
I have never seen her flirting with somebody else

then maybe she's playing hard to get?

Not even the best luxury suite in the world had a better feeling than sleeping in your comfy house

I don't wanna move on, i like this girl, i wanna try harder, i wanna make her fall in love i just don't know HOW

Try again with the same girl or with other girls?

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>flirts with me
>Touches me
>Starts convos with me (hobbies, future, family)
>Always says hi extremely enthusiastically, good banter between us
>Casually mentions she has an LDR bf
Explain this you fucking shitposters

She is obviously what we would call a "thot"

A churchthot
>Goes every Sunday
>Won't say oh my g*d

She is just a THOT

Long distance relationships are a joke

We are animals, her brains doesn't even proceed that THAT guy even exist as a real person, relationships are mean to be both sexual and emotional, in front of a computer or a phone you can't fill skin hunger or the affection of a hug

See the point? She doesn't have a boyfriend what are you waiting?

Leave Asuka alone

That doesn't make her any morally superior to the average thot.

She has a boyfriend but due to circumstances they can't see each other as much as they would like to. If your partner went on a trip for work would you instantly start cheating on them?

maybe she was into the guy next to you

haha nice try
Not OP but I asked her out and she said yes but she stated she doesn't have feelings for me

holy fuck haahahha

When she is swallowing your cum and saying "Thank you daddy"afterward, that's a pretty good sign that she doesn't hate you.

I must concur. I apperictae the obvious clues.

This and only this