I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over 4 years now. He was my first kiss and the only man I’ve been with...

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over 4 years now. He was my first kiss and the only man I’ve been with. I love him, but also have thoughts of kissing and being with other guys. Should I feel guilty for this? I can’t imagine being without him, but also feel like I’m missing out by not experiencing things with other guys.

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I’m a guy and I’ve thought the same things many times, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. If you have a strong relationship then the feelings will probably go away.

don’t pretend you didn’t post this bait.

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I'm kinda in the reverse position of you.I've been with my gf for about 3 years and she is the first person I've fallen in love with, or kissed, she also took my virginity 3ish years ago. I have similar thoughts about if I am missing out. It's normal to have doubts but I'm loyal to my gf and have not cheated on her because these thoughts dont matter. The way I see it some people find happiness on the first try, others have to search a few times , and some spend their whole lives. I was lucky enough that my first gf is the one I want to spend my life with even though she is my first we are happy.

Dude you were given eyes for a reason. The thing is you can enjoy a view. But dont touch. Dont do something you'll regret but you can look and enjoy it

I think it's normal. My boyfriend is also the only man I've ever been with and at some point I did wonder what I was missing since almost all my friends were at their fourth or fifth boyfriend/hookup.

I got over those thoughts though since my boyfriend is an amazing man. Kind, smart, handsome, funny, the sex is great. What more could I want? If you're happy in your relationship don't fuck it up just because of curiosity, chances are the grass is not greener on the other side. Look, don't touch and don't let it become an obsession of "what if".

>Should I feel guilty for this?

>feel like I’m missing out by not experiencing things with other guys.
That's the price of a relationship that we all pay.

Ask yourself if the devil you know is better than the one you don't. If it is, then harden the fuck up and get over it.


Oh go stick your hypergamy up your arse, OP's issue is far more of a male one than a female one, men get far more (and give into far more) pressure to play the field.

Why do so many retards come by here wondering if the first person they ever dated also happens to be the only person they'll ever be capable of loving? Can someone give me advice on this?

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OP, it's normal but just remember that you can only choose one..... a happy, stable, solid relationship, or experience.

It's ok to check out other guys and think they're attractive, just remember that you have something better than that.
Ugly chicks can get hot dudes to fuck them on tinder, but not every girl gets a happy relationship.

Have fun with your imagination then get back to loving your man. Be grateful and count your blessings.

Also, ask yourself what 'other guys' can give you that he doesn't. If you can't think of the answer, then there's your answer, you're being irrational. Just stay with him.

I think its more about doing the deed than thinking about it. If you really love him and your relationship its doing good, keep those thoughts to yourself and dont act on them.

I say go for it. You get one life, why not experience everything that it has to offer.

It's normal, that's just your biological defenses protecting you from settling with a beta just because he was the easy choice

Because traditionally people have been expected to only date one person. And someone raised with those morals naturally looks to justify their pre-determined opinion, no matter how irrational and incompatible with reality it is

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Do you think of these guys as in you want to "trade up"? Or you just think of them every now and then

Time to break up and go ride some fresh dick.

Hi OP,

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?
In any relationship 80% of the time you have everything you want/need in that person. 20% you don’t, so when that 20% comes walking by it looks really good. Until you leave the 80 for the 20 and find out how dumb you were.

It’s natural to have these feelings, we are all human. I promise you, you’re not missing much by not being with other men. If you have a good thing, emotionally and physically... stick to it.

I have a bf I love, but I don't really enjoy sex. All my life I was convinced I was bi, if not full les. He's my first relationship, but I feel I'm missing out on a lot. At the same time I don't want to break up with him. What do?

Im gonna get real frick frackin personal here so listen up! I had a highschool sweetheart long ago and we were going great. But she decided that she needed to experience more than one man to verify she wanted me forever. Ya wannna know what happened? She caught herpies. She caught hpv. And she begged for me to take her back, thinking i would settle for a std ridden whore. You wanna go fuck around and taste some new cock? Go for it. But you will NEVER get your man back if he even has a shred of self respect, and you will never have a lasting relationship afterwards. Good luck

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Break up with him. You've tricked yourself into accepting the status quo because you're afraid of the unknown. If you think you might be les while in a straight relationship, chances are, you are the single gayest girl in your entire town. Stop putting off the best decision in your life and break up with him

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Typical. Tell him you want strange dick. Manipulate him into being home one of his best friends. Fuck his friend really good and show him how much you enjoy it. He will either accept it and you or he won't. Stop right now telling him your lies

I'm in the reverse position as well.

My gf of 4 years broke up with me two weeks ago because she wanted to "explore" without having to cheat on me and wanted to be honest with me.

She told me about a couple days ago that she's had sex with other guys but they're not the same as me, she likes my personality better, and she even told me that even though she was the one that wanted and initiated the sex that it's just sex and she doesn't think she can find someone quite like me.

My ex gf probably thinks she can talk to these men and get me whenever she wants because we love each other a lot, and while I do love her I'm really on the fence about taking her back if it comes to it, it's just the act of forsaking our relationship just for sex and how it came so easily, I can honestly say that it really scarred our relationship and I don't see her the same way anymore

Even though I told her I still would and I still love her, she just seems like a ho to me now even though I have to think of her like that, I just don't know if I should take her back cause trust me anons I really love this girl and she loves me, she just wants to "explore" for now and trust me I feel really stupid for even thinking of taking her back

Sorry for the text dump, but think of how it affected me this much , trust me you might never see this guy again, any advice for me at all though anons?

Well definitely don't take her back now, you're going to be too insecure over the body count disparity and it won't work.
Try banging a couple of chicks and see how you feel. Three possibilities here:
1. You forget about her and move on
2. She gets hypocritically jealous and stops talking to you or pitches a fit
3. Against all the odds you get back together.

It won't be the same but at least make sure you get some notches on the bedpost too.

This is legit the best advice I've heard about my situation, I have been looking for women to bed but haven't had much luck.

Like I go on MeetMe but not even the average girls converse with me, I usually only get propositions for sex for money which i don't want to do.

I don't really know where to meet regular women irl, I was thinking of going on bumble but does that even work? And all the girls I talked to before are either in relationships, or a single mother that focuses on their kid and swears off men. Trust me I'm really trying and I don't think I'm unattractive if I'm being honest, it might be because I was a "late bloomer" so I look good and have a sense of humor I'm just not that good at being suave or a player like how my looks suggest.

Then meet other guys without telling him. What he doesn't know won't hurt him and your mind will be at ease (unless you realize that most other dudes are better than your boyfriend, in that case you'll be relieved to trade up).

I don't have very good advice there. Not much of a player myself, I don't go out much and have no idea where to meet women. I met three of my past gfs at work, lmao.
My most recent ex I actually met off of Jow Forums /soc/.