How do you guys leave Jow Forums in Jow Forums when you go out in public

I was with a group of people a few I knew a lot that I didn't. I said "jewish media" outloud, and I got a much stronger reaction than I thought that I should have.

One girl I did know goes "WHOA" as though I just whipped my dick out or something.

Another guy I didn't know goes "What do you mean jewish media? I'm a jew I don't know what you're talking about"

Then like two other guys chimmed in and were like "I'm getting out of here."

I was like "holy shit is "jewish media" really that bad?" Then I just fucking bolted. Not sure if I'm ever going to go back to that.

I've been on Jow Forums more than usual lately reading all the France shit, but it made me wonder, how does everyone else on here not let that shit out in public?

Based on the reaction I got, that is not the kind of phrase you can just pull out anywhere.

I feel like such and idiot and then just immediately taking off just adds insult to injury. Anyone else experienced a similar event?

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those who go out arent retarded so they dont say anything and the retards stay in

Kek. I don't have a problem with it. I got super drunk at a festival/campout last year and blacked out, woke up in fear of having said some Jow Forums shit, but it didn't happen.

Idk what to tell you. Watch your mouth, I guess.

You basically criticized Jewish influences in front of Jews.

If they are cool Jews they will laugh it off. If they are the SJW type they blow it up to the moon, that you're a Hitler type.

I wouldn't even bother trying to apologize their reaction tells you that you're better off dissasociating. They'll just hate on you going forward.

NEVER mention the JQ in front of normies.
If you go back, just don't mention it again and play it off as a joke if it comes up. If they don't know you, they either won't remember or will stop caring as long as you don't repeat it.

That’s pretty cringey. How can you not know to never bring up Jow Forums talking points in public?

I didn't think "jewish media" was that bad. I know the really bad stuff shouldn't be mentioned.

Well, now I know. Jewish media. bad.

It was the worst kind of cringe. face beat red, froze solid.

There's one girl there I'm close with, I know she'll let it go. I didn't really know anyone else there. I was just a bit stunned by the push back.

keep it up user call out the jew. People are indirectly redpilled when you say stuff with confidence. Be sure to be able to defend what you say.

If they take something like that that hard I wouldn’t want to talk to them anyway. People get off a superiority compley when they tell others what’s not ok to say. It has nothing to do with actually bettering the world they just like to pretend they are while ganging up on people like that.

In general you shouldn’t be saying anything that starts with “jew” or similar in the real world but people need to chill and laugh at themselves.

A few weeks ago, after a few beers I said “send it, faggot” in front of a couple friends and they were caught off gaurd but didn’t make a big deal of it. Just said I habe no idea the last time I’d said faggot prior to that, which was true, and that was it.

>jewish media
Kushner must die.

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You need to get better friends user. I can say that shit with most of my friends and we'd laugh about it. Can you joke and say this stuff around everyone? Obviously no, but its nice to have a group of people who you can. It sounds like these people were more acquaintances than friends.

just don't hang out on those boards, going to Jow Forums or Jow Forums or whatever is your own fault

Not OP here
I say faggot on the regular.
I remember I said it at a party once before this whole PC thing exploded and thought nothing of it. Thought I upset a gay guy, asked him if it bothered him, he said no, and I continued on with my life. I realize now I gotta be more choose when I say that shit but it's a damn good word.

actually user they cringed because you're so bluepilled. everyone knows the media is under [[[Irish]]] control.

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[[[They]]] didn't find it hard to lead brainlets (such as OP) with paranoid personality disorders to blame Jews while continuing to rule from the shadows.
Pic related.

But really in all serious if you scoffed at either of these posts just realize this is how the fuck you look to normal, sensible people.

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im not jewish and I think every second you spend being a pseudointellectual nazi retard is a waste of your pathetic existence

It all makes sense, but I just realized...

I'm partially irish

It's too late for me boys, they got me, but keep up the good fight against those damn potato slingers

Oh wait are they not posting these to make fun of those people?

I thought that was a meme insulting the people that make these elaborate conspiracy theories about jewish people

They don't get the joke. They think they're here for real critical knowledge.

>I thought that was a meme insulting the people that make these elaborate conspiracy theories about jewish people
Correct. You can take a collection of facts: "read these old quotes by people who hated the Irish", "look at all these media elites with Irish blood" and "look at these pictures of presidents celebrating St. Patrick's Day", and weave them into an insane narrative.

How embarrassing.
You may want to actually read the post you responded to.

I grew a reputation being "That guy who says cu-razyyy shit!" so I have a free pass among my friends, and everyone else assumes I am high/drunk. Just call me Diogenes

I don't think you understand what Diogenes was trying to accomplish