35-40 degrease scoliosis guy here. Been having it for like 4 years just because i was unfortunate to grow too fast too much. The only time i dont feel pain is when i sleep. Can't walk too much or play sports with my friends. I tried a lot of things to make me feel better, but in the end i can't think of anything else other than the constant back pain. Also surgery costs a ton for my current state. Any advice?
And if you think im a pussy or some shit just move on because i don't care.

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Find a Gonstead chiropractor, if there isn't one in your area think about taking a 3 week trip out somewhere to see one.

Thanks a lot, i'll look into it

Medical marijuana

So instead of thinking about pain, i'll think about marijuana and basically become addicted.

If you are a person who gets obsessed or addicted easily, yes.

Lol you must be sheltered, you can get addicted to coffee before you get addicted to marijuana,

Why would anyone think you're a pussy? Constant backpain doesn't sound very fun

I'm 100% not going to be addicted, but i'll need it unless i want more backpain

Because sometimes i think about other people that are in worse conditions, like not being able to walk at all, and it makes me feel like i should stop crying about it.

>I'm 100% not going to be addicted, but i'll need it unless i want more backpain
this is the absolute stupidest post I've read all year
>i shouldn't medicate my chronic pain
>because then i would have to medicate to not have chronic pain

"Once you begin using medical Cannabis, it is likely that you will continue using it for the rest of your life."
Don't really want any of that

What the fuck is thread?
You need surgery!
You don't need to smoke weed

Wish it were that easy

It's suicide
How is this a fucking option
Your spine is folding like a man with a shitty hold'em hand
There is not a "well we'll just deal with it" situation
You're going to fucking DIE

I know that, but it's not my fault i was born in the middle of nowhere in eastern europe where money is shit and and doctors are bad. Whatever i'm done have a good day/evening. Thanks for your time

If I saw you in person I'd grab your hand and give you a solid man to man hug.
We shouldn't die young.

Travel west.
If fucking parasitic Syrian can do it. So can you. Go west. Get into Germany or at least Austria.

Spasibo user, been studying programming cuz thats the only thing actually being paid here, might take 2 more years.

I'll tell you a secret.
By the time you learn programming the only thing worth knowing is revolution
The West will tear itself apart before 5 years

May i know why? Seems interesting to read about

The last Presidential election was socialist revolutionary vs rightist one (Trump vs Bernie Sanders)
It all failed
Shit didn't changed. The ratio of money between people and the rich is not even 1% any more. It's 0.1% and growing to 0.01%. They're fucking us and elections don't matter

France is doing it now. The news isn'treporting it all. 100,000+ are protesting. And yet CNN or FOX has ZERO stories about it. Makes you think
Fox and CNN working together.

That's been happening here for more than 30 years, but most of us just leave the country and don't care about it. The president and prime-minister milk money from us.

Oh yeah you're right. Quit bitching fucking pussy

People continue you using it because it works, you've got to be smarter than this

U r right, just wanted to hide the fact that i don't want any at all, it's probably even banned here

Just checked, legal but NO ONE sells it (: