Tell me how bad it is

Tell me how bad it is..

Tell me the truth about this nose, no matter how cruel and raw

Should I get a nose job?

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gime one from the front senpai

Many nose jobs result an uncanny dissonance where it's a perfectly good nose for someone else's face. If you do, go with a PROVEN plastic surgeon. If you can't afford it, fucking wait because a bad nosejob will trash your looks for life. Men don't actually care much about reasonable noses and the ones who are obsessed with noses are psychos to avoid.

That 3/4" view doesn't give us enough to work with. Full frontal is required. If you look average from that angle, leave nose be.

jew nose is cute. embrace your "flaws" user

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I will need to see a pic without your shirt, just to be sure

Well, if I had to judge just by this picture alone I’d say you’re cute and would mostly ignore the nose.

Definitely a flaw on such an otherwise cute face though. Be glad that it’s such a small issue.

Looks decent from these ones but then look at this

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This pic is shit. Post better frontal picture.

Meh, it's not a pretty nose, but it doesn't turn you into an undateable uggo. On my scale from 0 to 1 where 0 is "wouldn't fuck" and 1 is "would fuck" you're a 1.

Last one please

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Post feet

A bit large on the tip but not suited to digging truffles. A few millimeters worth of contouring on the very tip could look better. Bridge and overall width doesn't need changing (and if changed incorrectly would be considerably worse). Not large enough to be a real liability and it has a bit of character. I'm not saying "character" the way someone trying to boost your self-esteem would. My comment is purely esthetic.

Now before you break out the chainsaw and angle grinder, spend a few hours checking out every modified nose you see on the internet and remember the reasons you noticed them!

Two things to ignore when seeking esthetic feedback:
Incel white knights who instantly say "YOU'RE JUST FINE THE WAY YOU ARE!!!"
Idiots who shriek "Kill it with fire!". They aren't getting laid, at least not by humans.

When choosing a nosemod, do not imitate Hollywood thots. No person worth being with is into that shit. It's a question of art. You want the flesh artist (your surgeon) to create a more proportional tip, not make a weird micronose, and produce an end result where the nose and rest of face work together to lure you the BBC or whatever you're searching for.

We are terrible at seeing ourselves as others see us. Take front and side views (both sides) and open those in tabs when comparing other options. You won't make an accurate call if you visualize your nose as larger than it really is. Find examples of older ethnic art (paintings can work well) suited to whatever you are. Not photos this time, but to see how similar features look to an artist. You'll thank me later.

Thanks user. This comment sounds very honest

>Tell me the truth about this nose
It can sniff money from miles away! :DDDD

You have a perfectly fine looking, normal nose. Plastic surgery would be a huge pointless waste of money for you.

Some useful reading:

"Poor pre-operation planning
Lack of precision in placing incisions
Excessive extraction of cartilage and bone from the bridge of the nose
Damage to nasal tip cartilage
Excessive extraction of septal cartilage (the septum is the wall of skin dividing the nostrils)
Unnecessary or poor use of skin grafts"

Take care and be in no hurry.

It is, and its accuracy is testable! Look to classic art and you'll promptly see what I mean.

Don't get surgery. You are cute. As long as you stay fit you're good to go. I like unique looking faces anyways.

This. For science. Do it for science.

A straight nose-"back" and a smaller nose tip would go a long way.

t. been in the same spot, some betas did the "duh you're fine the way you are hurr" thing, but post-OP literally everyone said "It's looking better already!" while it wasn't even halfway healed and still partly swollen

Are you male or female?

Both of those things were said to stroke your ego, why do you believe one but not the other?

Confirmation bias. People who have cosmetic plastic surgeries are mentally unwell and it has nothing to do with their physical ‘flaws’.

Judging by the non English lettering in the background, I'm gonna assume you're not white or at least not western European, in which case you look fine. Don't worry about your nose. Stop attention whoring on Jow Forums.

this one is beautiful

Because I've never heard someone tell me "You looked a lot better pre-surgery".

I don't have physical flaws anymore, kek.

Sorry guys, I am not trying to attention-whore here. I really feel deformed, disgusting and masculine. I don't even smile because I feel uglier. I am almost obsessed and want to look at my nose in the mirror all the time. I always need to look at people's noses to compare to myself

Where I live everyone has small, pretty noses and plastic surgery is common among women.

I just want to make sure I posted the right pics and not just ones in which I accidentally looked decent.

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Ultimately the only one who can judge your nose well are 1. you and 2. your surgeon. And by all means since it's about your face, don't look at the price tags, but check credentials of the surgeons you are interested in. (And make sure the surgeon actually does nosejobs, not all of them do.)

You look fine you retard. You've just got a kinda Mediterranean and/or middle eastern nose. Literally nobody cares. Your "I haven't slept since last Tuesday" eyes are a bigger problem. Get some rest and eat healthy.

It's called "not wearing concealer", not that guys would know anything about that.

>in b4 some dudes start posting celebrities walking around who don't look as amazing as they do on the red carpet after 4 hours of professional styling so they must be not wearing makeup too, yet still look flawless

Either way, stop whining about your nose.

Not OP, sorry.

You look perfectly fine ugh
Do you get bullied for your nose or something? I didn't read the whole thread.
I get made fun of for my chin even by literal strangers on the street.
Anyway have a nice day.

shut it down

>I don't even smile because I feel uglier. I am almost obsessed and want to look at my nose in the mirror all the time.

That's why I suggested what I did in . Those who aren't careful get unsatisfying outcomes and if you have too much removed BECAUSE YOU OBSESSED it's more time/money/pain to sort out.

Take active measures like studying your options. To get good medical care you need to be an informed patient, and take nothing for granted.

careful now

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Ignore all the sycophants
If you have enough money, get that schnozz tapered to a point.
Your face is cute, you've got lovely eyes, but your nose is not so cute.
Get someone to cut that fat bulb off, and girl you're a looker

Here's the caveat though. Some people can see through what you look like now and see what you could. Your potential is great. So some people who can see through the nose end. The bulbousness.
They can see you after surgery even before. And they still like what they see.

Depends what you want I guess.


I love bigger noses. Yours is amazing. There are guys like me out there, you just have to look. Love yourself.

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No. It's fine - you're cute.

No, it's a cute nose, lots of dudes like noses like that.

Man. You are a really good person, judging entirely by this post.

just get a boyfriend. then you will stop worrying about your nose.

Can you post a picture where you're rubbing your hands together?

You are cute. Very cute in some of the pics.

Your nose is a bit big aestheticly... If you have kids they may feel weird if they have your nose before you "fixed" it to fit in.

The only people who give a shit are you and people that are uttery disgusted by slightly large noses, and there aren't that many.

You would definitely be better looking with a better fitted nose, assuming the guy that does the job does it right.

But what do you want to be better looking for? Yourself is the only correct answer, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The absolute truth is that yes, your nose is oversized and abnormally bulbous. It’s also true that most guys would not pass on a girl they liked solely because of a schnoz. The guys that would, you wouldn’t want them anyway. So then it’s also true that the real problem here is your perception of yourself and obsession over physical imperfection. Make that your goal, to love yourself and to appreciate yourself as the flawed individuals we (all of us) are. The difference between overcoming this problem by hacking off part of your body and remedying the way you view yourself can’t be understated. Surgery will not teach you the important life lesson we all should at some point learn.

Honestly it seems totally fine to me and I wouldn't change it
Perhaps, being black, I'm less likely to see a nose as too big, so maybe my opinion doesn't count

>Incel white knights who instantly say "YOU'RE JUST FINE THE WAY YOU ARE!!!"
>some betas did the "duh you're fine the way you are hurr"
Yeah first step of a convincing argument is to dismiss the opposing point of view as insincere

maybe get a skin whitening job

Gimme an eskimo kiss

i think you’re beautiful and your nose adds character to your face.

To be completely, brutally honest, user - don't worry about it. I also have a big nose, turns out my boyfriend absolutely loves it. If it bothers people, they probably didn't matter anyway.

I’m a girl who really hates my nose too, I’ve wanted to get it done since I was like 12. But I’ve never been bullied for it and everyone says my nose is fine the way it is and I don’t need to get it done. I guess we’re just too hard on ourselves because I don’t think yours looks bad at all.

not bad enough to warrant spending that kind of money

You look fine nose wise - but those nodules on the inside bridge need to go. They would put me off and if I was honest - I think they put you off too and have a lot to do with your dislike of your optics.

Get them sorted - shouldn't be difficult or expensive then really assess if you are really that right about your nose in the face of everyone who says your look is cute.

Pretty sure I read your diary as required reading in high school

>Because I've never heard someone tell me "You looked a lot better pre-surgery".

They’re not going to say that when you’ve already had it done and can’t change it back. It’s like when your friend gets an ugly haircut, you tell her it looks cute even if you secretly think she looked better before.

Your nose is not a problem.

>I really feel deformed, disgusting and masculine. I don't even smile because I feel uglier. I am almost obsessed and want to look at my nose in the mirror all the time. I always need to look at people's noses to compare to myself

Your reasoning is "I feel this way because of my nose", which is understandable. To be more accurate would be to say "I feel this way in spite of my nose", though it might feel wrong.

Your nose is a good way for you to understand bigger issues that you have. A normal nose like yours should not cause feelings of deformity or disgust. If you give your nose less attention and devote more to your life (exercise, friends, hobbies, etc) then your nose becomes, mentally, smaller (or less important).

I know it's not easy but the most practical solution (given that your nose is a little bigger than average and not disfigured) is to put a lot of effort into other areas of your life to make sure that you're confident and really engaging with life. If you were living a typical NEET lifestyle, the surgery wouldn't change anything- after that surgery you'd want more surgery.

Surgery is an option, of course- I'd even suggest researching and planning it in the meantime. But surgery is best when it's arrived at calmly. It's better to get surgery under the pretence of "I would look better with this done" than to attach a lot of baggage to it "I need it because I feel deformed and disgusting".

For me that's the issue- I don't want you to get surgery out of desperation only to find that you're the same person as before the surgery.

user ur rly pretty. Your nose is cute and doesn’t make ur face any less pretty. Don’t worry about it too much

God damn you ugly mf. You really do need the attention here dont you? Fuck that nose and fix those Alien mutant lips and manjaw.

incel detected

>yfw your gf can smell a hard dick a mile away and by the time you get to her house she’s already waiting in position

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>Im not a boy or gay girl
You're worse, you're just some basic slut worried about more competition once she'll get rid of that snout. Can't fool me, toots.

can i fuck your nose with my penis?
ill be gentle

I don't think you should get one... I think your nose is fine and looks natural


This just made my day

I like your nose, it suits you. I'd date you :)

Fuck outta here
I will be careful not to stand near you or op otherwise I might get sucked in
Also this

First, you are a attention whore but who doesnt.

You look cute but your nose is bigger than average. But imperfections are the things that makes us unique. Like others said, embrace it instead of covering it.

I think I know you. Are you from Sinaloa?

get rid of those warts next to your eye

Are you from Pakistan or anywhere around there?