How do I get a girlfriend?

How do I get a girlfriend?

I'd like to meet potential partners but I never seem to meet anyone that clicks with me. The standard advice seems to be geared towards extroverts and people who want an extroverted partner. I'm currently working on the parts of that advice that apply to my personality, communication skills, and the way I present myself, but I don't see myself going out to bars and events to get a date. That just isn't how I am, and I feel like I'd be cheating a girlfriend if I got one like this. College doesn't seem to be a good place to look either.

Is there another way? Or did I just not understand the advice?

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I want an answer to this too. I want to meet girls my age but they seem to be completely extinct whenever I go outside. Walking around my neighbourhood everyone is over 25 and I'm 20.
Unless I go to parties or something I'm not gonna meet anyone. I tried tinder but that shit never gets me anywhere.

Do women even exist?

I met my two last girlfriends, one of them my current, at a psychiatric facility.

plenty of fish if you want short term shit or for something more serious
pic related: this is the current roastie I'm fucking around with from pof

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Interesting. Do you want to talk about it?

Thanks for reminding me user, should’ve mentioned I don’t want anything short-term.
I’m 19, I don’t think is right for me. Even if it is, I’d rather do things IRL. I’ve heard bad things about online dating.

Sure, I don't mind. I was admitted for sleep disturbances and hooked up with girls there.

not really sure what bad things you've heard, it takes all of the pressure out and you get immediate feedback on if they're interested or not
I'd go for it even at 19, especially match, you'll find plenty of anxious like minded people if your city is moderately sized

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Same 20 and don't party I've tried talking to girls from highschool that are near me but u don't like it and it never works out. Want to meet new people just not sure where suppose I could try and make new friends again but it's hard when you don't see them often.

I guess, but I think I'd still rather do it IRL. Online dating just doesn't sound like my kind of thing, at least not something I want to try out now. Thanks a lot for the advice though.


Bump for advice on offline dating, specifically for a long term relationship. I should have mentioned both in the OP, my bad

long term relationships are just something that happens over time, you don't enter a relationship expecting it to be long term, you just gel with the person and it happens
if you're struggling to meet new people, find new hobbies or events with mixed genders in a social setting with planned activities that offload some of the burden of conversation like softball or dodgeball or something more hobby related, like cooking or art classes
if you're in college and you can't meet people, you're just not trying

I need an advice, there is a girl, and i feel she want something with me, but i'm not sure about dating her, because we talk a lot and she tell me almost all her problems and i feel she isnt okay to date for me (never have a gf before), but i dont know if i take the risk and date her or not because sometimes i feel she isnt my type or try to be the kind of girl i would date (and sorry if i sound like i have highly standars i mean she body is okay but is more about her personaly than i feel something wrong)

>Should i try to get in a relationship with her as a practice gf?

>if you're struggling to meet new people
Not really, but I'm struggling at keeping them interested in me.

>if you're struggling to meet new people, find new hobbies or events with mixed genders in a social setting with planned activities that offload some of the burden of conversation like softball or dodgeball
I explained why I think I shouldn't be doing that in the OP, is it really a good idea?

>or something more hobby related, like cooking or art classes
I'll try that out, thanks.



Feminists, both the male and female kind, really are starting to piss me off.

Look, Ive been a nasty little beta for a long time. Im always shy around girls. I don't think they owe me anything and I can't handle rejection so I dont even try.

But assuming I do try, and then I try to get help for it when things go awry.

>What did you do?

Oh, I hit on this girl at the gym.

>What the fuck? Dont you know girls hate that shit? its so annoying. They're there to work out, not be a piece of meat.

B-but... I thought the advice women always give on how to meet girls is to get a hobby so you can bond over a common interest.

>No. They hate it. trust me.

Then I read things in other threads on advice where girls are complaining that guys are ignoring them and they'll be kissless forever.

I even had a professor who was taken aback by the culture where I live in which he questioned why the hell the boys weren't asking the girls out in the area, and making it sound like boys were scared of girls, in order to comfort some girl that was feeling blue over that no bf feel.

Like what the fuck.

Its like you try to do the things you're told to do by women to meet girls, and then you're doing wrong. You ignore their advice and you're also doing wrong.

So much for internet advice from women on how to meet girls.


Bump again

bumpin, bumpin, bumpin and the world goes on.

Why the fuck would an antisocial douchebag want, or think he can get, a girlfriend?
You seem to patently dislike people, why would you want more of them around?

I will never understand you people, always snapping and biting at everyone and everything and then being like, "WHY DON'T GIRLS LIKE ME ABLUBLUBLU"
>inb4 some hackneyed excuse about "I'm not like this all the time" like we want your opinion on yourself for some reason

user, just ignore him.

It's a valid question. They're constant contrarians and always seem to have something against people. Maybe the solution is just an escort, a doll or to admit that maybe sex isn't all that impressive or worth the effort considering what it takes for him. Maybe he'd be better finding fulfillment without the need of sex, because it kind of intrinsically involves at least one other person-- and they don't seem to like people very much in the first place, which would suggest to me that the experience is being hyped up by others, but wouldn't necessarily produce that hype for him.

S'all. If the caustic edge of Jow Forums bothers you, I'd suggest fucking off to Tumblr where little boys like (You) can talk about their feelings and how sad they are all the time without ever being criticized.

user, I'm not I don't share his grievances either (well, not exactly). I just didn't want the thread to get derailed with 'muh feminism' or 'muh roastie'.

if your going to do something do it soon. Kept myself out of the dating scene out of school and 28, i have no clue how to meet people.

I'd do something if I knew what to do.



>How do I get a girlfriend?

At minimum you're gonna have to talk to them. I'm a shut-in NEET programmer diagnosed with social anxiety and PTSD, but I haven't been single for years. What I do is join communities, give back to groups or organizations I like, and pursue stuff that I like. I've met tons of women this way.

Doesn't have to be super social or something. If you don't like bars fuck that, don't go to bars. Search for stuff that makes you happy like a hobby, and match it to communities (online or offline) where you can chat with people. It's mindboggling to me when the good looking guys in my circle complain that they're kissless virgins when to me it seems like women are everywhere.

Trips user, tell me. Do you live in a populated area?

I want to do these things and I probably would find a gf easily if I could. However, I live in Iowa and events include...nothing really. Especially if you're a nerd. You better be a normie nerd if you want to do anything and you're gonna have to travel at least an hour to get there.

Like do I just give up and wait to move? Not OP btw but this a real problem

I work remote, so I move around a lot. In some places it's definitely more populated than others.

Most of the girls I've dated I met online so don't be hard on yourself. Like I said, I'm a shut-in. Be a nerd, meet nerd girls. You don't have to give up, but don't be a slave to the idea in the first place. Keep your net cast wide and relaxed, is all.

You met them online like on dating apps? Should I join groups of facebook maybe?

Sounds good, user. How do I know where I should be hitting on girls though? I feel like it would be inappropriate at certain events.

Make dungeon. Go reconquista land.
Take caravan woman. Put it dungeon.

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if you are in college join clubs
I kick myself every day for not doing this and wallowing in depression

>Why the fuck would an antisocial douchebag want, or think he can get, a girlfriend?
>You seem to patently dislike people, why would you want more of them around?

Listen here fuckboy/girl.

If antisocialism was the reason men couldnt get girlfriends, then black guys in inner cities would be blue ballers, not having 6 kids with 6 different knappy headed hoes.