I feel like I'm under constant overt surveillance also known as gang stalking...

I feel like I'm under constant overt surveillance also known as gang stalking. Is it even possible for our government to put cameras in your room? If this is real would the news care? That would be illegal right? That and th e government sending people to follow you everywhere you go to mess with you? Them sending planes over your house to intimidate you. Them having people honk you constantly. This can't be legal and I have never heard of something like this.

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You have schizophrenia. Get help.

My initials are DJAM for reference, if you ever search gangstalking threads on Google.

airliners are taking people to their destination, not attempting to intimidate you. you’re having paranoid delusions.

What if I don't and it's really happening?

It's very coordinated. It's happening. Mainly they use horns. They have cameras everywhere in my car.

Maybe I'm hearing things but if I'm right this would be illegal and considered intimidation and harassment correct?

Let's just pretend I'm not crazy.

It's not really happening, and you do. If you were an important person, you wouldn't be posting about it on Jow Forums. So you're insignificant and not worth the resources.

If you were important, it was happening, and you're posting about it on Jow Forums, they already know you're aware and now will be able to hide what you've been exposed to.

Would the media want to know about this? It seems very illegal.

How would they hide it? Ghost my thread and fill with bots?

you're crazy, get help.
step back from feeling self important and realize what in God's name would make the government care about some dumbass 4ch user? like really, think about how insignificant you are and then try telling yourself you're worth being not just watched by the government but fucking memed and harassed by gangstalkers

You would probably be the first person in history to have airliners rerouted over his house simply in order to disturb him. The idea is insane and I can’t really pretend otherwise.

If this is just like every other case of paranoia I’ve encountered, you’re probably not even a person of significance to whatever government agency you think is harassing you.

Name one thing you’ve done that warrants some kind of government plot against you. Hopefully you aren’t psychotic and imagining that you’re some international spy.

It's helicopters and small aircraft mainly but once in a while they do a big plane.

That damn helicopter has been following me all day! Damn coke... I should have listened to Paulie.

Nobody is “doing a plane”. Air traffic is normal in developed areas. So is beeping.

Nothing to warrant this kind of harrassment. I have never heard of anything like what there doing to me, for anyone, hell Pablo Escobar only had like two FBI agents in Cuba trying to catch him.

What about the horns? Look it sounds stupid but they have cameras in my car and will honk at certain times also. Let's pretend I'm telling the truth. How illegal is this?

So it’s probably normal air traffic and normal beeping then. I think you might need someone to help you with this paranoia, since it can fuck with relationships and social functioning.

Can they put cameras in my room because I have never heard onereported case of this not even in the mafia.

Have you seen one camera or camera transmission, or are you just assuming they’re there?

My life is so shit no, I can barely function and have lost all my relationships. Where can I chat with someone? I have doctors but I don't see them often. I need a psychiatrist.

These schizophrenia threads make me sad every time

They did it because I covered all my phones cameras, they put things in my walls that make noises and will make my electronics make noises or turn them on and off. They will do this in synchronized patterns or at certain times to let me know I'm being watched.

It makes me sad to watch as my life is being destroyed. Sad to watch me lose who I am.

you should call crisis screening to say you’re paranoid that you’re being harassed impossibly by the government, and that you are in need some kind of social intervention.

they have people who will take you out to lunch and talk to you about how to access services such as free psychiatric appointments and free medication. this is assuming that you’re in the US, since you haven’t specified otherwise.

you might be losing who you are because you’re so isolated.

All of those patterns are just the illness in your head man, you need help. the patterns dont really exist

Isolation is a part of it but I have this strong desire to isolate, I have a really hard time controlling my mood and concentrating. Everything seems so difficult. If I were to commit myself for life if things get worse, how bad of a life is it and how would I do this? I'm in the US. I'll try what you said.

I just want to be dead sometimes. I'll try to ignore things, thanks. Hopefully I turn go full a beautiful mind crazy.

It's pointless to argue the legality of it because it's not a thing that happens. This kind of stuff is massively expensive and difficult to arrange and even if it WAS true it would require the person being surveyed to be a major and immediate threat to the government. And they wouldn't possibly go through that expense without a concrete reason or listing demands.

What could you possibly know that fits the criteria of major immediate country-ending information? "The truth" doesn't cut it, it has to be a solid concrete tangible fact involving a known person, place, and time.

OP, every single thing you have described is a symptom of paranoia. Every damn one. You need to see a professional before it gets worse. It doesn't make sense for the government to do all of this. There's too much cost, too much server dats for constant monitoring (working in IT puts it into perspective just how EXPENSIVE it is to manage 24-hour surveillance. People pay tens of thousands for this.). And, let's be straight, there's not a valid enough reason for it. You're small fry. Why would they monitor you when there's so many people it makes more sense to monitor? And remember they can't watch everyone, it's too costly and resource-intensive.

It makes much more sense that you have a well-known and relatively common condition. Occam's razor and all. We love to think that our brains are infallible but they're really not. Our perception is everything to us, and you are exhibiting classic signs of skewed perception that align with classic paranoia.

You need to see a psychiatrist and get help. This will only get worse and you need to make the decision to seek help while you still have the presence of mind to decide that. Don't leave this alone, paranoia will ruin your life if you let it.

Life commitment for people in your situation is archaic. It’s been outlawed. The people at crisis screening, and the State as a ehol, just want you to get sorted out and back on your feet. They will hook you up with treatment.

You can ask them if you’re considered safe enough to acess some kind of urgent outpatient intervention services. Pic related is an example of how to search for that on Google. I typed in a random county name. Be honest with them, okay? It’s time to get some help.

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sorry if this sounds patronizing, but outpatient services are outside in the free world. inpatient services are usually locked doors.

the average person who goes into a mental hospital only stays there for like two weeks, and then ideally transitions to intensive outpatient.

Yes, the nsa is a thing. Everything you do is monitored 24/7. This has been well documented but they still try to keep it secret. Some people LOVE the prison state too. I'm sure theres some delusion in there but wanting people to leave you the fuck alone is completely normal. There are maybe ten people on Earth who actually want every living thing to be able to live their own existence. Instead everyone enslaves other people with pieces of paper. Yes, everyone is out to get you. How hilarious would it be if somebody went to a psych and said im paranoid then they said youl never be a victim of a crime then they casually walk though a store and hear a gun shot and go "oh the psych said I cant be a victim of a crime so that must be TV" then they walk over to shooter and get shot.

What would be a good reason to report this post? Btw go rot in hell for trying to harm someone that needs help


OP, get some help.
you need love, sleep and exercise.

try to love the things and people around you, go for a walk in nature where you can relax and soak in the beauty of the moment

also try not to worry too much and drink more water.

also, nobody is out to get me personallly, because nobody gives a shit about me that much. to think the world revolves around me and the government is interested in me because I have cute dimples or whatever is flagrantly psychotic.

I also want to clarify that medication isn’t the main solution, though it can help. Therapy and socializing again are the main solutions.

and maybe you’re an unregistered immigrant or a drug dealer. even then, the government mainly wants you to pay your taxes and not be a nuisance.

So they put you on disability and help you with housing and mental health care services.

I'm currently getting help from the country by I need more. I'll take your advice.

yeah, isolation breeds paranoia in anyone.

we are social animals.

Thanks, I'll try to.

Thanks, I'll remember that.

Being paranoid that you are being gang stalked is like the opposite of naricism. Narccistist believe everyone loves them and thinks they are the coolest ever. Paranoid people think others are watching them or out to get them. The truth is, the majority of humans are selfish---they are too busy focusing on themselves and their own problems to gangstalk someone.

I think paranoid people's main problem is that they lack empathy to understand how much depth there is in a human life. Everyone's life is huge and complicated, just like yours is. To think 20+ entire human beings are watching YOU specifically is absurd.

I'm neither. I'm a citizen.

Then there’s normal narcissistic behavior, which is done by insecure people who dislike themselves. I don’t really like the DSM.

you are probably not paying attention in traffic because of a psychosis, and other people honk to make you pay attention because you drive dangerously.

I was worried the guy talking about how getting help was bad social programming was you. Thanks for asking for help.

I also get paranoid sometimes, especially after things that have happened to me. I’ve never had delusions, but I know that living life on the defensive is tough.

I hope you make some friends in this world again and that you meet the best proffesionals you can. Godpseed.

It's when I'm parked.

Thank you. And just to clear things up nobodies heard of the government doing these things?

Many auditory hallucinations are every day sounds. This isn't a horror movie where voices are telling you to skin strangers. It's honestly more devious than that because it's near impossible to tell if the sound is real or not.

Schizophrenia is more than being paranoid/delusional

Although that's true he is certain at least in need of immediate mental health services, as paranoia of this level is basically late-stage psychosis.

OP, the only thing out to get you is your own mind. You can get past this. You just need a little help. I know it seems impossible but you need to try to trust the medication and that it will work for you.

Please reach out to someone that cares about you and you trust, or even once cared about you and still would. Tell them what's going on and that you need support from someone. You will to get through this. You cant alone.

Thanks, I will try to contact some old friends.


Maybe its not the government but maybe some random person you pissed off , and that person decided to get revenge by making you paranoid and scared

I have an idea of this one rich guy I pissed off. If it's him you have gotten me. Please stop.Tou win. Let's work together on my projects and make money. I'll contact you soon.

I guarantee if you actually fucking look around next time """you""" get honked at you'll see somebody getting brake checked or cut off.

Occams razor. USE IT.

Gang stalking is actually a thing but personally I believe it happens way less than what people believe. I would go to a hospital to get a psych evaluation because you probably have schizophrenia. The upside is that you can get SSI and they will give you money for free because you have a disability that prevents you from functioning normally. I'm schizophrenic and I used to believe in that shit but got on some meds and then realized it wasn't something I could have controlled or dealt with without modern medicine correcting my brain's natural imbalances caused by my genetics.

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>Gang stalking is actually a thing
Yeah it's called a DEA investigation, Pablo.

Hey, cosmonaut, respond to this anons post. Give valid reasons why any of what they said here couldn't be fact.

H-how cute?

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Because it's a total waste of anyone's time and money.

You gang stalking-paranoids are all legit morons who think the world somehow revolves around you or are desperate for some sort of meaning. You mean literally nothing, you are nothing. I know that's hard to accept, but nothing about any of you is notable enough for anyone to want to bother following or harassing you.

Literally every single dipshit who thinks they are being gang stalked is in the double digit IQ range and has a severe mental disorder. Go to a fucking doctor and get medicated before you hurt someone.

I'm not OP. I was telling OP to respond you dumbass

I don't sell drugs.

Respond to if it's legal.

this isn't true. narcissism is just a an inflated sense of self importance, so much so that you hold beliefs of things being revolved around you. paranoia is a narcissistic form of anxiety if that makes sense, because the underlying belief of paranoia is that you're the center or focus of whatever anxiety related thing you think is happening.


this is a legit mental illness symptom. seek help.

Please pick up your clothes off the floor like a normal human being and place them in the hamper. That is all for today.

nigga you’re probably boring as fuck, why would the US government want to keep an eye on your crazy ass? They got better shit to do.

Can the government put cameras in your room?

Can the government stalk harass and intimidate you?

Can the put things in your walls to make noise?

I didn't read through all the responses but I just wanted to say, I believe you. You aren't necessarily crazy.


>tfw everyone in this thread is in on it

>my mother semi-recently had a psychotic episode/developed schizophrenia
>can pick it out in other people from a mile away because people in psychosis all seem to talk the same way

Are you the same guy who was sure that the door was being deliberately slammed in your apartment block as some way of getting you?
Please see some help.

No, you would not be under surveillance or harrassed because you cover the camera on your phone. It's not "real" but I know it is to you. Medication may help you and you might benefit from attending groups in your area. Hearing Voices groups often include all extreme experiences and it's comforting to connect with other people who can relate.

Do I talk like I have psychosis? And no, that's not me.

I'll try to get in a group. Would the American public and news flip out if everything I was saying was true?

Why would anyone care enough about you to follow you around?

Sometimes I feel like somebody's waaatching meeee

I think they would.