What's the worst thing you've done, user?

What's the worst thing you've done, user?

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I'm a medic. I didn't consult a doc when i should have. Lady could be (small probability but still) still alive today

Went out with a girl for 3 years just because of her tits
I even told my roommate before our first date I thought she was ugly and mean.
Didn't want to give up the tits though
Eventually she got pregnant, kept saying I'd propose
Never did
Eventually found a new pair of tits and moved to a different state to chase them
Who knows how much child support I owe. I haven't been contacted except once and I told her to shove it.
That was 4 years ago so I imagine the number is $0.00

Killed baby cats.

Toss-up for me

Either do too much acid and try to rape my friend
Or say I was gonna commit a mass shooting, get arrested and make my parents cry.
I think I regret the latter more, but at least i got treatment for my crazies because of it. The former lost me said friend.

Stuck my oldest sisters dildo up my ass, even sucked it. Also it vibrated inside.

Ngl, it was a comfortable feeling, unironically relaxing since my ass is like a burnt donut.

pic unrelated, inside joke about niggers being made into chocolate milk in the middle east and thats why we have albinos (also why US is there)

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Spread my cum in the seat of my mom’s underwear to get back at her for dating a drug addict who beat my sister

Tried to kill my nephew because I was sick of his nigger communist bullshit, if no one was there to stop me he eould have been dead and i would probably be in prison.

When I was in 6th grade this girl was crushing on me at my summer camp and every night we had a circle where we would talk about the day and I called her annoying to her face in front of everyone.

I feel so bad about to this day. Probably not the worst thing I've done but this haunts me on the regular

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Did you apologize?

It's never too late to apologize. Not unless she's dead or something.

Broken multiple girl's hearts. I don't know why I do it. I think it's just inside me and I can't help it. I rationalize by saying that it is their fault for falling for me.

Grab boob without permission

>get your mom pregnant with incest baby
>haha that'll show her

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I convinced myself I'd make it.

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grabbed a girl by the pussy
caused a kid on a bike to crash, putting him in a temporary coma
other than that have lived my life generally as a cheating, stealing, uncharitable miser

Cut my arms to shit because I was a pussyfaggot in highschool

i dont have her contact information. i only knew her that one summer but im afraid i ruined her self esteem for life

One time I skipped the queue at the school cafeteria


Popped like, 50 pills trying to end myself. Had to go to the hospital. Scared my parents to death.

Does someone else's dream of you doing something shitty and molding their perception of you around that dream count as doing something shitty? I'm sure there's a metaphysical or psychological excuse for it.

In the past, screamed at the top of my lungs at this girl who has been obsessed with me ever since. I want nothing to do with her. Unless you count breaking a window out of boredom.
I was also a real shit guy to a lot of girls who really did not diserve the way I treated them.
But my biggest bad thing I've done is fall in love with a girl 10 years younger than me. Still legal mind you. But I think shes starting to fall for me too.

When my husband had an affair right after we married with our neighbor upstairs, who left her door unlocked at night, I drugged him with cold meds, went to drink with her and slipped some to her before leaving. Cut that cunts hair off after she fell asleep and took a pic, sent it to her boyfriend explaining what was going on. She moved out that week. Tried to leave him too but I couldn't lock him out or find a cheaper place and had no friends to stay with. Worse thing I ever did was let him back in.

Completely based

Good you didn't cheat back, even better you told the cunt's boyfriend and made her pay

Sorry dude, but you're a piece of shit.

It's never too late to take out the trash!

Bullying. When I was 8, in grade school, I mistakenly thought a girl (who kind of had a reputation for being slow and was regularly made fun of) stole my animal crackers during filed days. I saw her eating them and I marched up to her and i slapped the bag out of her hands, she dropped the bag of cookies and I called her a thief and idk what else. As soon as I walked away, I saw my bag of animal crackers sitting where I last left it. I looked back at the girl, she was sitting by herself looking down, probably crying because she reached her hand up to her eye and rubbed it. I felt such intense remorse but did not apologize because what I had just done was witnessed by everyone in my class pretty much. I felt powerful in the moment but after realizing my misunderstanding of the situation, I felt like a total shithead.

You didn't ruin her self-esteem. You could have likely affected it, but in that case, a simple apology could provide kindness.

Do you have the contact information of anyone who went to camp with you?

Cheated my way through high school and ended up at an ivy league school.

Use a good girl for sex, sleep etc so I would forget about my ex who used me as a rebound. I wanted to forget her and thought other simple women will do

Never have I been so wrong

I'm sorry A, you like me a lot, but I have no interest in you.

I know.
I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night thinking someone from that family is here to set things right.
Based Asian.

When i was in a Catholic school, i said some boy in the same class tried to kiss me.
>MFW he got expelled because they tought he was sexually harrasing me

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Asians have higher IQs, deal with it dumbass.

When I was like 5 years old I elbowed (very hard) my 2 year old sister in the nose on purpose

I was a piece of shit.
Punched a younger kid in the nose who i used to play with because he thought we were just playing and he tried to scratch me. He started bleeding a lot. I talked my way out of that by convincing him i was sorry (i was). He didn't snitch.

Mocked and bullied a scrawny and lethargic (yet always happy and energetic) looking kid from my neighborhood who got disowned by his own mother and gave away to far relatives who used to hit him with a belt just for playing with the kids from the block. He gave me one of his toys when he went away back to his ma.

I used to mock a fat girl and also participated in throwing to the trashcan her flute once. Her brother almost kicked my ass after he found out i made gorilla noises behind her while she was walking.

I made my cousin slit his finger by telling him to slide his finger across an old razor. He got some stitches and injections i believe.

I also made my cousin eat some piece of junk i found in the floor that looked like fried banana. I told him it was fried banana i was saving for him. He threw up.

My cousin (a girl, not the same) came visit with my aunt and her best friend (my crush). She was embarassing me in front of her friend so i pushed her and she fell to the floor. She started crying and her friend started calling for my aunt so i just ran away to my bedroom and locked myself in there.

I helped a friend stalk the girl he had a crush on.

I stalked a girl for over two years. She was into me (at least at the beggining).

I made 'plans' to get closer to that girl that involved pretending to like people that were closer to her. I got to hang out two times with her (and the other folks in between of course).

I ghosted my only friends, the first because i was too fucking emotionally unstable to just say no to his petition for help with was at the time his 'dream'.
The second was one of the guys i pretended to care about to get closer to the girl i used to like.

Took a woopsy on my moms fancy dinner plates when I was 6. She though I tard, now I take woopsy on carpet like a good boy, she beats me if I don’t.

I peed on a random dog that was behind a fence to make my edgy friends laugh when I was a kid. Also would jack off underneath the table during study period because I was the only one who sat on that side of the room. Ya I was a pretty fucked up kid.

Oh, I also used to take stealthy creep shots of chicks asses then jerk off to them.

That's a toss up. Either sleeping with my now ex-gf while she was drunk (something she said was fine and was never upset about, even if I felt bad. We were together at the time so it was technically okay but still)


Hacking my physically abusive best friend's iCloud and leaking her nudes. I sent them to some guy who wanted to date and he ended up hurting himself

Lied about being in and graduating college to my best friend. At least now I have permission to die

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I also tried breaking up with my ex on our one year anniversary. She gave me this thing that had a bunch of reasons why she loved me on it. It's the best gift I've ever received.

Might I ask why you are asking this? Makes me think you want to compare your weight to the weight of others?

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concussed a retard.

I was nasty in high school. Got into a lot of fights and once I robbed a kid. I would threaten kids at school and was a real edgelord to the point the cops got called on me. Now, I'm an anxious person barely leave the house except for work.

I really hate that I was that person, now I'm polite and go out of my way to help others. I even got into a service career. It rings hollow sometimes, like I'm a fake, and I feel bad for that too.

I came in a girl on my first time having sex, intentionally.

for whatever reason she stayed with me and i came in her again.

I really wanted to be her boyfriend and thought it was okay...

Not very bright looking back on it. I feel very guilty because at some point her staying with me made me realize she was a human being and not a waste bucket, and as soon as I realized that, she left.

Sucks man.

We'd have to find you first

I used women as nothing but a way to gain pleasure. I tossed them aside after a quick fuck, after promising them so much. I read text after text of multiple women expressing their pain and disappointment and felt nothing, I could just move onto the next woman and pretend nothing happened. Eventually it hit me as I grew older what an absolute piece of shit I am.

Goddamn. Bitches be crazy

Good thing I’ll never cheat, since that’d require 2 girls wanting me......

H-hold me bros

>visited grandparents ranch for summer. 14 y/o at the time and brother was ~4. They had a small maybe 6x6 pen where they kept their white ducks. It was boring af there with nothing to do. No tv or internet so I played with a slingshot I had and flung rocks at them bc I was amused watching them dance. Accidentally hit one in the neck and it crawled its head under a big rock and died. Panicked and threw a pumpkin in the fence. Parents thought it was my brother. Figured I’d let him take the heat since he was younger and would prob get a lesser punishment. Before we left they made him apologize and that was it. No one ever found out

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beat the shit of my brother because he drank my coke.


Lol pussy ran and locked himself away. What happened when you finally came out?
>mfw fried banana shenanigans

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Not getting hit and killed by a car while riding my bicycle on main roads when I was teen-aged.

Sometimes when I'm driving and there are no other cars around I don't signal before changing lanes

The problem with this country is that women like you can easily just skate and get away with acting like that, while a guy would end up in prison for doing half of what you did.

I mean yeah
But they are also pretty notorious for cheating, even here in the states.

FUCKING MANIAC! Monsters like you should me locked up. I hope FBI sees your post and act accordingly!

Had an illegitimate child that I signed my rights away to.

>Know girl for 5 years
>Hang out casually in a friend group
>Eventually catch feelings
>Has a BF long term like 4-5 years
>Go away on vacation with her and two other friends
>We all get drunk as a group
>We end up fucking while she was still dating the BF
>Gets home and dumps him
>We start going out

I don't regret it one bit because the ex BF was a piece of garbage but this is definitely the worst thing ive done

Not having mustered the courage to off myself.

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learn how to meditate

I yelled at a girl that she was a slut during a party. Everyone immediately became silent and started whispering amongst themselves. Said girl ran away and I followed, yelling more things at her.

Kill yourself


Also a single mom I was dating for sex confessed to me that she was raped, I didn't really like her that much so I ghosted her

I really hated women in that period of my life

let brother inlaw hump and cum on my bare bottom in the pool while my husband slept poolside

Had a crush on a girl in my class (middle school)
She had a friend that knew about my crush and wanted to start conversations between us
One day we need to go to swim on school otherwise fail PE
Obviously she starts a conversation using this
"Honestly I only want to go swimming to be able to see girls in swimsuits"
What did I just say
They look at me
I feel regret instantly
They laugh it off, but i see disappointment in their eyes
Day come, we swim
Boys alone and girls on the other side of the swimming pool
I see nothing because i need glasses
MFW I blew it
MFW I see nothing
MFW I remember it
Tomorrow is also swimming at school to get grades, help what should i do if they open it up again?

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Medecine is hard because of this. Any mistake can cost the life of someone. I don't know how you guys can handle it.

you should consider suicide

Based titty chasing user

I don't always separate the whites and coloreds in my laundry


Stole a friend's yugioh card. Thought he wouldn't notice because he had two of the same card but oh boy was I wrong, literally went on a 30 min manhunt for this card, even looked outside the apartment, all while I had that shit under my armpit. Then my other friend started to jokingly pat me down and got caught kek

Basically that, I fuck up a lot and I feel like a cunt

When I was 15 this 12 year old o the internet girl put a thing on her Snapchat asking people to pick a number, I sent her a number and it was a stupid game where you had tasks to do
Mine was to send a picture of my dick and I asked her if she was sure, she was begging me to so stupid horny me did
Blocked her immediately afterwards

I am happy you find the good way user


I'm sure that makes Thanksgiving awkward
How do you even get in that situation? Did he just start doing it and you let him?

I cheated on my girlfriend during long distance, with Grindr.

I got really horny one night and downloaded it and browsed. I didn't message or reply to anyone but I filled out a profile (no pic though), so I got lots of messages and dick pics, which if we're being honest here I was basically soliciting by making the profile. I felt so ashamed once I came, and uninstalled it. I never told her but a couple of years later she had an affair during another long distance period and left me for the other guy, which made me feel less bad about my own cheating in relation to her, but I still feel bad about it for myself. I'm in another relationship now and I'm more careful about what I do when I'm horny. I'm also ashamed for walking right into and validating the whole "bisexuals always cheat" stereotype.

Had sex with an escort about five times. She's the only woman willing to fuck me so... I got addicted for awhile.

You're being too harsh on yourself, you didn't really cheat.

Kicked an actual autist (maybe he had another disability) in the legs a few times to see his reaction.

I beat my wife into a coma, through our TV through her car window, and pissed all over the house. Drugs man. Over nearly nothing

Why do I think bisexuals are faggier than just regular fags?

1 You don't know what country I'm in
2 Men get away with literal rape and assault all the time, get out if the basement and watch the news
3 My husband cheated on me right after we got married you stupid unloved child

Hung out with the wrong crowd as a kid and helped a friend steal from an elderly neighbour. It got out eventually but the friend got all the heat because her family had been having a bad reputation in town for years, they moved away a year later.

Don't regret it anymore because about three years later I was intensely psycho-bullied and felt that was my punishment provided by divine justice. Besides, it takes a bit of a shocker to truly change in personality, which I definitely have since then.

>age 19
>at get together with closest friends aged 18, 17 and 17
>we all get drunk out of our minds from a drinking game with straight vodka
>wake up next morning on the floor
>friends told me I was passed out and unresponsive for three hours despite their efforts to wake me up
>I had snapped awake and pummeled my best friend to the ground in a choke hold
>choked him while screaming "I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU"
>other friend pulled me off and I passed out again
The scary thing about that one is that I don't remember any of it. I would never in my life try to hurt my best friend.

Another one:
>drunk as fuck and high on cocaine
>want to get Zaxby's but wisely decide I'm in no condition to drive
>go downstairs and plead with my sister to drive me to no avail
>I put my hand around her neck and point my car keys at her eye and demand she takes me
>she does
A lot of people have told me I have a drinking problem but I only drink a few consecutive days of the week. I need to figure out how to control myself better when I'm drunk.

Are you posting from jail?

Yeah its awkward since my brother inlaw keeps trying to corner me again thought I told him it was a huge mistake but he somehow thinks there's something there between us.

Its my fault totally. All of us were drinking around the pool, my husband passed out and we got in the pool, playing at first then he kept trying to pull my top up but I just laughed, tried to dunk him and grabbed and squeezed his groin and swam quickly to the edge to get out and he caught me. He pinned me to the side, started nuzzling my neck and grabbed my breast and I did nothing. So he worked my bottoms down and he tried to have intercourse but I said I'll scream so he just rubbed on my butt till he came and I pulled up and got out real quick to clean up. I admit I was so scared we'd be caught and excited at the same time its a wonder I stopped him from sex.

Thing is I don't really like him much at all I just got too drunk and foolish

Married my wife. She deserves more than someone like me.

Ruined a genuine good person

Was a massive bully as a kid and a teen, used to bully this kid in my school when I was 10 called David Gilesbie, I used to make people call him David GayLesbian. Then there was this girl in my high school that everyone hated that me and my friends bullied all the time. I regret it but I think God has punished me later in life for it.

Did you strip her naked before taking the pictures? That would be hot, if not cringe.

You sound like a complete dickhead mate, the second one is really sad. I would have knocked you the fuck out

I ghosted all my friends too when I became depressed. Just found pretty excuses and cut them off completely all of a sudden. I don't really know why the fuck I acted like that.

>I used to make people call him David GayLesbian

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I am going through that right now can you give me some advice? My family issues with my mum and brother has me severely depressed and I could not deal with having to worry about the social construct of having friends. I have ghosted them all for 2 years now

being born

Hacked a friend's RuneScape account and stole all his stuff and claimed I didn't know he got hacked.

This was back in elementary school and I still feel bad for it.

I did this to my friend and he hit me in the head with one of those heavy duty Hardback World History books and knocked me out cold at school

I'm not really the right person to give advice, I'm sorry. I've been a shut-in for 6 years now and I'm suicidal most of the time. If you haven't been to a doctor, try seeing one. Medication can help. But if you have the strength to go outside everyday, even just for a walk, that's great. I have no idea how to make friends again, I'm 31 and I have no clue how to start over.

Also I want to add... If you didn't really fight with them before ghosting them you might still be able to contact them again. I've disappeared several times due to depression and people were mostly confused about it. If you're humble about it and genuinely sorry they will maybe take you back.

They are still there for me, well my bestfriend and a chick that fancies me but I think it is too selfish to make contact again after ghosting them for so long. I am not really socially awkward or anything I can put on a goof front of confidence and can make relationships if I wanted to but being a shut in is literally my dream. if I did not have the stress of dealing with my scumbag families problems and I had enough money to have a computer, good food and weed I would be content with being socially isolated. I am kind of in between convincing myself that I am mentally fucked up but it frustrates me that I put on a good front so people that know me think I am normal and confident and just being weird about going out and stuff.