How do I deal with a perverted delivery man...

How do I deal with a perverted delivery man? The mail guy brought me my new shoes today and he saw my little sister walking around the house in just a tee and panties. He smirked at me and mimed spanking a butt. I told him that girl is my sister and 14 years old, which just made him laugh. "Well, this is Georgia. So don't let that stop ya!" I'm so freakin mad guys.

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tell your hotass sister not to walk around the house in underwear, that is unless you tryna smash.

I don't care what she wears at home as long as her privates are covered. But she could be naked, wouldn't give adults the right to creep on my kid sis.

The problem is with your sister not him.
If you want you could just call up his company and say he made you feel uncomfortable which would likely get him fired after you tell them the situation and possibly even go full annoying soccer mom and say you'd like to speak with a manager..

But again,it's your sister.

What the fuck did my sister do wrong other than wear her panties in her own home? They weren't a thong or anything outrageous.

What exactly are you upset about? If I saw your sister running around half naked I'd get turned on too. It's biological buddy. Ain't shit we can do about it.

Fucking hell it doesn't help that she's in full view for all to see. I see where you're coming from, and agree that it is not acceptable for a dude to be creeping, but keep in mind the majority of men are animals and are just like that

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But he didn't have to talk about my kid sister like that???

If he was smart he wouldn't have said anything. He was unprofessional in uniform. If he was in normal clothes then just a pervert.

What color were her panties?

beat his ass to assert dominance

Blue. Now fuck off creep.

The Chad delivery dude
The virgin delivery pizza connoisseur

>not a thong


She is a kid, Uncle Creepy.

When I was in middle school, so ages 13-14 here, I saw more thongs in 2 years than I have in the rest of my life since.

So you want my little sister to show her butt cheeks like a hoe?

Well now I do.

got any pics of your sister?

Why didn't you tell your sister that you were expecting a delivery abd that she should dress well?

>he thinks that a horny 14 year old didn't show herself off on purpose

She wouldn't have done that. And if she did, she'd wear something "sexier" than a Naruto shirt and plain cotton panties.

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I am the delivery man you fuckin faggot kek would destroy your roastie sis tho

Just report him to the company, nothing else you can do. Also, stop taking the bait, all these guys are trolls who would white knight the fuck out of you if you posted this on FB

Answer the question then.

I didn't bother to warn her bc I didn't think she'd be pantsless.

Mate this is clearly a thread made by some dude with his dick in his hand wishing he had an imouto who wears things when getting around the house.

I'm sure if people were actually taking the bait this story would become more erotic by the minute as new "details" were revealed.

Except she did. Did she yelp and quickly get out of sight? Or did she just walk placidly through a spot where she'd be seen. Next time she WILL be busting out the lace thong that your mom doesn't know she bought.

She didn't care. It's just underwear, not like she was naked.

Does she shave her box? Wax it? Laser maybe, it's getting cheaper and they're starting younger these days.

>well this is georgia so don't let that stop ya
Don't be a faggot OP your sister clearly wanted to be seen

Why the fuck would I know that?

Because we're in some weird incest laro thread.


I am a dirty phone poster and it was autocorrect, I'll admit it.

Don't be rude.


Beat his ass

Tell your sister to stop being a slut. Also could you upload a pic of your sisters panties?


You are a perv.

It's biologically natural to eat until you're 500 lbs but only the stupid fatass blames mcdonalds

>stale ass my little sister b8
come on, user
youre better than this

Unfair to men.