Drinking contest

I have been challanged to a drinking contest wich will determine who is the true alpha male. I usually have a pretty high alcohol tolerance but i would be grateful if you guys had some advice on how i can maximize my alcohol consumption without throwing up/blacking out, like if there is any special foods or drinks i should take beforehand or whatever advice you have. Thanks.

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All that will be proven is that you are both (all?) equally stupid

Eat bread.

No yeah i know we're both dumb but this guy has been talkin mad shit and i need to put him in is place

Any particular kind?

When you're both wasted smash a bottle and slash his face with it.

Nah man. Violence ain't in my nature. But drinking is

You do you i guess. I don't think anything good would come from getting drunk around someone I hate though.
The bread is to help delay the effects of the alcohol.

Accepting the challenge and giving into their wishes was an act of submission by you. You have already lost the minute you participate. The way to fix this is to go out on a date that night, let the alpha-fag organize the gay drug-party, thus wasting his time.

The thing is that I'm fairly confident i will drink the faggot under the table but i just want to make sure. If i win this contest it would be the worst humiliation for this guy since he seems to pride himself on being able to drink alot

Drink some kind of oil beforehand

Eat as much food as you can and drink a cup of water every drink you take

Won't eating alot of food make me throw up more easily? It's traditional rules so if i throw up i lose. Water is out of the question.

Caffeine and starches

This. Anything absorbent is a good call. It reduces the rate at which your body will take up alcohol. Have a good meal beforehand as well. Drink lots of Gatorade and water.

eat fatty foods and avoid salts
go to some fast food before.

And in my esperience, peanut butter seems to help and might prevent you from getting sick

If you're gonna be pounding beers you need to eat some active dry yeast before drinking. I forget specifically how it works but something about the yeast balancing out the yeast from the beer or some shit. Look it up.

This. Its what the Sam Adams guy does when he needs to drink at conventions all day. Spoonful between beers I think, look it up.

You are missing my point, by accepting the challenge you lose, who drinks who under the table does not matter, he has dragged you down to his level, and you will have consented to it.


3 grams of curcumin
1 gram of black pepper
a bit of fat.

Not sure if it works for not getting as drunk, but it did work to prevent a hangover for me.

test it out beforehand if you've got the time.

read up on what prevents throwing up if you feel like risking alcohol poisoning