How the FUCK am I supposed to reply to this brehs? This was a curveball I wasn't expecting

How the FUCK am I supposed to reply to this brehs? This was a curveball I wasn't expecting

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if dubs, reply with erection (if you are both 18) and say this is whats up dumbass

If dubs:
"Le random xd"

"You're missing something"
"Mah dick XD"

if you don't know how to reply and need help you aren't good enough already. find someone as boring as you are. you are either charming or you aren't. clearly you aren't if you need help to text someone.

My PEnis
Cause it thinks you're cute
Hey want to grab some coffee, don't worry I'll bring the cream.

Just cut right to the chase and ask if you can eat her poop

This is really the only way

This but less pessimistic. You shouldn’t need to ask what today at every turn. Just be natural

Ask her if she knows that the Ozone Hole is an instance where people actually acknowledged their climate endangering behaviour and successfully reversed the direction it was taking by forbidding CFCs


I was a bit blunt but yeah, they can't fake their entire way into a relationship or a date. Op won't be able to keep up. Just be yourself.

With humor more humor duh!
Say things like "if their that high up then there is no reason for an angel like you to worry."

This was reply, she said she liked hiking in her bio. She's really cute so I hope she responds

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She wants you to outwit her. Say something clever to match it.

Keep us posted, interested too if a girl would go /out/ on first date

Lol, yikes..
Any one of the replies here where less cringe than this. Literally wth is this? Hella dumb.

You should had at least said "lol"
And then continue as normal...majorly rolling my eyes.

tell her that you're a lifeless manlet fag

trips demands

I'm 6,4

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You bragging mother fucker. What the fuck do you need advice on. How is some random joke a "curveball" you fucking stupid nigga

You're a corny pussy too.

Oh my god bro, too pretentious.

I like it but I'm a guy
And you want a girl

I hate myself

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That's about the best you could do given her retarded reply. Also, your first message isn't the kind of thing that's going to work on this shitty hookup app, you have to open with a douchey joke.

Just go fuck a twink if you're into shorthaired sluts

Did you mean to reply to OP maybe?

It starts rocky but finishes smooth. Her reaction will dictate your rating.

Kek wills it