So, I am going to dress up as a girl and let a 6'7 Mountain looking mother fucker have his way with me...

So, I am going to dress up as a girl and let a 6'7 Mountain looking mother fucker have his way with me. I am 5'8 in my thigh highs and skirt. I guess the advice I am seeking is how to not be nervous when I go to meet him. I am a little bit scared. Pic kinda related.

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Also ways to prepare before hand to make the anal easier...

This is what I'm talking about.
Hillary 2020!

Actually, i voted trump. But i still dress as a girl occasionally.

That's good but just let me tell you that in the homosexuality scale, voting democrat is right after taking a cock in your ass so you are already close to changing sides.

I just dont want to show up shaking like a leaf and so nervous that I cant do what I want to do.

I sincerely doubt I will change sides

Well, you have already changed teams once.

I still go for girls too, I just freelance for the other side.

Living in your head rent free, apparently

You're pretty thicc op, would fuck

Well, fair enough. Just take care man because trust me. One day you take a cock in the ass, the next day you are putting on a chastity belt, the next day you are getting fucked by two dudes, and the next day you are voting Democrat.

It's a slippery slope. But it seems you are already conscious of this so as long as you pay attention to your own actions you'll be fine.

Thanks everyone so far, the discussion has been good, but how can I alleviate my nervousness in relation to our size differences.

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Thanks, I think.

Ahahhaha kek
Made my morning user

I'm mainly nervous that I wont want to do something and he will not take no for an answer, which is daunting.

If this is your first time being a degenerate, good luck, lol. Should have went with someone around 5’10

Has he been tested recently?

The greatest internet prank of all time: convincing retards to LARP as women and get fucked. Enjoy AIDS you fucking melvin.


Its kinda fun, desu~

you traps took over almost every board so how about leaving this one alone.

Where should I go instead, I came for legit advice on not being afraid when I get there.

You're going to be beaten, raped, and pozzed but gays tend to be into that because they were molested as children and brainwashed by the internet so it's no big deal.

lgbt is also a blue board, try that one

listen to me BECAUSE I want you to take this in. You are mentally ill, and you should consider seeking out professional help

you fucking creature

First you start with the hot straight-ish man; eventually you get ugly and so hungry for dick that you lower your standards, and you're getting fucked by some twink with a huge cock. And then you lower your standards even more and you're getting fucked by a guy who just contracted HIV and doesn't know it; and then you got it too.

Mentally unstable, father issues.
Manliness doesnt come to you by cumming into your rectum.