So I bumped into an ex of mine and we kinda just talked for a while over some coffee...

So I bumped into an ex of mine and we kinda just talked for a while over some coffee. She was pretty nice and even took it when she asked about me having a gf. What she didnt take well was when she found out how old my gf is. She had some pretty nasty things to say after that.

Am I supposed to feel bad for having an 18 yo gf? I'm 29.

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how did you get a 18 year old gf?

It's her issue. Probably just insecure. Don't worry about it. Just focus on having a good relationship with your gf.

We met online playing vidya, and found out we lived close to each other. It grew, eventually we met in person and we hit it off.
This wouldn't really surprise me. She's the same age as me and kinda let herself go after she broke up with me.

be proud
you are doing nothing wrong as long as you take the relationship seriously
what kind of games would you recommend for meeting women? lonely and willing to try anything here

Well no, enjoy it, just know that about 23 she will implode and leave you.

16-25 women are a complete different person than 26-36.

She's angry that she got replaced by someone younger. Ignore it.

Oh god, this is gold.
>roastie got toastie after realising she's old and busted and got replaced by young and pretty

Yeah you are, creep.


It's creepy, yeah, and it makes you look like a typical tosser who just wants to pound young pussy and doesn't care about anything else beyond that. She was probably disturbed

While I have my own opinions of dating young, rest assured that I've never been criticized on a relationship by someone in a healthy, constructive or otherwise positive relationship or relationship status; it's always from terminally single or unhappy people who get into relationshits that end with them sleeping on the couch in their own home like some sort of stray animal.

Rather, people who intend well by you will give you advice. For instance, a young person is likely to move on in life much quicker and more drastically than someone at your stage, so watch for that. Otherwise, I think a lot of women will judge you harshly because losing out to age is basically the Achilles' heel of womankind. Men don't suffer that problem, because young guys are dumb as fuck and guys tend age well until the geriatrics, at which point everyone's oatmeal and burlap anyway.

I think you are going to run into a lot of judgement and I think you should be prepared to say something like, "It's not like I make a habit of dating young, she and I just clicked." Don't let people gaslight you, there are young people with their shit together in this day and age and underestimating that is a dumb idea (and also probably pretty hypocritical). Let people be them, it sounds like you two are happy.

What is your point here? OP's will ride cock carousel and then find herself a beta provider, probably more affluent than OP, and settle down. The girl OP is dating now will leave him in 2-4 years for some jock and OP will let himself down and get some 18 years old sugar baby to keep himself entertained. It's all so pathetic...

>th-their relationship will fail, because I said so!
Goodness me, do you perhaps find yourself under a spell of frustration at present time?

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I’m a dude and 32 years old.

All relationships fail, homie
If you think they will last together till their dying breath, you confuse real life with Disney movie

sounds like you've had some terrible experiences

No, I merely observe

Imagine how SEETHING his old and used-up ex is right now is amusing, that's all.

It's just sad

It's perhaps a bit creepy but fuck that; it's legal so if you're happy together then who cares.

Maybe you should try something else than games

And I know a creep when I see one. 18 year old girls are children to me and I’d never date one.

>I'm afraid of what women will say if they see me with a younger girl :(
The fucking state of modern men.

I’m proud of you OP, ignore the hate, you’re doing great

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All YOUR relationships, maybe. Sucks to be you, I guess, homie

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No absolutely not at all.
It's perfectly fine. I anticipate that most people who will dissuade you are jealous and selfish. They hate that you have something they don't. In your girlfriend's case, you have something better than her. You guys broke up, she feels a bit invalidated, she asks about your life to see if you're doing better or worse without her. You're doing better and it makes her mad. She was hoping that you'd be worse off so she can feel good, like feel a sense of value in your own failure.

The overwhelming majority of relationships falls apart for one reason or another. Even if couples stay together and seem functional from the outside. I understand that you'd rather deny this uncomfortable truth, and I don't blame you for that.

Things are much easier to throw at people when you're on Jow Forums, hiding away from seeing your reactions and showing your body language, aren't they?
Don't worry, everyone's gone through their "woe is me and unto all" phase, this is just yours.


Obviously trying to suss out if she can get her claws back into you then got booty blasted after she found out you're dating somebody who is hot and young not fat and about to hit the wall

it is not, that it a prime age

don't listen to the roasties

you should not, that is a prime age*