Boyfriend visits my house

>boyfriend visits my house
>he sits on the couch
>my cat jumps on the arm on the couch and hisses at him because she's never seen him before
>my boyfriend punches cat in the face


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Dump the bf
Not because he punched the cat, but because he obviously has anger issues and no impulse control and next time you will be the cat

Tears of joy, I hope.

That man is a keeper.

Fuck cats.

This. I hope your cat is fine

And that is why you like him :^)

This kek

t. "nice" guys

Oh, it's just bants. Do you really think that girls never have bad things to say about men?

serves the cat right

... did you really just say that?

no, I think he typed it

Maybe he can punch your pusy next, or your face.

Kinda funny actually.

>animal abuse and mental instability are funny
Go neck yourself tripfag, you won't be missed

Yeah, that's really rich coming from the cuck who'd rather be owned by their pet, than own a pet. Oh yeah, I bet your domesticated and neutered toy tiger makes a fantastic pet, they're known for being such loving and social creatures. That neurotoxoplasmosis really seems to be working wonders for your cognitive ability.

Hey, I know an even quicker way to get the full cat ownership experience. Stick your dick in a paper shredder. It's cheaper, and at least you don't expect the paper shredder to love you back. All the pain with none of the disappointment of owning a retarded animal that doesn't know it's place in the food chain.

The only cat I want is in my Chinese food, thanks. Fuck.

BAKA if you didn't dump him on the spot...

My friend, you need to work on your issues.

You literally have to eat the cat's shit to get toxoplasmosis, you fucking retard
Please kill yourself

Lmao, is that op's bf? She dumped you, didn't she?

You would know, wouldn't you, you little cat cuck slave. I bet you just love sticking your grubby little fingers all over everything after petting your cat that just spent the last 5 minutes playing with it's own shit in the sand. You ever think about what happens when you touch the window after petting your cat, and then lick it? Cat aids, motherfucker.

He's right you know.
90% of cats are shit. They are opportunistic

>They are opportunistic
So they are just like 90% of people, then? Fair enough

Except we have a society. Those fucking cats, it's absolute anarchy. They don't give a fuck about order. They just destroy everything you hold dear, and leave you with nothing but a box full of shit, and broken dreams.

But no, cats aren't bad, you're bad. The cats just an asshole because you're mentally deficient when it comes to understanding creatures that basically have no real reason to exist, and flaunt it constantly.

>alpha male asserts his dominance over aggressive cat

this man is going to put a baby in you

I imagine he comes home the first time with his new girlfriend he loves. Great date, maybe >feeling a little nervous.
>"Have a seat would you like a glass of water?"
>"uh ss-sure anonete"
>Score, she likes me!
>Sit down
>Cat jumps up, out of fucking no where
>Hisses at me
>Holy fuck, punch the cat
>oh god what have I done
>Don't feel shame, don't show weakness
>um. am I still getting laid..?

It's a damn cat guys, get over yourselves.

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But it's just a poor little creature, user! It didn't do anything wrong! Now that cat is going to have to live the rest of it's life, forever punched!

You are next. Better behave yourself woman!

this is how autists behave
sad DESU

I laughed so hard I spew out all my rice

I know you're trolling, but in the even that you're not, focus your emotions on humans in need instead. Help children, volunteer at homeless shelters, or visit an old people's home.

It's just a cat.
He didn't rip it's flesh off, he just hit it after it hissed at him.

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It could just be a reaction. People do that when they get surprised, some people scream and jump backwards, others punch things. Not a big deal.

When he fisted that pussy he was dropping a subtle hint that he wants to fist your pussy.

You should let him fist your cunt

still a textbook autism symptom

I can agree on helping children or elderly, but fuck everyone else. And animals, especially pets, are powerless and need to be protected, not abused. A cat is not just a cat, a dog is not just a dog, these are living beings who feel the pain too.

You know what, you're right. There's a whole world full of things out there that need to be punched, I can't just allocate all that energy to cats alone, it wouldn't be just.

Thanks, user.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some old people to punch. I'll teach them to screw up our damn economy...

Yes obviously. If he was just going around hitting cats, then that's cruel. But as OP said, the thing hissed at him. He was in full right to do what he did. I would have done it too, albeit not with my fist. Maybe just slap or shove the thing away.

You really can't hold animals higher than humans. The moment you do that, you enter a moral sinkhole.

I don't know how you inferred that from my post but I don't advocate hitting animals. But if a dog snarls or a cat hisses at you, you're in free reign to attack it.

Oh, well you got me there. Guilty as charged.

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Cats hiss and dogs bark, that's not a reason to slap or hit them. The proper reaction is to ignore them or slowly move away, if you feel you are in danger.

Is your cat alright anonette? Dump that violent asshole

Eh, personally I feel that's a bit early to start attacking the animal.

I find it's normally just sufficient to stand proud, and stare it right in it's little bitch eyes until it looks away, looks back, and then rolls on it's back.

Only time I'd feel like it's imperative to get the first hit would be with a larger dog that's clearly displaying intent to attack, and not just some stupid animal dominance game.

>Cats hiss and dogs bark
That's a false equivalence. A more honest would be cats meow and dogs bark. Or cats hiss and dogs snarl.

If you're getting threatened by an animal, you don't need anymore reason whatsoever to attack it. What's he supposed to do? Just sit there and wait to get scratched?

I get it, I get that it really hurts you feelings that an animal got hit. Even OP wove in a little excuse in her post
>hisses at him because she's never seen him before
But just because you pity it, doesn't make it right. This is just a facts over feelings situation. The fact is he was threatened and thus in full right to attack the thing. Your feelings are "aww poor animal. Big man. Small animal. Man bad! >:("

So um. With all due respect, grow a pair

Maybe yes, really we'd have to see it and be in his shoes to know for sure. But even I agree I wouldn't close-fist punch the thing, I would only slap or shove it away.

If the stare of death works for you, then go for it. I won't take my chances personally getting scratched.

Do you know how I can tell you have a small dick or are impotent? You feel the need to attack an animal without any real reason to do so. Cats often hiss without actually attacking.

>The fact is he was threatened and thus in full right to attack the thing
A grown up man so afraid of a little hissing furball that he has to throw a punch? Quite pathetic.

Are you exaggerating when you say punch or did he literally give him a right hook to the nose?
Hitting a cat if it misbehaves is fine, you have to be strict with them and as long as it is proportional it's okay.
But downright punching him is kind of weird.

>without any real reason to do so.
it hissed
>Cats often hiss without actually attacking.
Armed bank robbers often rob banks without shooting people, you can still attack (and kill if necessary) them with full justification.

However, you're also free to choose not to. It's up to you. You personally wouldn't do it, so great! Good on you.
Me personally (and OP's boyfriend) would rather not get scratched. I would attack a threatening cat.

>Quite pathetic.
That's fine with me. If avoiding getting scratched makes me look pathetic, then that's what I am. Your whole argument here is name calling ('small d***', 'impotent', 'pathetic'). I suggest you relax and think about the rights of the man. He was actually the victim in the situation, and now you get people like you name-calling him and I. Don't shame victims.

>girl has minor complaint about bf
>Jow Forums: break up
every time


What the fuck did you expect? Tough love? Get back to r*ddit with that garbage.

If you have a problem with it, then just break up with Jow Forums. It was never going to work, anyways.

I have no idea why there are so many cat-hating psychopaths on this website

I know. Usually that scares the normalfags away.

How was he a victim? The cat didn't even touch him. Men who are afraid of getting scratched by a cat are... certainly not manly men. And calling that autist a victim is a hilarious in itself considering; you make it look as if the cat were a big bad monster who clawed his eyes out.
My argument here is that as a bigger and smarter animal your first reaction should not be punching or hitting a pet (who haven't even attacked you yet and may not attack you at all) but handle the whole issue in more rational way. If you knew a jack shit about pets, you would know for example that hitting a snarling dog may actually have adverse effect to intended. And if you weren't a small-pricked troglodyte who is afraid of cats, you would probably come up with five less aggressive ways of dealing with a hissing cat, like a normal person would.

>Men who are afraid of getting scratched by a cat are... certainly not manly men
That's right just sit there and do nothing, definitely don't show that cat who's boss

hey, can you address something really quick?
regarding that thread

>focus your emotions on humans in need instead. Help children, volunteer at homeless shelters, or visit an old people's home.
>His problems are on his own shoulders, don't worry about his life, even if you're rude to him, still his problem.

can you explain your hypocrisy?

A proper punch would knock a cat out. Also hurt the head severly Potentially killing it. Cats are tiny compared to a human.

Cats are assholes. Lived 3 weeks with 2 of those bitches.

you can discipline a cat without punching it, you know

Listen here, bitch. You don't need to be afraid of something to not desire the unnecessary negative effects of that thing.

You can't just imply that a person isn't a man because they weren't retarded enough to let a cat fucking scratch them. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

There are two things you can do: Establish dominance yourself, or let the animal establish dominance over you. If you BTFO when a cat hisses at you, what the fuck do you think that's telling the cat? It's telling it that it's owner is a pussy bitch that's too afraid to smack a bitch up.

Animals get hit all the time in nature, getting smacked by a human is just a reminder that it shouldn't fuck with things bigger and smarter than it. Though usually the threat of violence works better than the actual violence, because animals can't differentiate too well between "cut your shit", and "oh shit the giant ape wants to kill me".

Damn nigga what the fuck, did a cat tape you or something? Jesus.

I meant rape. I’m stupid.

we invented caturday
so I have to agree with you...
Also I love cats. Despite what a few of you have assumed.

Wait I get what you're saying now. The virtue of temperance and patience. It's not about being a man, but you're highlighting the difference between good men and bad men.

Example, bad customer service. A good man can remain calm when victimized, a less-good man will use his right to snap and yell. They're both in the right, but one man is more virtuous because he exercises temperance and patience.

Ok for that, I agree with you 100%. Sorry I'm not a better man, but I would be inclined to hit a threatening cat. But you really got me thinking about this now, so maybe now, I'll reconsider in the future. That's a good point.

>How was he a victim?
Because he was being threatened by an animal. A cat hissing means "I desire to scratch you". The man was put in this situation against his will and forced to react, then face the consequences from his gf nagging him and Jow Forums calling him names. That makes him a victim.

Yes of course.

In this thread, I advised an emotional user to direct his untargeted feelings into something productive. Like charity/volunteering. He had all this love and basically nowhere to put it.

In the thread you linked, was a girl who was personalizing another person's problems. Her issue was unduly amplified by taking on weight that was not hers to carry.

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No, you listen here, bitch: cat is a small animal in comparison with a human being. You can spank it or shove it easily, or sprinkle it with some water, and it will be enough to scare the cat and show him who is the boss. Punching a cat is severe overreacting. OP's bf's reaction is unproportional to cat's action. It's exaggerated, and like it was said in the first post, shows poor logical thinking skills/anger issues/impulse control issues on bf's side.

In that other thread was a girl who was worried about depressed guy whose life was getting worse and worse and your response was to leave him alone with all these problems,
youre a shit person

>OP's bf's reaction is unproportional to cat's action.
This is a mistake a lot of people in our generation make. They equate the rights of humans to the rights of animals. This is very dangerous line of thinking.

When a human threats or attacks, you have a duty (not a choice) to use equal-or-less force. Pic related.

But this does not apply to animals. If you are threatened by an animal, you have the immediate right to kill it. Generally people won't do that, yes, as explained very well. But you do have that right.

So you can say he overreacted all day long. Totally fine, because that's your opinion. However he was well within his rights to do this.

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the majority of cats are not worth keeping as pets

Think of it as 100 of your, "Punishments" condensed into one punch. The dude's just being proactive, he's covered for the next 99 hisses.

You know what I find interesting though? Nobody here is suggesting that the CAT has anger management issues, and that the CAT needs to go to therapy.

An innocent man was attacked while trying to relax on a couch, and here you are trying to justify the actions of the attacker, and criminalize the real victim. For shame, user. For shame.

>If you are threatened by an animal, you have the immediate right to kill it.
>if a cat hisses, you have the immediate right to kill it
Okay user, at this point I will just accept that you have some internal issues with which you have do deal on your own, or maybe with some help from your psychiatrist. Good luck.

Dude I dont like cats. But punching it? Thst could kill it. Im a harsh somewhat a redpill jaded incel fuckhead. But you are on a whole new level of not in reality anymore.


Attacked? Do you also sue people who call you jerk? Bitch

A cant acted in a perfectly natural way. Some stranger suddenly appeared on its territory, so the cat hissed to scare him off. I'm sorry anons, but if you genuinely think that a dude who sucker punched a cat because a cat dared to hiss at him is a victim, I cannot reason with you. It's too abstract for me, sorry. I hope you're meming, but it's Jow Forums Jow Forums so I can't be so sure.

I guess he beat the pussy up aye


DO YOU NOT?! Do you honestly expect me to believe that you're going to go out there and kill them all with a fly swatter? And you feel the right to claim that I'M the one detached from reality?!

Death is the most powerful lesson one can teach. I guarantee you that cat will never hiss again.

You don't?
I wish I could.
Probably should not have punched it, but probably OP is lying and he just slapped/smacked it. And that's a normal response to being threatend/startled while cornerd

People here are genuinly that retarded. I should leave but haha we are here forever.

No, I go after them with a spray bottle and spank them. Bitch.

There's a difference between "can" and "should". As you see earlier in this thread, we discussed whether the cat should be punched. Very much a matter of opinion. But the guy above made a very good point about the virtue of it.

Now regarding "can". You are perfectly within your legal and moral rights to kill a threatening animal. Happens all the time. Animals are morally lesser to humans.

Ok at this point the conversation is running in circles. These points have been addressed very well in earlier posts. Read through this thread and if you have new ideas or something to contribute, I'm happy to discuss.

At this point I'll stop replying to posts that don't bring anything new to the discussion...

Yeah that corpse definitly learnd its lesson for live. Oh wait....

>Animals are morally lesser to humans.
desu looking at your posts I'm not so sure about that

I feel the need to remind you that the man was SITTING. The retard cat was the one that approached him, and to HISS no less! If that's the natural way for cats to act, then perhaps we need to start punching all of the cats out of existence. To think that we would welcome such monsters into our homes, feed them, care for them, and love them only to be viciously mauled by them is an outrage.

OPs boyfriend is the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

>They equate the rights of humans to the rights of animals.
Animals don't have the same rights as humans, but they do have some rights. And even if they didn't, the cat is op's property, so the boyfriend is still doing the equivalent of punching her TV because he got mad at it.
He has no right to damage someone else's property without a reasonable justification to do so. Checkmate, faggot.

>This is very dangerous line of thinking.
You gonna back that up or just be a baiting retard?

Holy fuck buddy, are you objectifying OP's cat?!
You're going to sit here and claim that the animal has rights, and then in the same fucking paragraph, claim that her cat is a TV?

The only checking you should be doing is checking yourself into the psych ward, mate.

Hey, let's all start giving a shit about domestic TV abuse while we're at it! As fucking if. Those TVs had it coming. Like fuck we spend good money on a stupid fucking TV that isn't going to do it's job. You think a TV taunting me because it's going to break if I punch it is going to stop me from punching it? At a certain point, it's not about the TV anymore. It's about teaching a lesson.

>punching her TV because he got mad at it.
He didn't get mad at the cat, the cat approached and threatened him. Off guard, unprovoked, and while he was sitting. He has a split second to react to a threat of violence.

Whether or not the cat is someone's property, makes no difference.

>You gonna back that up or just be a baiting retard?

>And even if they didn't,
Can you read or is it just too much intellectual effort for you?

Based and redpilled. Cats are for dumb sluts who don’t know any better.

I value animals much more than most people and there is nothing you can do about it, faggot

>When a human threats or attacks, you have a duty (not a choice) to use equal-or-less force. Pic related.
That's really not the case at all though, is it? If you couldn't respond with greater force, there would be no way to respond to a threat.

Let's say my attacker has a handgun drawn on me, and I have mine drawn on him. Under your rules, I can't escalate, so I just have to stand there and wait to see what he does. If he fires a warning shot in to the air I can do the same but nothing more, then the cycle begins again. If he has no rounds and is just using it as a threat, we could engage in a few rounds of pistol whipping. However, if he puts a .45acp through the bridge of my nose I'm braindead before I hit the ground, and I'd died with a full magazine and my finger on the trigger because I couldn't escalate.

Anyway, OP's dealing with anger issues that need resolving before she dates them.

A thread died to let you pedantic wastes of air fuck around like a bunch of autists

Beta male

I misspoke. Sorry about that. The idea is equal force plus one step.

You're right. The picture I attached describes what you just said (just my words were wrong). There's a chain of force escalation all the way of to "deadly force" that we're obligated to use against other humans.

Here's a better pic attached. The philosophy I was referring to is called "Use of Force Continuum" and it's exactly what you just described.

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You are too smart. Leave.

>if there's no God then
Good old PragerU.

>He has a split second to react to a threat of violence.
He didn't, because it's a fucking housecat and hissing isn't a threat of violence. Now, he may have misinterpreted it as such, but that's on him for not understanding.
>Whether or not the cat is someone's property, makes no difference.
It actually makes all the difference, because even if the cat had no rights, he still violated the owner's rights.

>even if the cat had no rights, he still violated the owner's rights.
Could you explain how?

Because when faced against violence, all property rights go out the window. If you have to break a window on a bus to escape a fire, if you have to shoot a charging dog; or if someone hands you a coffee jar that's too hot, you have to drop it and it breaks.

No one on earth would blame you, but importantly no concept of property rights applies here. When you're in danger, no matter who's property. You have unlimited right to avoid violence or bodily harm.

Unless you were the one who caused it. For example,
>You pick up a jug of coffee, drop it because it's too hot
>Someone hands you that jug, and *then* you drop it, because it's too hot.

So your argument can apply with the condition that OP's bf *caused* the cat to hiss.
>bf sits down, chills out, cat from nowhere comes up and hisses
>bf walks in the room, sees cat, chases it around room and scared it, then it hisses

So you can't make an appeal to property rights in this case.

And yes she's dating a most likely psychopath that blaster her cat in the face with his fist. Do you understand how this is a valid critics?

t. the nice got not dating her.~

>t. the nice got not dating her.~

why do you keep insisting that op's bf was in some grave danger? it was just a cat ffs

I hope you asked him to leave your house and dumped him via text message
no point in wasting your time on guys like that

That's exactly the thing, yeah.

I wasn't trying to be a dick btw, just to explain my line of thinking

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Exactly. So I'll become the borderline psychopath that pretends to be suave and manipulates her into a relationship without her realizing it instead and develop even more resentment over the fact I have to be something I don't and the abuse eventually spills over. Do you think this is beyond some genuinely nice person's capabilities? Do you not think these genuine stereotypes aren't real and that these things have pushed people to develop along these lines?

Because he is such a weak sissy a cat could kill him. Thats why he has to dominate a fucking cat. He seriously sees a cat as a competition in being dominant. At the same time he has zero compassion for a living being that is at any humans mercy. He is heartless in the sense of Courage and compassion.

Sure, or maybe he exchanges force for force. The cat's going to take a swing at him, so he takes a swing at the cat.

Hey, maybe it's crude, but it's how we got this far as humans. A man who isn't afraid to do what needs to be done is a man worth keeping.

sounds plausible but its hard to think a dude would be so afraid of a cat

because punching a cat is really necessary and will propel our evolution

>Because when faced against violence,
He wasn't.
>all property rights go out the window.
They don't.
>When you're in danger, no matter who's property. You have unlimited right to avoid violence or bodily harm.
Yes, but you don't have the right to do more than that. If a dog isn't charging you you can't just shoot it. You can't hit the coffee maker with a hammer when the pot burns you.

>attracted to emotionless bad boys
>get upset when their bf punches their cat
You deserved this.