Weird GF Shit

So gf and I were getting frisky and I went to take off her bra, she says no, she's too self conscious. I say fine. Later on I'm basically rubbing through her bra and say something along the lines of "too bad you're too self conscious" playfully, implying she should take it off. She didn't, night went as normal, she leaves.

Hour later she texts me about how that sounded degrading and didn't help and just made her want to keep it on. Idk why she's taking it so seriously, I tried apologizing but she's still pissy. Wtf do I do?

Pic unrelated.

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>pic unrelated
Thank goodness
>your issue
You offended her. Either double down with a sincere apology or back down and tell her you're not super into this offended act because you genuinely meant no harm by it.

Whatever you choose, stick to your guns

kek this shit is funny

Sexual Coercion:

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You can't really dismiss, belittle or make fun of your gf's insecurities and expect it to go well

Legal definition of sexual coercion
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Yes, technically everything is bad, and we're all terrible people. Even engaging in the activity is taking advantage of her delicate mental state and horniness.

I'd personally have done the same. If body image is the issue, then I want to show her that I accept her for who she is. If that requires getting her too revved up to care, then so be it.

If sex were actually followed as required by law, it wouldn't exactly be a thrilling experience. There's a degree of consent you give when you engage in such activities. It's not like he tore her bra off, he was testing the waters to see if she reconsidered.

That she was so offended by this either tells you that she's got some trauma, or she's retarded.

yeah, I'm a playful dude but there are certain areas I dont touch because i know they're hotspots... and also I think your line was pretty shit, if that's exactly what you said. maybe something like "too bad I dont make you feel secure enough", with a little smirk, wouldve worked better.


Yeah. In any case, I stopped, not like I fucking ripped her bra off or something like the shit posters above are implying.

>"too bad I dont make you feel secure enough"
Jesus. Mastermind motherfucker over here trying to turn OPs country into a fucking desert.

I think you mixed up double down and back down

>Your bra makes you look fat
Never fails.

yeah. well if you value the relationship, id say just apologize. problem is she might take that as you being weak and scared to NOT apologize because you're afraid you'll lose her.

maybe do what
said and tell her you genuinely meant no harm and that you don't buy her super offended act
lulz. not really. you sound like you browse the 'manosphere', my dude. yeah, the line sounds a bit effeminate on its own, but within context, it works. but I mean to each his own.

No, either he sticks to the apology route or he backs away from the apology she's now not really taken, and says something indicating that he certainly meant no such offenses-- rather it can be offensive to take it the other way and be offended when your partner should enjoy a level of freedom and comfort with you.

I dunno what all this rape shit is, I think white knights are becoming a thing again. Lord knows why, you'll need a fuckhuge brigade of knights just to cover one of those SJW planetettes

ah, I see now.

This is why you all should date a girl with autism, so you don't have to go through this neurotypical woman type bs.

You're pressuring her to do more than she wants to. She flat out told you no the first time. Now you keep bringing it up. You should have given it 3 or so sessions first before bringing it up again. Now it just feels like to her like you're using her.

Just leave her OP. This chick clearly has issues and isn't worth the effort.

Lol you ruined that relationship.
She’s boyfriend shopping on Facebook right now.

Way to go, shitspackle.

Actually she said she forgives me :/

This. OP is obviously not mature enough to handle having a dick.


does it sound stupid? yes? then ignore it and move on with life. she's trying to see if you have an emotional meltdown bc she's upset, btw. Whether or not she's doing it intentionally, it's what she's doing.

Again, ignore it because it's fucking dumb and not worthy of your attention. If she brings it up later, tell her you feel bad for how badly it's clearly affected her and then take her out somewhere.

protip: she lied

Clearly you're not that into her or you would have taken her bra of and showed her why she shouldn't be insecure. Because you didn't do this and instead made a lame stupid joke she sensed you weren't really that into her and reinforced her feeling that she doesn't want to be vulnerable with you. End it you creep.