Honest thoughts on casual sex and hookups?

Honest thoughts on casual sex and hookups?

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Leads to stds and jaded hearts.

it's honestly not that bad, its pretty much the only way I can get laid. Love is a meme anyway.

as long as you use condoms you're not hurting anyone so go for it.

>Love is a meme anyway
Because women aren't capable of it.

Honestly I think it’s fuckung up our society it. I’m not some hardcore traditionalist but it feels like something genuine in society has died with people swiping through so many choices in seconds. Sometimes I see beautiful long lasting relationships of people who naturally met, but they feel so rare. Idk I sound like a whiny bitch, but I’m not too crazy about the new game

It's for stupid people.

Sex is literally a mating ritual, pretending it isn't important and not saving it for a real romantic partner is stupid.

Just the logical conclusion of destroying moral standards. People who condemn hookups but cling to arbitrary "rules" of partner count or number of dates are fools unable or unwilling to see that both stem from the same rot.

the risks, and negative consequences outweigh the benefits.

But whatever, do what you want, just dont bitch about it.

whatever man, you do you

I guarantee that a lot of other anons on this website could lose their virginity if they just clean up, work out and gain normie hobbies. hookups are perfect for those who want to experience the thrills of a relationship without any bullshit strings attached or sense of responsibility. What's wrong with that?

They're disgusting and degenerate.

Plato pls

Saddly so true...
Women love monitory value and status. They dont love people.

Never cared for it, not interested

which begs the question: why look for something that doesn't exist in the opposite sex? therefore the only solutions to this is to either be gay or dont fall for the love meme.

It's okay. Fun for awhile until you get the feels and want something that's going to last longer.

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The couple form is a stale meme


I feel like it's just glorifying momentary satisfaction. Perhaps it's nice in one moment but I'd rather have a relationship with someone where stuff matters. I want to take my time and potentially be with someone, not rush to get done with some void of an experience.

hookups are fine I guess. In the end I always end up feeling unfulfilled. Just having mindless sex is fun until the second after you cum, then it just feels kind of empty

or maybe I'm just being a whiny little bitch

I'm a bit bitter about it because girls only want to be in LTRs with me and will only show this side of themselves to Chad

most women love people as much as most men do
which isn't very much
it isn't a matter of sex, it's a matter of being emotionally dull and stupid
which most people are

I stopped having sex with guys on the first date and now I always get ghosted

Gross. But I'm getting desperate.

r u me

What a retarded post, you're not even saying anything. Did you know that most birds can fly?

I dont know how those exist. I get none. Neither do my friends.

Du gehst mir auf den Sack alter.

>it's another "let's pretend people were not being promiscous in some romanticised bygone era" episode
You think people didn't get blown on first dates in the 80s then you are a retard.
The fucking late 80s of all time periods?
Lmao dude.

We know youre giving it to Chad so of course we're not going to willingly cuck ourselves

Sad thing is that some guy will still be desperate enough to marry a worthless slut like that one.

have fun dying alone then, they're all worthless sluts now

>marry a slut
>she divorces you and you're forced to pay child support if there are children
>die alone anyway

Your point being? Or do you really believe that a slut will stay together with you until your death? And you can live together without marriage also.

kekking at this fucking loser with no confidence in his ability to score a decent woman, maintain a relationship with her, and defend himself in court. You're literally whining about getting assfucked by bandits when you walk into the woods alone with no pants on.

"Casual sex" can mean a lot of things. Random hookups aren't really worthwhile, from my limited experience. Sex can be really great when you have genuine affection and chemistry for the person you're doing with, when you know each other at least well enough to have fun together. With a stranger, it's just awkward, the feelings/sensations aren't as intense, and I'm left with the feeling that I honestly would've been better off masturbating.

Casual sex really is a meme. For people who really make a habit of it, guys who obsess over "picking up" and girls who slut around, I think they really just get off on the validation that someone finds them attractive. If you don't have that kind of insecurity gnawing at you too bad, a one-night stand is honestly just kinda dull and uncomfortable. Maybe some people really enjoy it more than me, but idk

I do it myself because what the fuck else am I supposed to do. Women aren't capable of love and I don't want my heart broken time and time again.

Men and women do it for separate reasons. For women, its non committal sex with multiple partners for the variety and experiences.

For men its the beginning of a relationship, they don't understand the concept of casually having sex and they get attached quickly.

It's useless at best and cancer at worst.
>You don't become better at sex because people have different tastes and it takes a lot of opening up and a connection with one person to become a good lay
>You catch feelings and want to turn it into something but instead are getting used (if you're a girl) by sociopathic or committophobe men or continue to be a bad lay and become said sociopathic man if you're a guy; both sexes are ironically far more open to power dynamics and heartbreak
>If you're with someone who is more conservative, your body count will raise and his/hers will be static and you will feel unequal and insecure, so now if you choose to die on the hill of monogamy good job, you've affected your chances of settling down without some serious hurdles to overcome

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Literally ALL of my friends who have done casual hookups are the reverse of your post in terms of gender.

Even I, an honest to God incel, have enough awareness to tell that this post is the opposite of the truth.

You might be thinking about dragons

That's the message: to point out something which should be obvious. Why talk about a seagull's capability of flight when most birds are just as capable? The seagull isn't noteworthy for it, just as women aren't noteworthy in their perceived lack of romantic emotion.