I've been in a relationship for 5 years and I'm really not into it anymore

I've been in a relationship for 5 years and I'm really not into it anymore
We've been through so much and I just dont feel anything anymore, we used to be so close but nothing we do really matters anymore. I hate her family, i still love her but there's this itching in the back of the head that I'd be better off without them yet i feel a contractual obligation to stay or else she'd probably kill herself. I've done so much for her and asked for nothing in return and now that she's a little better I feel as if I've done my job and I should finally be happy myself

Sorry if this is very disorganized, it's easier to rant anonymously

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Without me she doesn't have anyone. The only people she talks to are me and her family. I've been trying to get her to be more social so I can leave knowing she'll be happy and have people to fall back to. To save her from becoming jaded and not finding anyone in the future. But she either becomes introverted or simply doesn't want to.
It fucking hurts bros, I rarely ask for help but I just don't know what to do.

Leave. It's over. The way you think of her isn't compatible with success. Do not waver. Go.

Tell her how you feel. She'd be more hurt that you hid how you truly feel than the truth. The truth sucks sometimes but that's life. Honesty is key.

>The only people she talks to are me and her family

That sounds like a fucking godsend to me. Being the most important person in someones life and knowing that she won't just move on to a new dick the second you turn your back sounds nice and secure. But if you really must leave her than it's your life, do what you want. It might be a mistake but you can't really know until you do it. Just don't make any decisions when you are in an emotional state.

Here are your choices:
A: You both suffer in misery and agony.
B: Only one of you suffers in misery and agony.

If you want to leave this girl then do it. But ask yourself this before you do, "if I leave I can never go back, our relationship will not be the same if I do, will I regret this?" If your answer is yes then you should stay with your girl. If your answer is no then get back out there and meet new women. Don't live with regret.

>Don't live with regret.
Why do you encourage regret by using the name you do?

I think it's funny, next question.

So did xxx420broxxx at the time.

Its one of those things that sound great in theory but it eventually gets psychotic and doesn't make you feel like a god so much as it makes you feel like a citizen in 1984.
I love her, I genuinely do and I want her to at least be stable, but I just cant take it anymore

I hope you leave her and wind up with a gigantic bitch who cheats on you.

You really don't understand, its borderline psychotic at times. I can't go anywhere without constantly informing her and even after 5 fucking years she still doesn't trust me enough to not check my phone everytime

>inb4 what do you have to hide

It sounds like the dude prior to you really fucked her over so now shes haunted by the fact you might do the same. You ever talk about her previous history before? She sounds like damaged goods. You should deff read his needs her needs. Great reference on women and male needs. You might be able to fix the issues and if you leave you will at least know now what your next girl will expect. Good luck brother. Hope all works out.

Yeah we've been ironing them out for about 5 years. There's been progress of course but she's either too stubborn to change or too scared to change after everything we've been through. She even refuses to make friends or be social with anyone (she doesn't even want to be social online.) Yet Im still trying so at least she has good friends and good hands to fall into once I'm gone so everything we've done isn't wasted.

Did she let you do anal and cosplay sex? Doesn't sound like you've treated her like a sexual being. Try dominating her more.

Doesn't sound relevant but without going into too much detail: yeah we're fairly sexual and experiment a lot

So then what's the problem?

I've fallen out of love with my gf of 5 years and I don't feel that shes stable enough to leave. I still want her to have a happy life after I'm gone but no matter what i do she refuses to change.

So her pussy and asshole and mouth aren't satisfying for your penis anymore?

Truly epij

I don't understand female-male relationships beyond sex. What is OP talking about?

Yeah I seriously don't know what i expected from Jow Forums

You got to take care of yourself first and foremost before you can take care of anyone else. Her problems are here to deal with, but break it gently. Try to prod how she feels about you two.